Most Powerful Weapon in the World, Gita, August 16, 2016.

The most powerful weapon in the world is not the nuclear bomb. This book, the Bhagavad-Gita is the most powerful weapon in the world. Without this book, nuclear bombs would have never been invented. Without this book nuclear bombs would have never been used on Japan. The father of the nuclear bomb, Robert Oppenheimer, quoted from this book after the nuclear bomb was tested in Nevada. All the great scientist and intelligent men of the world have read this book. I will give a link below to a video showing Oppenheimer quoting from the Bhagavad-Gita and many scientist and writers who believe this is the greatest book ever written. Even greater than the Bible. Because what Krishna says is absolute knowledge. He is an incarnation of God.

This book is the religion of the Beatles. The Beatles mentioned this book in their song titled, ďMy Sweet Lord. The movie remake of ďThe Razors EdgeĒ with Bill Murray is based off of this book and the teaching of the Vedas. You know nothing until you know the Upanishads. Jesus suggested I watch the movie, the razors edge. Years later in a bookstore, God drew me to this book, I mentioned it in the Gospel of Timothy. Donít be fooled by the cover. This is the book of the illuminati. The illuminated ones. It doesnít matter what religion you are, after you read this book, you are that religion no longer. This is why Islam, Christianity and Judaism tries to prevent you from reading this book, by calling it the book of Satan or the book of Hinduism. This is not a Hindu book. Yes the Indians read it and so do the Buddhist. But the religion of this book is God himself. In the Bible Christ speaks. Christ is the incarnation of God. Christ appeared to Moses and 70 elders of Israel, Exodus 24:9 to 11. Jesus like the Buddha, is another incarnation of God just like Krishna. In fact they are all Christ. There has been many incarnations of God throughout the generations. Mohammed thought he saw an angel, but he actually saw the incarnation of God. If not, Mohammed is a false prophet. Only God can make you a prophet.

This book is what military leaders use to get soldiers to fight in wars. This book is like a war manual. Itís like the book the Art of war. But so is every religious book like the Koran a war manual of how to fight against evil or against Godís enemies. This book was written by a ancient government to get their soldiers to fight. When you hear a soldier claim itís his duty to fight or join the military, heís getting that ideology from the Bhagavad-Gita whether he knows it or not. The Army generals steal the words of God and use them to get men to fight. So the book helps you understand war. Atheist might get a lot out of this book, because it answers a lot of questions that Christians and Muslims donít have. Not only was this book used to justify making the nuclear weapon, it was used to justify using the nuclear weapon. The most famous Krishna quote, ďTime I am, the destroyer of worlds and I have come to engage all nations in the battleĒ. Oppenheimer thought of that quote when he blew off the nuclear bomb. But I thought of that quote, when I seen the pictures taken by the Hubble telescope. They showed pictures of a star exploding. They showed pictures of a galaxy collapsing in on itself. And if you know anything about mathematics and space, you know when that galaxy collapsed, that hundreds if not thousands of planets were destroyed and quite possibly with life on them. In fact the Bhagavad-Gita mentions other planets and how to travel to them without a spaceship. Itís kind of like the Christian rapture but you are raptured to another planet in the universe. The ultimate goal is not those other planets but the spiritual heaven that is beyond the universe.

We are in the age of Kali. The age of quarrel and strife. I doubt if it will last as long as some claim it will. Kali showed himself in the smoke of the Fukushima explosion in 2011. I made a video of that, but I took it down because I didnít have the copyright to the video footage.

The God of the Christians, Muslims and Jews is the God of the earth. He is the God of this solar system. When you read the Bhagavad-Gita, you understand this God is the God of the universe. This God not only created the earth, the Sun the moon the stars, he created other galaxies, other planets and even created 3 heavens in which the God of Christianity, Islam and Judaism lives. So itís a my God is bigger than your God thing. Your God is in heaven, but my God created the heaven that your God lives in. This God is the incarnation of all the gods. Krishna can appear blue with forearms or as a man. He is not limited to any shape or form. He is not limited by any name. The paradox is he has no name and yet all names belong to him.

The Bhagavad-Gita puts men in 3 modes, goodness, passion and ignorance. This is the cause of evil. Itís like O.J. Simpson killed his wife out of passion. Because he loved her and could not stand losing her. Thatís If you believe OJ killed his wife. Many crimes are crimes of passion, not of the devil as Christianity or Islam would have you believe. There are several keys to reading this book. It looks like a thick book but you can read it in a couple hours if you only read the words of Krishna. There will be one sentence where Krishna speaks and then the commentator will write 5 pages of his opinion. You can skip the commentators opinion, even though he claims to be a know it all. In fact the commentator in the introduction tries to justify governmental slavery and war. Thatís what happens when God speaks. Thatís why I hate to put information on the Internet because the evil people will just use my knowledge to justify their evil deeds. God had set the Hebrews free from serving the Egyptians. By reading this book many might have believed it was their duty to serve the Egyptians. But if you read the words of Krishna, it is your duty to serve God, not the writers or publishers of the book. The Hebrews were set free and they knew they were going out to the desert to serve the Lord, but they didnít know what they would do to serve the Lord. You serve the Lord by obeying his statues and laws, not by obeying government statues and laws. Itís very tricky and you need a key to understand this and unlock the mystery.

One of the keys to reading the Bible is to only read the writing in red. Another key to read in the Bible is realizing God always has 2 or 3 witnesses that repeat the same thing. This is why we have 4 Gospels. The Christian gun lobby will quote one of the Bible versus that says to sell your garment and buy a sword. We know that verse is not the word of God even though it is in red, because itís only in one of the Gospels. There is no other witness to Jesus saying that verse. Furthermore thereís thousands of other verses saying ďdo not killĒ.

In the commentary the writer will claim you have to accept every word of what is written. Donít read the commentary. I look at the Bhagavad-Gita like it was a record album. You purchase a record album and you donít like the first song or the second song. But if you listen to the whole album you might like the third or fourth song. As you listen to that album with time some of the songs you did not like will start to rub off on you. Read everything Krishna says because it is the word of God. It is transcendental knowledge because the knowledge comes directly from God himself and is delivered to his devotee Arjuna. This book is the true religion and the New World religion. The popes left the church because they were converted by reading this book. Truth is like toothpaste, once you let it out, you cannot put it back in. Truth is like a genie, once let out of the bottle, you canít put it back in. People can tell you this book is false, but once you read it, you cannot deny its truths. You are to serve no one, but the incarnation of God. This book tells you how to escape the process of life and death. Although it has over 5,000,000 readers, I donít think anyone has practiced what it preached. This book is not Hindu, because it doesnít believe in any church. God is the church and the source of wisdom and knowledge.


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