Morley Safer Dies or Murdered? Kevin Spacey May 19, 2016.

Many reporters, movie and music stars have their free speech suppressed by threats of losing their job or stardom. When these people retire they finally have free speech. Itís not a coincidence, that people die shortly after they retire, many are murdered to shut them up. The spin they will put on this story is that you should never retire, just work until the day you die because they want people to believe they will die if they retire from boredom. Because he was eighty-four they will probably not do an autopsy. But autopsies should be preformed on all news reporters movie and rock stars as itís more likely than not they were murdered, to keep them from speaking about what they know.

Robin Wright fighting for equal pay, because sheís not making as much money as Kevin Spacey, in House of Cards? Kevin Spacey is a movie star. It doesnít matter what the job is. If Kevin Spacey quits, Robin Wright will not even have a job. The TV show will fall apart like, excuse my pun, a House of Cards. Kevin Spacey should ask for one million dollars , twice as much as Robin Wright, or quit. Then Robin Wright will be out of a job. This would be like me suing Hillary Clinton, because Iím not as much money in my YouTube videos speeches, as she makes giving her speeches. My speeches are a hell of a lot better than hers are. Iím all about equal pay and I think I should make as much as Hillary Clinton, in my speeches. But because Iím not likely to get a lawyer to sue to get equal pay as Hillary Clinton makes in her speeches, as I get for my speeches, I think Kevin Spacey should quit the House of Cards.


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