NATO the Beast of Revelation 13:4, August 20, 2016.

Somebody needs to hack NATO. Who is this organization? Going around setting up DemonCracies all over the world. Who is like this beast, and who can make war with it? Who can deny its four pointed star mark? I was at a AA meeting and I seen this guy with this mark on his forehead. It was on his hat, but it was on his four head. I asked him what it was and he wouldnít tell me. Later I found out it was the four pointed star of NATO. I didnít think much about it until the other day when I wanted to look up more information on NATOís website. This organization goes around bombing countries and setting up DemonCracies. These type of governments are not of God, they are of the devil. They are not Christianity, they are not Muslim, theyíre not Jewish and they are not Hindu. Worst of all, theyíre not even the Timocracy.

When you look at the dates that countries join NATO it seems that they join right after they have been bombed. This organization is like the Mafia in New York. Every business that doesnít pay tribute to the Mafia, itís firebombed. Then they pay tribute afterwards. I remember a car factory getting bombed in Albania and within ten years Albania joins NATO in 2009. We have seen all these false flag events and we been blaming the Zionist, Moz ad or the CIA when the most likely candidate for all these false flag events is NATO. Who do these think people think they are setting up demonic governments all over the world? It canít possibly be Christians, Jews, Muslims or Hindus running NATO. This has to be an atheist or demonic run organization.

Trump is trying to give credit to Hillary Clinton for the Islamic state but the Islamic state was my idea. I thought it was a good idea to have a government run by a religion rather than atheist. Like the United States seems to be run by. I donít think I want it to be run by Christians because I believe the atheist are running Christianity. Not only does Christianity not know why the twelve apostles were killed, the whole idea that Christians were thrown to the lions in the Roman Empire, seems similar to the Holahoax myth. The Roman Empire was a civilized society with courts, lawyers and human rights groups. They just didnít throw people to the lions because they claimed God died on a cross. The Roman atheist, would have thought that was funny, but they would not have killed anyone for it. So my idea was even to have a Christian state, so that if people didnít like this country, they can move to the Christian state. Israel is a Jewish state. The Vatican is a Catholic state. United States is the atheist states of America. Thatís why there is a separation of church and state, because the state is atheist. Thatís why you canít teach the Bible in public schools, because public schools are atheist schools. The only thing you can learn in public schools, is atheist indoctrination. All public school ideology, is atheist ideology. Darwin is the atheist Bible. Nothing of God can be taught in public schools.

So people are claiming president Putin is a dictator. The only reason why they seem to be saying that, is because Putin wants to create a religious state. He doesnít want any separation of church and state in Russia. He wants to Russia to be a Christian state. Itís my idea and I think itís a good one. But this is why atheist run NATO and the atheist states of America is against Russia. They donít want Putin to create a Christian state, because what if it works? The atheist will lose. Atheist NATO is growing faster than any other religion on earth. This is why the earth is in danger of being destroyed. Even if president Putin is a dictator, it would still be better to move to Russia, because at least he wants a Christian state, thatís far better than the atheist state or an atheist demon cracy.

Someone from the United Kingdom went to Moscow to ask Russians what they thought of Putin. Everyone said he was the best president. It was almost as if they were afraid to speak against Putin. This is the biggest mistake Putin is making. When people canít criticize or say anything against a president, they canít even offer constructive criticism. People who complain, are the people who make a better government. People who complain, are the people who make a better restaurant. Restaurantís and businesses love complainers, because they tell them what is wrong with their food or product, so they can make it better. If everyone is afraid of complaining, they will have lousy food and lousy products that donít work. This is why free speech is important. The negative comments of trolls doesnít really count as constructive criticism. It doesnít really help you make better YouTube videos. In fact it probably is responsible for poor YouTube videos, as they just jab at people to get people angry. Putin would do well to open a complaint department. So would the United States, but nobody would read the complaints. And if they did read them, nobody would do anything about them.

