Whatís the Motive for the Belgium Brussels Attack?, March 25, 2016.

Does anyone know what the motive is for the Brussels attack? In order for a crime to take place there has to be a motive. Before you can blame someone for a crime, there has to be a motive. Whatís the motive, to get the United States to bomb Iraq? Is the motive to get the United States to bomb Syria? Is the motive to get the United States to kill Muslims? Thereís absolutely no motive for IsIs or IsIl to bomb people at a airport or subway station. If it was Muslims who did it, they would have bombed Trump towers or one of Donald Trumpís gambling casinos. Most people believe they wouldíve bombed Israel or lease some Jewish church somewhere. This attack was done by the Mafia. They are the only ones with motive.

You could say Donald Trump had a motive for funding the attack because he wants to build a wall on the border of Mexico. You could say Hillary Clinton was behind the attack because she wants to stop free speech on the Internet. Hillary Clinton had already admitted that they lost control of information on the Internet. Who knew that they had control at one time? We thought we all lived in a free country. But Hillary Clinton admits that the government controlled information and all the news channels and that the Internet caused them to lose control and people are starting to learn the truth that jobs are slavery. People are learning the truth that education is not going to make you rich. Thereís only so much room at the top for the top forty singers. Thereís only room at the top for so many doctors, so many lawyers, so many dentist and so many politicians that the rest of the people have to be poor slaves. Many people with college educations are working at McDonaldís.

I told one police officer that he was doing nothing but protecting the Mafia in power. He is so brainwashed, he doesnít realize that his job is to protect the rich people in power and to throw the poor people in prison. There are no laws but the absolute law of God. Any of manís laws are in fact Mafia laws. Man-made laws are organized crime laws. The laws are made by organized crime. So if you are a FBI, CIA agent, work as a police officer or are in the military, you are working for organized crime. Your job is to protect the Mafia in power and to go against God the creator. Itís not homeless people making the laws. Itís not poor people making the laws. Itís rich greedy Mafia thugs that pass laws to benefit their businesses and criminal enterprises.

It could be possible that Donald Trump is so stupid that he doesnít know heís in the Mafia. Janet Reno was so ignorant, she didnít know that she killed twenty-nine women and children at Waco. She said all she did was make a phone call to a private security firm to end the standoff at Waco. She claims she didnít know this private security firm, that was in fact owned by the Ku Klux Klan, was going to kill all the women and children at Waco. She thought it was like ordering a pizza. You call up the security firm and say I want to put it and to the standoff and they say thatíll be a half a million dollars and you write them out a government check. You donít know that theyíre going to kill all the women and children at Waco to end the standoff. A homeless veteran begs for money outside of trump towers and someone says they can get rid of the homeless vet for fifty thousand dollars in Donald Trump pays it not knowing that Guido is going to put the homeless vets feed in cement and drop him in the East River.

Itís very possible that Hillary Clinton doesnít know she is serving the Mafia in going against God. Itís very possible that Mafia thugs pulled off the Brussels attack to blame Muslims and convince people like Hillary Clinton, to pass laws supporting the Mafia, that is running the world behind the scenes. I used to think that news agencies control the world. Then I wrote to Channel 7 news and realized they were duped by this crisis actor. Itís the Mafia thatís controlling the news to manipulate society. The news agency just reports the information it receives. Itís not controlling the news. The Mafia pays these shills and crisis actors to contact the media. All media is biased. If you watch the Alex Jones news channel, everything is about Donald Trump and demonizing all other presidential candidates. If you watch the Young Turks news channel, itís bias, because it supports Bernie Sanders and demonizes all the other candidates. And of course Fox news is going to support their Christian belief system. I donít have a news channel, itís a religion and opinion channel. But itís going to be biased, because itís going to be my opinion. Iím going to support Gods will as best as I can, but with so many deceivers in the world, who knows what truth is? Things you thought were truth by religion you find out later in life to be lies taught by the devil that teaches in the church. Many of the Christian leaders are in fact pedophiles. There are some things that we know is truth from the Bible and other things we know is truth from our life experiences. Some other things we know is truth just by common sense. Itís common sense that teaches us jobs are slavery. But we do have the Bible to back up the fact that jobs are slavery and that Jesus set us free. But why are all the Christian churches teaching people to go get jobs? It is because the Mafia has infiltrated the churches. The church teaches what makes them successful. Teaching jobs are slavery doesnít make you a successful rich church. Nobody will come to your church and if they do, they have no jobs to give you any money.

Although this attack was funded by the Mafia or some other government agency, anyone other than the so-called Isis terrorist, the news media wants you to believe, this attack is going to cause thousands of others. When Hillary Clinton uses this attack to stop free speech, people will have no other options but to go on shooting sprees or suicide bombings to vent. When you have no voice you have no other choice than to go on a shooting spree like the Kalamazoo shooter or a suicide bomber.

If these attacks were indeed done by Isis, then they did it, because they have no other way of voicing their opinions. They have no other options but to go on shooting sprees and suicide bombings. When you get no justice in the court systems, you have no other choice but to take the law into your own hands. Hulk Hogan was upset and took the people to court and won hundred and forty million dollars. How come Isis didnít take someone to court and win a hundred and forty million dollars, if they were upset about something? Closing down the Internet is only going to make it a million times worse and you donít have to be a prophet of God to predict that fact. These so called Isis terrorist, could have took Brussels to court and sued for a hundred and forty trillion dollars, because they were so upset they felt like strapping on suicide vests and blowing up an airport and subway and they would have won the money long before Hulk Hogan won his hundred and forty million dollars, for his forty-five second video that showed the world that his penis was so small, it was worth a hundred and forty million dollars worth of embarrassing. The jurors were quick to award one hundred forty million dollars, when they seen how small Hulk Hoganís penis was.


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