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If they can control speech, they can make murder, rape, porn, drug abuse, alcoholism, gluttony & bribery look pretty normal. #DuckDynasty

The gun rights should be taken away from all gun owners. Because they did not use their guns for their intended purpose and that is to defend the Constitution & free speech.

It’s not about taking DuckDynasty off the air, or judging him for what he said, it’s about using your right to bear arms, to put a bullet to the head of every person who doesn’t think he has a right to say what he said.

Your right to bear arms is to defend the Constitution and when you did not defend free speech, you did not defend the Constitution, and you have absolutely no right to bear arms.

The time will come when any TV executive doesn’t allow someone to go on the air and say “9/11 was an inside job” or “Jesus don’t heal injuries and industry does not have enough money to pay one injured worker, let alone the 70,000 were injured at the automobile plants every year” and that TV or media executive, reporter etc., who tried to stop their free speech, will be shot dead, by a patriotic American, using His right to bear arms to defend the Constitution.

Furthermore that man will be the greatest hero on Earth.

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