American InJ ustice Kathy Bush Coral Springs Fl Munchausen Obamacare, December 26, 2016.

This is an important video because it explains a lot of things. This is based off of the TV show American justice, and can I episode titled, ďA Mothers BetrayalĒ. Kathy Bush is the person who started healthcare reform with Hillary Clinton. Because her daughter Jennifer Bush, had been sick and could not find a cure, with the present medical system. What ended up happening, was the ignorant medical system, who could not figure out what was wrong with Jennifer, started to blame the mother Kathy Bush. They tried to claim she had a mental illness, because they were too stupid to figure out what was wrong with the daughter.

This is what happens when you have doctors and prosecutors, who want to play God when they have the intelligence of a monkey. This seems to be the MO of the present health care system. When theyíre too stupid to know whatís wrong with someone, they label it as a mental illness. These mentally retarded doctors and prosecutors, tried to claim that Kathy Bush had Munchausen, because they were too stupid or because they were paid off by real estate companies and we donít know which.

Coral Springs Florida was created by Westinghouse. Westinghouse bought the swampland drained it and started developing houses on it. Now we know these communities are infested with toxic mold, because of the swampland. Back in 1995, they claimed they didnít know much about toxic mold. But the symptoms of toxic mold are very strange.

When people become exposed to large amounts of mold, they become allergic to it. So whenever an allergic person come in contact with that toxic mold, they get deathly ill. Other people who have not become allergic to mold by being exposed to large amounts of it do not get sick when they go to the home or get next to the mother. However, when the allergic person are removed from the home or situation, they usually get better within twenty-four hours. Jennifer Bush is allergic to toxic mold, because she lived in a mold infested house, built by Westinghouse on a swampland in coral Springs Florida. And we really shouldnít call it toxic mold, because it only becomes toxic, when you are exposed to large amounts of it. Itís like alcohol. Some alcoholics become allergic to alcohol because they drank so much of it over the years so that they canít even wear cologne because of the alcohol. Some molds are more toxic than others. I made some videos about toxic mold but people were just using the information I was giving to learn their houses were infested with toxic mold so that they can move out and sell it to some idiot. I canít believe I told people their houses were infested with toxic mold and thatís what made them sick and they simply sold the house to other people without telling them. Because they didnít want to lose money on their house they would rather make other people deathly ill. All mold is toxic. But our immune systems can handle a small amount of mold. Swampland in Florida is too much mold and so is HUD Detroit housing. Banks know all about toxic mold. Thatís why when a house becomes toxic, it goes to HUD. The banks will not loan money on it and you usually have to pay cash for these properties.

Every time Kathy Bush got next to her daughter Jennifer Bush, her daughter became severely ill. So doctors blamed the mother for making the daughter sick. They were too stupid to know that Kathy Bush lived in a toxic mold home. Mold was in her hair, mold was on her clothing and when she got next to her daughter, her daughter got sick. The daughter Jennifer would be fine when she was in the hospital and become deathly sick a few days after sending her back home. But instead of looking for the answer, they just decided to put Kathy Bush in prison because of their stupidity. Thank God for lawsuits I hope Kathy Bush sues the hospitals and the prosecutors for billions and billions of dollars for playing God. I used to live in a toxic mold home and I couldnít even get next to somebody who lived in a toxic mold home because I became allergic to mold. Once you become allergic to the mold, you canít even get next to somebody whoís been living in a house with toxic mold. Your immune system become so weak you are susceptible to infections. Jennifer Bush had ear infections, diarrhea, anxiety, headaches, trouble breathing, heart palpitations , the same thing I had that I went to doctors for years for. The mold gets in your ears and lives off the wax and moisture. Itís almost impossible to get out. I still have mold in my ears and there seems to be no way to kill it. Doctors are useless evil piece of shit who just want to play God and shove money up their ass. This is why the practice of medicine should be made illegal. And hospitals and doctors should refund everybody their money plus interest and penalties not to mention the pain and suffering from the torture they put people through.

They put the mother in prison, put the daughter in foster care where she was raped and tortured and abused, just to show the world how evil the medical and justice system is. I certainly hope the daughter Jennifer Bush sues the hospital and justice system for billions and billions of dollars so that this never happens again. When doctors and prosecutors want to play God they need to pay for their mistakes.

So then there was even a bigger coverup in this case because doctors treatments to Jennifer also made Jennifer even sicker from the medications they gave her. But they didnít want to blame the pharmaceutical companies, theyíre in business to make money, not cure people. There was a cover-up by the real estate agencies because they knew about toxic mold at that time and those houses went for upwards of a half million dollars and they canít sell a house for a half million dollars when itís infested with toxic mold. So they have no other choice but to blame the mother and claim she has some kind of mental illness. This is what they are doing to me about my job injury because they donít want to pay needy four hundred fifty billion dollars for my pain and suffering or the trillion dollars for the torturous stellate ganglion block to the neck they gave me to try to get out of paying for the pain-and-suffering they cause.

I found some more interesting stuff on WikiLeaks about coral Springs Florida. Now when the hurricanes hit Florida, coral Springs is in the path. When thereís large amounts of water, mold flourishes. In the nineteen nineties there was a large amount of violence in coral Springs Florida because of the high mold count. Large amounts of toxic mold makes people crazy kind of like large amounts of toxic lead made the people crazy and thatís why the Roman Empire fell. This is whatís going to happen in the United States. All these houses are infested with toxic mold and they are getting worse with time. Itís making people crazy. The mold counts in Detroit were over ten thousand spores per cubic meter and are building new houses on top of this toxic mold. Homeland security thinks that the cure is to forbid mold testing companies to tell customers about the mount of mold in their count. I was testing for mold and they would tell me how many spores were in every cubic meter of air. But now they passed the law were mold testing companies can only tell you if there is mold or if there isnít. The mold testing companies are being paid off by these real estate companies, so that they can sell these toxic houses to idiots like the gun owners who are so stupid they purchase guns thinking guns are the answer. The mold counts are rising every year and they are so high that there would be a revolution tomorrow if you knew the mold counts. They donít want you to know how much radiation is in the air and they donít want to the know how much mold is in your home or in your city. Only the extremely wealthy know these numbers. Mold testing is very expensive. I bought my own mold testing equipment and microscopes and I know we are getting false counts from these mold testing companies, who seem to be paid off by real estate companies or are being hushed up by homeland security.

But I believe every house in America is a Trojan horse waiting to kill millions of people. A mold infested house doesnít just kill the people living in it, it kills the neighbors too. In fact itís a mold factory that brings up the mold count in the entire city along with several cities downwind. The amazing thing about the toxic mold is thereís no doctors who will diagnose it, they are too stupid. The military industrial complex doesnít want them to be educated about toxic mold. Because nobody in their right mind would live in a house made out of wood, if they knew about toxic mold. Wood is dyeing vegetation. Microorganisms are living in this wood. The older the house, the more toxic mold. Newer houses are even worse because they are made out of particleboard. The brand-new wood is already toxic before you build your house. There are ways to bring down the levels of toxic mold.

But Iím no longer giving out my secrets to idiots who donít want to join my religion. This prosecutor Dennis Nicewander needs to be put on the shit list for playing God, putting an innocent person in prison and making a child suffer. Now this guy is an assistant state attorney in Florida. Itís fucking crazy. This guy needs to be in prison and thrown into the lake of fire for playing God. Iíll leave some links below. This Satan possessed Psycho actually has an email address Dennis Nicewander, is the guy who shut down GoDaddy. Even this guys name sounds fake and evil.

Woman who lived in toxic mold city built by Westinghouse was thrown in prison because of her sick daughter.

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