My Email to President Putin, by Timothy Allen Campbell May 22, 2017 (12:06pm).

I got some emails from somebody with links to Russian newspapers. The links have my name in them as if they are stories about me in Russian newspapers. I clicked on the link you know to see what they were saying about me in Russia and I think I got a virus from the link. I had to reset my computer as it was running really slow. Windows live Mail allowed you to trace the IP address of the sender and it traced back to GoDaddy. In 1995 I was GoTimothy on AOL and no doubt this web stole the idea of using go before your name from me. Someone even copyrighted This may be the reason why Go Daddy is sending me viruses, if indeed I got the virus from them. This is like corporate espionage. I donít own a Go Daddy domain name. Theyíre not hosting my site. So I emailed President Putin to see if these web link new stories were legit. I let him know that Jesus was God and that I am the Messiah the son of Joseph.

These are the links that was sent to my email. Iíll leave a link in comments.

I thought you might find it useful I thought you would appreciate it I think you might appreciate this If anyone can tell me if they are viruses or news stories let me know. If they are viruses I will post the IP address of the hacker, so that everyone can hack them.

After emailing Putin, he did a news story about, ďSchizophrenic AmericaĒ and him and his cronies just laughed it off.

A book I copyrighted in 1997 was titled, ďSchizophrenia ConspiracyĒ. I just tell how the people in power label people as schizophrenic so that no one listens to them. Your daughter could be raped by 50 bikers and if they label her a schizophrenic, the cops will not only refuse to investigate it, they will laugh and think itís funny. Oh schizophrenic girl claims she was raped by 50 bikers ha ha, schizophrenic. This makes people who believe in the schizophrenic label more evil than 50 bikers who would rape an underage girl. Itís people like Putin who make this world evil because they only listen to corporate executives, gang members mafia figures and not prophets of God. Then the newspapers are filled with stories to distract them from the truth.

Hence the Aaron Hernandez Chris Cornell connection.

This murder labeled suicide hoax comes right after the Doctor Phil episode of Shay talking about how the government killed Aaron Hernandez and made it look like a suicide. Many Dr. Phil followers believe the official government story, until I started tweeting with the hashtag #DrPhil and started waking people up to the facts. The story goes, Aaron Hernandez was arrested for murder and committed suicide by hanging himself in his prison cell. The details of the story is that Aaron Hernandez supposedly hung sheets, as privacy curtains. so that the prison guards could not tell he was committing suicide. The Dr. Phil show was trying to make Aaron Hernandez look guilty by assassinating his character. By claiming rumors that Aaron Hernandez was gay. As if, if he was gay, he mustíve killed somebody. The only evidence that he killed someone,. was the rumor that he was gay and that his wife threw out a box. It was a giant box that weighed more than 45 pounds. Cops say there was a gun in the box Shay threw out. My tweets were truth that there is no 45 pound gun. The box probably contained nude magazines, sex toys, homemade sex tapes of Aaron and Shay, that they didnít want anyone to see and probably a bong & marijuana. Maybe a computer with child porn, but surely no 45 pound gun. Furthermore I tweeted, what prison policy allows inmates to hang sheets as privacy curtains? Suspiciously, Aaron Hernandez hung himself on April 19, the anniversary of the government Waco massacre, where they murdered 29 women and children in front of God and everybody on national TV and claim that they all committed suicide, like the Heavenís Gateís religious organization. People on twitter pushing the conspiracy that Aaron Hernandez committed suicide, claim Hernandez hung privacy sheets a couple times and was punished for it by prison officials. I tweeted back that prisons treat people better than my mom. When I rode a tricycle in the street she took it away. If I was in prison and broke the rules, I would still have my tricycle. Can you believe in prison, if you break the rules by using your sheets as curtains, the punishment isnít that they take your sheets away? I guess prison officials finally warned Aaron Hernandez after he was found dead, if you hang those sheets one more time as privacy curtains, were going to take them away.

