NATO, David Russell Williams, Killed Jon Benet Ramsey, September 15, 2016.

The Doctor Phil show did a three-part series on Jon Benet Ramsey and the antichrist Doctor Phil, was trying to blame a 9-y-old kid. In 2003 the Ramses have been cleared because blood DNA found on Jon Benetís underwear didnít match any of the family members. Now for some reason, Doctor Phil is trying to blame the nine-year-old kid. I even heard them say the DNA on the underwear couldíve been from cross contamination from the department store. Since when is blood on underwear you buy at the department store? If thatís true I never buying or wearing underwear again. Unfortunately itís twenty years later so the kid is twenty-nine and on TV he looks guilty. Doctor Philís followers are wondering why Burke Ramsey isnít still in tears twenty years later. Jon Benet was not murdered twenty minutes ago, it was twenty years ago. The kid was nine years old, heís not going to be crying. Of course heís going to be smiling on the Doctor Phil show, heís getting fifteen minutes of fame from millions of stupid people who are blaming a nine-year-old kid for murdering and raping a six-year-old kid. Thatís got to be funny as hell, to any twenty-nine-year-old American. I been trying to post the truth on twitter and Doctor Phil has at least a thousand trolls spewing nonsense in his favor.

Why is Doctor Phil trying to frame a nine-year-old kid? Because NATO was behind Jon Benetís murder. A nine-year-old kid does not know how to make a Garrote. I doubt the nine-year-old kid even knows what a garrote is. You need special forces training to learn how to tie the knot in a garrote. If you look at the picture of this garrote used to strangle Jon Benet it has a special knot. There are thousands of knots used for different purposes. Most people only know how to tie a simple knot. We all know how to tie our shoes. But when I used to fish, we tied special fishing knots on the hook. I am fifty-eight years old and this is about the only not I know how to tie on a broom handle. I never been in the military, and Iíve never been in the Boy Scouts. But I really doubt you learn how to tie a garrotte knot, in the Boy Scouts. In the knot I tied here, the rope can slip up and down the broomstick. You can see by the picture of the Jon Benet garrote, that it is a special knot that is not going to slide up and down. Itís a perfectly tied professional military style knot. Doctor Phil didnít get his TV show because he was smart or good-looking. He got his TV show because heís a socialpath who can lie to peopleís face. He got his TV show because he can tell thirteen-year-old to nineteen-year-old girls, that they have to murder their babies by abortion, if they donít have a job.

I knew no one in the Ramsey family did it and whoever killed Jon Benet, was a social path who probably did other crimes. As soon as I thought of this it was like God was showing me this unsolved mysteries episode where the writing of a murderer looked very similar to the Jon Benet Ramsey kidnapping note. The unsolved mysteries episode aired Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 2 PM titled, ďDial A For Abduction; Alamo Treasure; Deadly RX; Harold and Ma; update: Mrs. Millionaire; Dates. I look to see if the program ran again so I can record it and compare the hand writing of that episode, to the ransom note but it was too late to record it. At a later date I may make another video.

I was also googling information to see if I can find some writing samples of David Russell Williams. I believe his writing will match the handwriting of the Jon Benet ransom note. His MO was to leave notes at the murder scene.

Iím going to read a little bit from WikiLeaks page and Iíll leave a link so you can check it out.

David Russell Williams .

In 1994, he was posted to the 1. 412 Transport Squadron in Ottawa, where he transported VIPs, including high-ranking government officials and foreign dignitaries, also on Challengers. A challenger is a private jet similar to the one that Doctor Phil owns. Iíll leave a link to the private jet. On the first day of Williams' guilty plea, trial, details emerged of other sexual assaults he committed, including one of a new mother who woke with a blow to the head while she and her baby were asleep in her own home. Trial revealed that Williams also had pedophiliac tendencies, stealing underwear of girls as young as 9 years old. He made 82 fetish-related home invasions and attempted break-ins between September 2007 and November 2009. Williams had progressed from break-ins to sexual assaults with no penetration to rape and murder. He had kept detailed track of police reports of the crimes he was committing, logged his crimes, kept photos and videos, and had even left notes and messages for his victims. I will repeat, he left notes and messages for his victims. In a break-in into the bedroom of a 12-year-old, he left a message in her computer saying, "Merci" ("Thank you" in French). He had taken thousands of pictures of his crimes, and had kept the photos on his computer. Crown Attorney Robert Morrison presented numerous pictures of Williams dressed in the various pieces of underwear and bras he had stolen, frequently masturbating while lying on the beds of his victims.

