Moses Was Hebrew, Not Jewish, July 3, 2015.

The God of Moses is not the God of the Jews. The God of Abraham the God of Isaac the God of Jacob, is not the same God that the Jews follow. The 10 Commandments was given to Moses and the Hebrews. Whatever happened to the Hebrew religion? Where are the Hebrews? Somebody had interpreted the word Hebrew, as something like a homeless person. Someone who rejected the world and the world religions. So God is the God of the homeless people according to one person’s interpretation of Hebrew.

A Hebrew is the descendent of Jacob. So who in the hell are the Jews? Jesus said, “their father is the devil”. The Bible is written in Hebrew not some Jewish language. If you look up the definition of Hebrew, it means the people who live in Palestine and Israel but Israel didn’t exist until 1947. The Palestinians are the Hebrews. The true God, is the God of the Palestinians and the Jews are killing them. It’s like a coo, where the Jews overthrow the Hebrews and took over the Temple. Now some of the true Hebrews might have escaped and started smaller sects in the Hebrew tradition.

Satan (the Jews) seems to be winning the war between good and evil because they have taken over with their wars, murders and their thefts, because they don’t follow the 10 Commandments. It seems hard to believe that these Jews preserved the 10 Commandments and the writings of Moses but they forgot the name of their religion, Hebrew and they don’t follow any of the laws of do not kill, do not steal, do not covet thy neighbor’s land of Palestine etc.

If you ask the Jews where the Jewish religion came from, it’s like asking the NRA where the second amendment in the Constitution came from. It was put there by a small group of evil people against the will of the masses. The second amendment is no more a part of the Constitution, then the Jewish religion is of God.

One of my first followers, martyrs, or should I say one of my first believers, that I saw God, was Yassir Arafat. I would being attack on a blog by these world leaders and Arafat said, “you assholes, if Timothy says he saw God, who are you to say he didn’t?”. Then they killed Arafat. The Midrash says Abraham believed in one God and the rest of the world believed in false gods. From this webpage a link below.


“So Hebrew means the one who is opposed, on the other side, and different from all others. Abraham was a solitary believer in a sea of idolatry. Perhaps this is why the second person to be called a Hebrew is Joseph.” In that sense I should be calling myself a Hebrew, rather than a Timothean. However, that webpage says the Hebrews stuck to their belief system, but they didn’t, if they are calling themselves Jews or Jewish, they actually changed their religion. Nobody really seems to know what a Jew is or what a Hebrew is. One man on the Internet told me that I was a Jew because I saw God. The name Israel means the man that saw God or it could mean a country where everyone sees God. God appears in a state and everyone in the state sees God they are all Israel or it’s the state of Israel. Something like that.

A poster andre johnson of detroit wrote, “"Yehudim" means "People of G-d," because the first three letters of "Yehudah" are the same as the first three letters of G-d's four-letter name.” So basically the Jews are using God’s name to describe themselves just like the Christians are using Christ’s name. I don’t know whatever happened to the commandment, “do not use the Lords name” but it looks like neither Jews or Christians are following the 10 Commandments.

Some Arabs are even claiming that the Hebrew language was stolen from the Arabs. They claim there is no such thing as the Hebrew language. Do a Google search for "Rashi" and "Habiru" if you want to discover this truth. lol

The Bible is a library of books. It comes from the Word Biblica which means a library. But the Bible is also called the living Bible. Because it keeps evolving like Darwin’s evolution. As people grow and learn, God sends new prophets to enlighten people. This is the real problem with religion, is it doesn’t change even though the living Bible is changing. Unfortunately the Catholics closed their Bible canon. The Jews close their Hebrew Bible and the Arabs do the exact same thing with the holy Quran. They closed up their books so no new information can come in. This is why there needs to be a new religion that accepts all of these books and realizes there are errors in them all. Every one of these books is a piece of the puzzle. You’re not going to get all the mysteries of God by reading one book over and over again. You have to read all the books. That’s what you do in the court system, you look at all of the evidence, not to some of it.

Even though the holy Quran has some very powerful truths in it, it can be a very dangerous book. The Bible says to love God and to love your enemies. The Quran says that you should love God and you shall love the people who God loves, but then it says you should hate the people who God hates. This seems true, however, who are the ones telling us who God hates? It’s not God telling us who he hates. It’s the religious leaders telling us who God hates and that makes it a very dangerous religion. Even the Messiah can’t tell you who God hates. He can have an opinion of who got hates, but he can’t tell you who God hates. You have asked God himself who he hates and because you don’t know God, he can’t tell you.

Jesus is God and he said to love your enemies. We don’t know who God’s enemies are, but it seems right, that we should hate them if God hates them. It’s quite possible, that even though the world seems a wicked corrupt place and God seems to get angry at many, it’s possible God doesn’t have any enemies. Hitler killed 6 million Jews, but how can God hate Hitler, if Hitler killed them, thinking he was doing God a service?


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