Coincidentally both David Koresh and Heavenís Gate were my followers. They read copy of my book the Gospel of Timothy, which inspired the movie Conspiracy Theory. Everybody who got a copy of my book, was killed and it was made to look like suicide. Before the Internet I advertised in Biblical Archaeology Review and before that in a newspaper. I saw God in 1985 and wrote the Gospel of Timothy, which was not really published in a book until 1996. Before that, it was just printed up on a word processor, where everyone who read it, was murdered and it was made to look like suicide. Jesus is God and I am the Messiah. Unfortunately, if you believe me, they will kill you and make it look like suicide. Jesus is not the Messiah, he is God. Jesus is not the son of Joseph, he is the son of God. Mary was a virgin. I am the son of Joseph. I am the Messiah. 1. Follow @GoTimothy on twitter and YouTube and join my website. Read my tweets and retweet them. President Trump, President Putin, the NSA, the CIA, the Pope, the Caliphateís, the Imans, the Priest and the Scribes and Pharisees will label me as a schizophrenic, because if I am the Messiah, then they canít be God.

Follow me on Twitter and YouTube, but be careful they might kill you and it will be labeled a suicide. There are no gun suicides in America. They are simply labeled suicides. Anyone who commits suicide with a gun, was not mentally competent to own a gun. That makes gun manufacturers guilty of one account of murder, for every person who commits suicide with a gun. If gun manufacturers do not want to be charged with murder, when a person commits suicide, than they better check peoples mental stability before they sell them a gun. Subscribe to my channel and thumbs up my videos.

These are just some of the tweets I made on twitter about Dr. Phil, Aaron Hernandez, and atheist ideology on creation.

The only thing Einstein figured out, is if no one can prove youíre wrong, then youíre right.

If I had a million dollars, Iíd offer it to anyone who can prove that Iím not the Messiah son of Joseph.

There is no scientific explanation of where rocks come from, except God called them into existence.

The big bang theory is a joke. Nothing can be crushed smaller than into a diamond. #TimotheanReligion #TheGospelOfTimothy.

If the universe was created out of one compressed mass, it would be a giant diamond, not a speck.

If you were to take diamond size of a basketball, shrink it down 2 a pea U would have to be in a different dimension of time/space.

Where did supernovas come from? You see someone had to create them. Everything did not come from Nowhere.

Scientists donít believe in Jesus or Allah, they believe in the God Supernova, who called space rocks & dust into existence by pure magic.

#Atheist better pray to the God Supernova, so that he doesnít crash a asteroid into the earth, for not believing in him.

Atheist found new ways to shut me up. They start including me in their tweets so that you really have to scroll down far to see what I said. The world is not run by Zionist, itís run by atheist. Thatís why you can say, ďkill all the Jews, kill all the Muslims, kill all the ChristiansĒ, but you canít say ďkill all the atheistĒ or you will be arrested for inciting or advocating violence. This is how we know the world is run by atheist. There are billions of Christians Muslims and Jews but somehow abortion is legal. Somehow killing people with guns is legal. Somehow war is legal. Itís because the world is run by atheist. Even the religions have been infiltrated by atheist thatís why they donít hang big signs on the church that say abortion is premeditated first-degree baby murder, not a womanís choice. None of these religions teach truth that jobs are slavery in a crime against humanity and that everything belongs to God and no man can buy or sell anything without stealing from God. A sin punishable by death.

Anyway I reformatted my computer and I think I got a new virus again. Itís running slow. The new version of Windows 10 mail, doesnít allow you to see the IP addresses of the senders. It also doesnít allow you to block the opening of pictures that contain viruses. The new email system on Windows 10 actually makes it a worse operating system. So I set up another computer just for receiving email. Iíll have to set up another computer just to make YouTube videos, because if I donít, the computer down for a week, while I reformat and reinstall everything.


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