So Williams was not only a serial killing pedophile social path, he was a very special social path that nobody is ever seen before or analyzed. Sociopaths donít admit to their crimes. He only admitted to the crimes he was caught at and had evidence against him. Iíve been reading up and they say most serial killers get a earlier start in life and they claim Williams did not start until forty-three years of age. But I think he started at least a dozen years earlier. Williams wouldíve been thirty-three years old when Jon Benet Ramsey was murdered. From another webpage, it says Williams had moved in 1996. The year Jon Benet was murdered. Coincidence? I think Williams started his serial killing career back in 1994 or even earlier. He was just so good he never got caught and he only got caught later, when he became sloppy. Williams would have known how to make a garrotte. No doubt being in the military. He left notes, he bashed women in the head as they slept, he was a pedophile who had sex with children, he was a serial killer. Can it be possible that there is a another David Russell Williams on the loose? They didnít check Williams DNA, because they had so much evidence, he simply admitted to the crimes. But I think if they check Williams DNA, it will match the blood DNA found on Jon Benetís underwear. Williams flew a private jet all around the world. He probably committed murders all around the world. He flew important people in private jets, people like Doctor Phil and businessmen like John Ramsey. He even flew the Queen of England. He flew jets on health and rescue missions also. I think he was the guy that stole Queen Elizabethís underwear. I remember a story on a radio show where someone claims to have a pair of the Queenís underwear that was left on a private jet. They really didnít want this story getting out on how this high official who flew diplomats around the world was a serial killer. They know we killed more people but they donít want the world to find out. Because all these officials are narcissistic serial killing psychopaths child molesters and killers. Thatís why abortion is legal. This is why I think they are covering up the murder of Jon Benet and trying to frame the nine-year-old kid. If it turns out this guy killed Jon Benet in nineteen ninety-six, then he murdered hundreds of children before he was finally caught in two thousand seven. And no doubt political leaders were probably in on some of the rapes and murders.

I think Williams was a political hitman to murder women to create media story blackouts. Whenever the heat in the news gets too hot for a politician, he murders a woman so that the news will be filled with the story of a murdered woman instead of a politician, President or Queen who had an affair in the White House, etc.

In nineteen ninety-six I had five hundred and fifty copies of the Gospel of Timothy printed up. I only sold about five copies on Amazon. I gave away about 20 to 25 copies to friends and family. I still have 20 to 25 copies left. But the rest of the copies, I sent out to news stations, radio stations, TV stations, talk shows etc. I even sent a copy to Oprah Winfrey. Out of all of those copies I sent out, only one radio station called me. I did one radio interview in Ann Arbor Michigan on April 30, 1996, I think it was with Ted Heusel 1600 AM who died in 2007.

But every week I sent out 20 to 30 copies, waiting for someone to call me for interview or be on a TV talk show. Iím the first guy in history to claim to have seen God and wrote a book about it, sent out five hundred copies and nobody called. Right after I sent out those copies, was when the Jon Benet Ramsey murder took place. No news channel , talk show, radio show wanted to do my story because Jon Benet was the talk of the town. It was a media blackout and I had just mailed out about three hundred books. I do remember seeing one news story at the time that the post office claims they were searching for books in white six by eight inch envelopes. The same envelopes that I sent out. I believe the government compensated all the books that I sent out and I donít believe anybody got a copy except for that one radio station. Every book had a return address but they never contacted me about sending out illegal books or anything like that. But the government was confiscating books in white envelopes at the same time I was mailing out my books to radio and TV stations. If anyone works for the post office and remembers this back in nineteen ninety-six let me know.

I do believe the Jon Benet Ramsey murder was a psych ops Psyop to blackout the media. The Jon Benet ransom note was signed, ďS.B.T.C.Ē Subic Bay Naval Center in the Philippines, where John Ramsey was stationed. The base was also named Subic Bay Training Center. If you Google S B T C you will find a webpage run by NATO Subic Bay Training Center.

SBTC could mean, ďstop book by Timothy CampbellĒ. Oh they had other psych ops to try to block my book, there was a B rated movie they made titled, ďThe Gospel of TimothyĒ about space aliens. That was for people who actually heard about my book, were quickly shown the movie, so that they would not actually read my book. Remember all these wars in the Middle East are about religion. These people see nothing wrong with killing people for religion and they will kill people to stop my book and my religion. They see nothing wrong with killing a little six-year-old girl to save their religion. In fact the SB TC could stand for, ďsaved by the crossĒ a southern mark for Baptist Christianity. The Baptists in the South use those letters and John Ramsey was a Southern Baptists. You even see him with a pope like Catholic at Jon Benet Ramseyís funeral. You know those guys who wear those funny pope like hats. I donít know if he was a cardinal or whatever. There has been a lot of suspicious killing of young women, false flag events, to try to block me from telling my story since nineteen eighty-five. The first one was the mass shooting at McDonaldís in California right after I seen Jesus in nineteen eighty-five. I donít believe it was a coincidence. These mass shootings are to blackout media from me telling my story of seeing God and how all the religions on earth are false. From another webpage. .

