My Message to Ken OíKeefe, July 1, 2017.

Hey Ken, I remember you from the Church of Today in Warren Michigan. They used to call me Saint Timothy until they found out I wasnít Catholic. The problem is Ken, youíre not looking at the big picture. Youíre just trying to expand Satanís kingdom and make it appear more just. Jobs are slavery. God set men free. If you not going to fight for Godís kingdom, donít fight for anything at all. Even the Hells Angels motorcycle gang had a bunch of laws and rules. Itís not about Making the Hells Angels motorcycle club a more righteous club, itís about doing away with it altogether. Food grows on trees. God is the provider. It doesnít matter what kind of job you have, jobs are slavery. God wants all people to be free. Itís the system of jobs that forces over a million women a year to have abortions, because they canít afford to raise the children. Itís the system of jobs, that creates serial killers and murderers.

The American Indians never had jobs. The American Indians have passed down stories for thousands of years and they never had any serial killers. Serial killers are created by having a system of jobs, that forces men to work for other men. You not going to end the evil until you end the entire world system. This is the Sabbath. All of Godís work is finished. All we need to do now, is walk around naked and eat the fruit off of trees. The system were fighting against, is the people who think we need jobs to pay for taxes and rents on Godís land. We are supporting tyrants and dictators who are too lazy to forage for food. All the land belongs to God and anyone who tries to collect rents or taxes is the enemy. Itís the business owners who are enslaving us and they know it. Thatís why their business owners because they donít want to be slaves. All the fruit trees belong to God and anyone who tries to sell a piece of fruit is the enemy. Youíre not a farmer thatís Godís land, those seeds belong to God. The penalty for stealing from Godís is death and thatís why anyone who claims to own an apple tree, has to be put to death. Before the world can ever change.

The American Indians didnít own apple trees and make a living by selling apples. The American Indians didnít need healthcare, because their shamans were the best doctors in the world. American Indians didnít need automobiles or heated homes, because they didnít build houses so huge that they needed heat. Their own Body Heat kept the small T Pee warm. We would be far better off learning how the Indians lived and live like they did. Your speech to the Iranian dictators, it seemed like you didnít have any free speech over there. Yes the people running this country are evil business owners enslaving people with jobs. But the Iranian system is not any better and no one has a chance of freedom with them in power. The Indians lived on this land for 35,000 years without destroying it. None of them had jobs, none of them paid rent, none of them paid taxes and none of them went to church. They didnít cry for better healthcare. They didnít need car insurance. The Indians didnít have to pay $7000 to be born and another $7000 to be buried. Thatís what a system of business does to people. It charges you to be born and it charges you to die. Yes they did choose a wisemen to be their chief and maybe that was their downfall. They shouldíve just trusted in God himself. The Indians had no religion. But somehow they all knew God the great Creator Spirit that created the world. Many times the God that created the world would actually appear to the Indians. There are many stories of God appearing to the Indians. The Indians actually painted a door on solid rock mountain, so that the creator God can walk into the rock mountain and come out of it.

We are not to take from the tree of knowledge and that seems to be what you are trying to do. Thereís no greater tyrants then those who make us believe we are free by creating jobs. If you think jobs are the answer the least you can do is pay the injured worker the $450 billion for his job injury. Stop with your delusion that there is no proof anyone suffered more than two cents worth of pain. Thatís what creates serial killers. Just ask David Russell Williams how much pain his victims suffered, two dollars, $200, $2000, $50,000, $1 million, 10 million, hundred million. If you even think the industrial nations have enough money to pay for manís job injury, you think David Russell Williams should get out of prison, by paying a small fee to his victims. Think about it. A business owner is no different than David Russell Williams. David Russell Williams is the guy who beat, raped, tortured and murdered JonBenet Ramsey and more than a dozen other women in Canada. Tell the Iranians the Messiah is here. Jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity and anybody who doesnít believe so will be killed in the war between good and evil. Itís important to teach your children that jobs are slavery, so they donít get killed by the freedom fighters. They might kill you for teaching this truth but those who enslaved people with jobs will be thrown into the lake of fire and they will be burned and tortured forever and forever. Forever and forever is not all that long when you think about it, itís only about 20 years for every hour they enslaved a man with a job.

It wasnít president Lincoln that freed the Blacks from slavery. The Blacks started to kill their white slave masters. They would poison their food, that they were forced to cook. They would chop them to pieces when they were sleeping. People with jobs are starting to wake up to the fact jobs are slavery and that Jesus set them free. People with jobs are poisoning the business owners. They are not reporting this on the news, because they donít want more copycats and they want more people to start businesses to pay taxes and enslave others. Smart business owners are going to close down their businesses early before they are killed by the people they enslaved. For the people who love their jobs the least they can do is pay the capitalist injured worker for his job injuries. Got it set eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, because workers compensation doesnít have enough money to pay a man who loses an eye. The business owner must lose an eye, if one of his employees loses an eye on the job. There Is not a business owner on earth that doesnít know that he is a evil slave master. You can try to create a better system by giving people more hourly pay, but at hourly pay is just bribe money. Thereís not enough money in the world to pay a man to be a slave. If youíre making $1 million an hour, you are $1 million an hour slave. If you are paid $1 million to have sex you are simply $1 million hooker. Itís not a job.


Jobs are slavery, no greater slave then a man who thinks heís free, workers compensation, Jesus is God, Jesus is not the Messiah,.

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