God Works in Mysterious Ways December 25, 2013.

Good thing it was raining Saturday night. I was going to go over to this girls house to talk to her about the emotions I was going through after running into her building, because there was a gas leak and I thought the building was ready to blow up. Then she calls the restaurant to more or less blame me for cutting a gas line. She should have been thanking me for saving her life. Very stressful to run into a building that you think is full of gas. Most people when they smelled the gas would have ran the other way.

It was raining Saturday night and that’s why I called the restaurant to get her phone number. Sam would not give me her number and I thought, “if Sam is her friend, she should know whether or not Dominic would want me to have her number.” The way I look at it was, I already knew where the girl lived, I see no problem with her giving me her number. You would think she would rather have me call her, then knock on her door, if she didn’t trust me. But anyway Sam said she was working Monday afternoon and I wasn’t sure if I could wait till Monday, because I was so stressed out I haven’t slept for a week from thinking about her and the gas experience and there was so many things I needed to talk about, that there just wasn’t enough time to talk about it sitting in a restaurant. Plus most things I want to talk about were personal that I didn’t want other people in the restaurant overhearing the conversation. Especially the story about my father how my mother made him cry and about her anorexia. I’m thinking like a four hour phone conversation at least and that’s if she doesn’t say anything, but just listens. So I thought I would go in there Monday bring her some chocolate, get her phone number and call her later to discuss things.

I would have given her my number but I remember giving a girl my number and she had a nervous breakdown because she didn’t have the confidence to call me up. I already knew where Dominic lived, so I was amazed that she did not give me her number. Not only that but, she lied to me and said she was married. Then she told further lies about her imaginary husband. I knew she wasn’t married because I ran into her building at three o’clock in the morning to tell residents about the gas leak and no man came to the door. Furthermore she said she went outside herself to smell for the gas leak twice. You would think she would send her husband out to check on the gas leak. So now I’m even more stressed out that this woman lied to me, when I told her the truth. This really hurt me. I don’t think you can forgive someone for lying to you. Then she says in the restaurant, “communication is real important”. I don’t know how she expects to communicate, if she’s not willing to give me her phone number. Are we supposed to communicate by mental telepathy?

I had to tell my sister that I couldn’t go to the Christmas party because I haven’t slept all week. The adrenaline pumping from the gas leak and the accusations that I caused the lack gas leak for some insane reason and the woman who would lie to you after you saved her life it’s just beyond my comprehension. The real thing that stressed me out so much was the idea that nobody on the Internet had any clue to why women cry and no one really wanted to look for a answer. Furthermore this Islamic poem really degraded women by claiming that they cry for no reason. This is someone asking the question, “why do slaves cry” and the tyrants and dictators spewing propaganda into poems and literature that the slaves are crying for no reason and you should not even bother looking for one. I know the creator. There is a reason for everything. Nobody cries for no reason. It may be a simple reason, but there’s always a reason.

Everything happens for a reason. First I told some guy at the bar that there was a girl at the restaurant who never served me and furthermore I can always overhear her telling other people to wait on me. This really bothered me. I didn’t know if was a bad tipper or what. After I told the guy this, I went to the restaurant and to almost make me into a liar that girl waited on me, because there was no other waitresses working there. It was almost as if this guy told all the other waitress to go home, so that this girl would have to wait on me. The girl that hates me is now bringing me my dinner and I’m not sure if she spit in it or drop it on the floor first. I ordered a salad and she brought me three salad dressings. So the way I’m interpreting this is either she likes me because she gave me an extra salad dressing or she does not want to come back to my table when I say, “Ms. Can I please get another salad dressing, this is a big salad”. But anyways she says I walk by her house. I said I ride a bike. But she says sometimes you walk and I say yes if it’s snowing. And she walks away. That was the end of the conversation.

For me to go in her building so many things had to happen. She had to wait on me. She had to tell me where she lived. It had to snow. There had to be a gas leak. Her friend had to be leaving her apartment exactly at the same time I was coming into the building to see if the gas was on the inside. Nothing would have came out of it, if she had not called the restaurant afterwards. But many other things had to happen also. If I would have gotten a ride home, it would not have happened. If I would have walked on the other side of the street, it would not have happened. If the guy at shooters would have started karaoke before midnight it would not have happened because I would have been on the other side of the street. The only way this could have happened is that God planned it out. Or the CIA was watching my videos and planned everything out. Because I did mention a gas leak that I smelled a while but it wasn’t that strong and I could not pinpoint the location. The gas leak I smelled a while back was on the other side of the street at the apartments before the river. But even if the CIA planned it, how would they have known that I cared enough to go into the building to try to save some people’s lives.

So here are some facts. I told a guy at the bar this girl never waited on me before I went in the restaurant. She had no choice to wait on me, because she was the only waitress that night. She told me she lived in one of the apartments I walk by. I told her I only walk by if it’s snowing. It snowed. The karaoke host did not start karaoke to midnight and that caused me to go to the bar on the other side of the street. I asked for a ride home but could not find one. I walk past her apartment and smell a gas leak. I went inside the building but could not smelled gas at the same time her friend opened the apartment door before I knocked on it. I told them there was a gas leak and to call the gas company and left to go to the restaurant. She called the restaurant and was mad because I said she was skinny. I said she was skinny and her friend said she eats. Then her friend said I made her cry. Then I looked up on the Internet “why women cry” and found out no one knows and no one cares. But I cared too much and spent the next week trying to figure it out without getting any sleep until I was so stressed this woman thought I was crazy. I make several attempts to talk to her but there’s just too much to talk about in a restaurant.

Make several attempts to get her phone number and she lies. However, she is in denial of her anorexia and she is in denial that she cried because she loves me. Perhaps she was hurt in so many relationships before that she’s really cautious. Or maybe she really is married and her husband works midnights. If she’s married I hope her husband invites me in for hot chocolate as I walk by their apartment and at least thanks me for saving his wife’s life. If not, he is an asshole. It’s a long walk to the bar and I need a pit stop between the restaurant and bar. If she isn’t married, should I forgive Domenic for lying to me, stressing me out, losing a week sleep and missing my family Christmas party?

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