SBTC is the oldest and largest nonprofit organization representing small, technology based companies in diverse fields.

Since its inception in 1995, SBTC has played a crucial role in promoting congressional legislation and federal regulations that aid, small technology based companies including re-authorizations of the small business innovation research {SBIR} program, an exemption for smaller companies from the requirement to expense stock options and regulations intended to curtail contract bundling in federal R&D procurement.

The killing of Jon Benet Ramsey was definitely a professional job. On the news in Michigan they caught a serial rapist. Just because things are hard to believe, doesnít mean theyíre not true. This rapist who was caught, I found hard to believe that he raped a woman in her own home while her husband and her children slept. You would think her husband would wake up or she would yell to wake him up. But if you think about it, if she is raped with a knife or gun, sheís not going to risk the life of her children by waking them up. This might even be a fetish like having sex on a plane and that fear of getting caught adds to the excitement. We know this guy raped a woman in her home, while her husband and child slept, because he was caught and admitted to it. So itís very possible somebody broke into Jon Benetís home and molested and murder the child, while the mother and father and brother slept.

Jon Benet was not a baby, she was six years old. They even did commercials were a six-year-old child goes to the refrigerator to get a midnight snack of Yoplait yogurt. The child says mom says I can have a midnight snack. So the cops claiming that someone had to serve Jon Benet pineapple is wrong. Jon Benet was old enough to get her own midnight snack. She probably went to get a midnight snack and a peeping Tom seen her through the window and broke in to molest and kill her. Her brother was probably used to getting his own midnight snacks also. The parents probably went to bed at ten, Burke even claims he got up to play with his train that night and probably got himself a drink of tea a couple hours before Jon Benet got up to be raped and murdered. But they both didnít have to be at the kitchen table at the same time.

The only thing I donít get is why the mom got up at 5 AM to find her child missing. Was that the normal time they got up or did she hear a noise? Why did they search the house before they called police? Maybe they found the ransom note first and just figured she wasnít going to be in the basement. Cops say the mom wrote the ransom note, but even if it was true, sometimes that happens. Sometimes people find their children missing and when they call the cops, the cops say you got to wait forty-eight hours, your kid might have just ran away from home and parents make up a ransom note story, to get cops to go searching for their daughter. One lady called the cops to say her child was missing and the cops said call us back later she probably ran away. Then the lady made up a story about her child being kidnapped, to get the cops to go look for her daughter.

Thereís a lot more to this story. Why is dateline and Doctor Phil trying to point the finger at the 9-year-old kid Burke? The Ramseys were already cleared when the DNA found in two thousand three didnít match any of them. Then they went with the story that the DNA on the underwear couldíve been put there by the department store that sold it. But the fact is the DNA on the underwear was from a drop of blood, not some casual DNA from a store clerks handling them. I think NATO is in on it and theyíre trying to cover their footprints. It will not only trace back to Russell Williams, it will traced back to NATO and psychological operations. Thatís where Doctor Phil comes in because thatís what Doctor Phil does. The Doctor Phil show is a psychological operations propaganda show. Thatís why the homeless Doctor Phil makes millions of dollars and owns a private jet. He was homeless at one time with no skills and now heís got a multimillion dollar job spreading propaganda for the government. The garrote was made in the Ramsey home from a broomstick. Whoever made it broke the broom handle. Doing so would have made splinters and if done by a military man, he would not have been worried about getting a sliver and bleeding. If the mom or Burke made the garrotte, they wouldíve carefully cut the handle with a saw, not broke it with their bare hands. The drop of blood on the underwear, was probably cause by the person who broke the broom handle and got a sliver while doing so and bleeding. The person who made the garrotte, was not Burke or the mother, it was a professionally trained military soldier. Probably special operations. I donít think regular soldiers learn how to make choking devices. They have guns. To learn how to make the garrotte choking devices, you have to be in special forces like Navy SEALs. Keywords.

Jon Benet Ramsey, Doctor Phil show, dateline, Russell Williams, serial killers, NATO, psychological operations, psyop, .

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