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All Gun Owners Are Murderers, April 20, 2011.

The reason why gun owners do not use rubber or synthetic bullets, is because they are murderers who want to kill somebody. Itís not about justice and itís not about stopping a criminal. Gun owners want to kill. If we had stun guns like in Star Trek, the gun owners would not use them. They want to see someone dead. Without a jury, without a trial and without a judge, they want to kill someone, who they believe in their own delusional mind, is a criminal. The only real criminals are gun owners. Most gun owners get guns, after they were robbed or raped. They are suffering from a mental illness. PST. They think the gun will prevent them from being robbed or raped in the future. Many of these people get guns, so they can hunt down the people who robbed or raped them. I know, I was robbed and I was tempted to get a gun to hunt down the person who robbed me. Sadly when one is raped, robbed or shot, they see many people out in public, who look like the person who robbed, shot or raped them. I believe a lot of innocent people get killed this way. The guys who robbed me had big lips, extremely dark tan, and woolly black hair.

The minute a gun owner purchased a lethal weapon, they have the intention to kill someone. This is why all gun owners are prime suspects, in murderers by gun. Yes you can kill someone with a baseball bat or car. But if someone is found shot dead, we can guarantee, the murder was done by gun owner and not a baseball bat owner. Not many drive-by baseball bat attacks.

In Florida they published all the names and addresses of gun owners. This is to let the public know where these evil people live. The public wants to know where sex offenders live and they want to know where gun owners live. Because society knows that gun owners, have a gun to kill people with, not to stop crime. If they wanted to stop crime, they would use security cameras. Over 100,000 guns a year are stolen from legal law-abiding gun owners. This is why we have gun crime. If you are robbed, raped or have a family member killed by a gun, it is more likely than not, that the gunman got his gun from a so-called legal law abiding gun owner. And you have a right to sue that gun owner for every penny he owns. But the fact is, gun owners are not law-abiding. The NRA slogan, is that the only way you can get a gun from a gun owner, is out of their dead hands. If guns were made illegal, the gun owners have said they will break the law and keep their guns anyway, because they are in fact evil criminals.

In Michigan the gun owners claim, that it is a matter of privacy, that their names and address are not published. But thank God for wiki leaks. Wiki leaks will be publishing the names and addresses of all registered gun owners, so that we know where they live. We anti-gun people, do not want to live on the same street as gun owners. Many anti-gun people would rather live next to sex offenders, than gun owners. Better to be molested then shot to death by a gun nut lunatic who fires his gun randomly at teenage hoodlums, who are running away, and the gun owner doesnít care if he misses and a bullet goes through your house and kills your child. The gun owner does not want to use rubber bullets, he wants to see someone dead. This is why itís important to get the names and addresses of gun owners off of wiki leaks and put them on GPS maps like we do child molesters.

The gun owners claim they are law-abiding. But the fact is the NRA claims it uses its power to get 66% of politicians elected. It is not a coincidence that 66% of elected officials are corrupt. There is a direct correlation between the people who the gun lobby gets elected and the wars that are started. Barney Frankís elected by the NRA, is the guy who supported the $750 billion dollar bank bailout. We can thank the NRA for the $750 billion bank bailout. This also means the NRA makes the laws. Many of these gun owners believe that because they have the guns they make the laws. But in America the people are supposed to make the laws, not murderers with guns. This means the NRA runs the United States, not the people. The people of the United States have no power, because the terrorist NRA mafia organization, has stated on their website, that they own the guns and they make the laws, they elect the politicians. Yes the NRA is a mafia, because it is organized crime. When they elect officials, when they organize to have laws passed in their favor, they are mafia. You cannot change the laws and then claim youíre not a law breaker.

If the NRA got 66% of politicians elected, like they claim on their website, then they are 100% responsible for the war in Iraq and the 1.5 million dead people. The NRA is responsible for the Afghan war and the war in Libya, because they have said on their website they get 66% of politicians elected and the US government, is not run by the people or for the people. The United States government is run by the NRA, for the gun lobby and the military industrial complex. Every law put on the books by the Mafia NRA terrorist organization, must be reversed. Every gun owner must be considered a pre-meditated murderer. Premeditated means they thought about killing people and they purchased a gun for that purpose. It is not legal to own a gun.

The Constitution says only a well regulated militia. Not gun collectors, not hunters, not self defense. It says militia. Not just any militia but well regulated. One of these gun nuts actually asked me if it was okay to have a gun for target practice. A gun is not a toy, unless it uses rubber darts only. The only reason to have a gun, is to kill people.

Even police and FBI end up committing suicide when they kill a criminal. They realize guns are bad at that point. We have the Westburo Baptists Church to remind police and FBI that they are murderers, when they kill a criminal. These people of God protest the police departments where officers shot and killed someone. The police donít have to use lethal bullets. Once they choose to use lethal bullets, they find themselves responsible for killing people and they end up committing suicide, unless they are complete psychotic psychopaths, who were serial killers to begin with. I will be going to as many courts and police stations as I possibly can, to tell law-enforcement, they can use rubber bullets and if they choose not to, they are murderers and when they do kill someone, Iíll make sure they know they are murderers. I will teach their children that their fathers are murderers, because they could have used rubber bullets, but chose not to.

The Internet is an excellent place to teach children that their fathers who have guns, are premeditated murderers. We cannot convince the gun owner that they are premeditated murderers because they are insane and evil, but we can teach their children, their family members and their neighbors. No comments will be allowed on this video.

I am here to teach anti-gun people the truth about gun owners and their desire to kill people. I hope wiki leaks gets a hold of the list of names of people who donated to the NRA. Remember this is a free society. People have a right to know who gun owners are and they also have a right to know who is providing funds to the NRA. Especially when the NRA claims they are getting 66% of politicians elected. The NRA is admitting that the United States is not run by the people, it is run by the gun lobby. People have a right to know, the NRA gets 66% of politicians elected and that the people of the United States have no freedom, as long as there is the NRA and gun owners.


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