Planned Parenthood Tried to Murder Me, December 4, 2015.

My mom had two sets of twins. After the second set of twins, the doctors at Planned Parenthood told my mother that she would have to have a hysterectomy, for her health. Well my mother was pretty fertile and dad enjoyed sex. So after the second set of twins were born, before she had a chance to get the hysterectomy, she was pregnant with my brother. So they couldn’t from form the hysterectomy because she was pregnant and they told her she would have to come in for the hysterectomy after my brother was born. After my brother was born, mom got pregnant with my sister and so she couldn’t get the hysterectomy then. Doctors demanded she returned to get the hysterectomy after my sister was born. But after my sister was born, my mom was pregnant with me. At that time the doctors were furious and demanded, not only my mother get the hysterectomy, but have me aborted, for her health. So they told my mom they would have to kill me for her health. Mom had to hide out from doctors and Planned Parenthood, until after I was born. This is really a bizarre story that I’ve heard all my life. But it gets even deeper than that.

After I was born they tried to take me away from my parents. My dad was a security guard for Chrysler’s and my mom was a stay-at-home mom, with nine other kids. I was the 10th born. They said my mother had too many children and she couldn’t handle another one. And she had nine kids under the age of seven years old. The neighbor Ed Creech, and even got lawyers, to try to adopt me. My mother refused to let someone adopt me and there was a long drawn out battle to keep me. There’s a lot of stories and I don’t really know exactly what happened, but I know I was born November 20, 1957 and when Thanksgiving happened a week away, there was no baby picture of me on Thanksgiving, November, 1957. When December 25, 1957 came around, there was no baby pictures of me, Timothy. There was plenty of pictures, of all the other kids on those holidays but I don’t show up in the family album until I’m two years old. I believe the state took me away from my parents and it was a least a two-year battle, to get me back. Maybe I was hospitalized for two years, who knows. But my parents never mentioned exactly what happened to me when I was born.

I do know that later in 1965 may be in 1966 my mother got a job, as a social worker, with Planned Parenthood. Her job was to talk people into murdering their kids, in the same way Planned Parenthood tried to talk her into killing me. But my mother would joke about it, that she purposely got the job at Planned Parenthood, to save lives, rather than talk people into murdering their babies.

In the next video I will explain why abortion is premeditated first-degree baby murder. I’m going to try to make shorter videos from now on. If anyone knows how I can get records from Planned Parenthood from 1957 when I was born or even 1965 when my mother worked there, I would like to know how. Because I would like to sue them for trying to murder me before they get defunded, I want to get some of their cash. I really believe God perform some supernatural events to protect me from being murdered by Planned Parenthood. Now Planned Parenthood was started by atheist in 1916 and its goal was to kill people who believed in God. If you are religious, you had to get abortion for your health, if you were an atheist, you were perfectly healthy to have a baby. It was genocide then and it is still genocide today. And it has to be that way, because it was started by atheist. And if atheists started the damn thing, they are not going to be aborting atheist, are they? They are going to be saving atheist lives and killing believers.


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If atheists started Planned Parenthood, they are not going to be aborting atheist, are they?

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