Planned Parenthood Murdered My Baby Sister, December 6, 2015.

In my last video I talked about how Planned Parenthood tried to kill me and then I realized they also murdered my baby brother and sister. So doctors wanted my mother to have a hysterectomy after my sister was born but she was pregnant with me. So instead of waiting until after I was born, the doctors took me early with a cesarean section. During this cesarean section they performed the hysterectomy so that my mother could no longer have children. That’s when I realized they murdered my little brother and sister. If my mother did not have the hysterectomy during my birth she might have given birth to another boy or girl or both.

Those who argue that doctors save my mother’s life are insane. Because my mother died 20 years later anyway. You don’t kill a baby to save the mother’s life. Lucky enough to have a large family to give examples of stories. When my sister-in-law was born, her mother died during birth. I’m sure doctors wanted to kill my sister-in-law via abortion and hysterectomy when her mother was pregnant. They might have saved her life so she live another 20 or 30 years until she died of old age with no children. However, If they did my sister-in-law would not have been born, to have my two nieces and nephew. So the argument to kill the baby to save the mother’s life is simply complete insanity.

If my mother did not have the hysterectomy and had another child I would have had a baby sister or brother. If my mother would have died because she didn’t have the hysterectomy, then why father would’ve simply got remarried or adopted us kids out. It would’ve well been worth the risk not to have the hysterectomy and to try to have another child if my mother wanted one.

This is why I don’t believe I was born, I believe I was created by God. God had to supernaturally intervene to keep me from being murdered by Planned Parenthood. Great men are not chosen or born, they are created by God. At the Baptist Church they told me King David was the seventh born in the family. When I told them I was the 10th born of my family, they said, “a man greater than David is here”. Some religious ideology claims that the position of birth whether first born or last born, determines the man’s character. In the Bible all the firstborn were killed, as a way to weed out evil souls. God said my strength is made greater in weakness. Man struggles with God, so the lower stature a man is by birth position, the greater God’s Spirit is in him. The womb becomes weak with each birth so that each birth succession demands a greater spirit for survival.

This is why it’s not likely another Messiah is born. There probably will never be another 10th born son to any family.


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