Luckily, countries that have been bombed, can sue NATO. All the states that join NATO will have to pay for the damage. Thatís the law of karma. I donít know where you would take NATO to court, but I believe lawsuits against NATO, are going to be big business in the future. Especially if law firms are getting thirty-five percent of the compensation for the damage NATO and its allies done. This organization reminds me of the Bible quote, ďby Peace it Shall Destroy ManyĒ. Going around acting like an organization that brings peace, when itís actually the organization thatís responsible for all the wars. Kind of like the Mafia that claims they are protecting your business. But all the really doing is bombing you and you pay them to stop bombing you. Itís like when you buy fire insurance to keep the Mafia from burning down your house. Who is able to war against this beast? Hereís a hint, the head of Hinduism is God, the head of Christianity is God, the head of Islam is God, the head of Judaism is God, the head of Timothism is God and anyone in any of these religions, who trust in God, can overthrow the atheist beast as David overthrew Goliath.

I went to this twelve-step support group and a guy came in that was a nervous wreck. He was sweaty, shaking, he looked like he was going to have a nervous breakdown. He sat down to share his story on how he joined the Army reserves and he just got called to go to war in Iraq. He said his Army recruiter had told him about this easy money you can get by joining the reserves and you only have to go to war if the United States is attacked. He thought this was a great idea because if United States was attacked he wouldíve volunteered to go anyway. But now theyíre going to pay him, just because were not being attacked. He thought he could not lose. He figured America would never be attacked and if it was, he would be glad to go. This was when the planes hit the World Trade Center. America was under attack and now he had to go to war. Of course we all know now that the World Trade Center was attacked by Americans, so that they can call up the reserves. Join the reserves and they will pay you money and youíll only have to go to war, when America is under attack. What they donít tell you is, they will be the ones bombing America, blaming Muslims, to get you to go to war. Anyway I tried to tell this guy, ďyou donít have to do nothing, you donít want to do, all you have to do is serve the LordĒ and this guy starts yelling at me, ďI have to go, I signed upĒ. And he was really angry yelling at me, to the point where I was wishing he went and died in Iraq. It was like this guy was born to die in Iraq.

There is a song called, ďUniversal soldierĒ by Buffy Sainte Marie, which was covered by Donovan. In this song, they blame the soldier for wars. Because these soldiers willingly go to war and guys like Hitler cannot fight a war by themselves. In a way this song wasnít true for World War II or even Vietnam because if you didnít fight in World War II or Vietnam, they shot you. You were shot by your own country if you didnít fight in a war. They say many Russian soldiers were killed by the Russians because they refused to fight in World War II. But this is the true way to die as a martyr for Christ or if you want to call him Jehovah, Jesus, Yahweh, Allah or Krishna. Not fighting in a war and being killed, but by being killed, for refusing to fight in a war. I believe of Hitler gives you a gun and tells you to kill, you should use the gun to kill Hitler. I just donít get how someone can give you a gun and tell you to kill someone and you donít use the gun, against the guy, who is telling you to kill. Afraid of being court-martialed? You should be more afraid of spending eternity in the lake of fire. You think itís been hot the last few weeks, you think the fires in California are hot, thereís a lot hotter places.

NATOís website says, ďNATOís essential purpose is to safeguard the freedom and security of its members through political and military means. They forgot to say, ďand false flag staged hoax events and propagandaĒ. By peace it destroys many. Just how many wars has NATO stopped? They are like the FBI who claims to stop terrorist, but they are the terrorist.

I go out and sing karaoke but there must be some kind of conspiracy of the song choices. They donít have universal soldier. They donít have any antiwar songs. Thatíll have any political songs. They donít have any truth songs. Those are the songs I want to sing. I wanted to sing electric funeral by Black Sabbath or Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath but itís not on karaoke. Then I found a song by Megadeth called ďholy warsĒ and no one has that on karaoke disc. You would think these rock groups who have message songs would release the copyright for karaoke. But I guess it must be Sony Corporation that will not release these kinds of songs.


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