Absolute Proof, Moonwalk Was Faked December 25, 2010.

I’ve read a lot of arguments from people who believe the moonwalk was faked. Most of those arguments are lame. The shadows, the lighting, the blurry video. This is good circumstantial evidence.

But the scientific fact, that the moonwalk was fake, comes from Sir Isaac Newton. Newton’s law of gravity proves the moonwalk was a fake. Newton says, that if you drop a 240 pound cannonball and the same size 40 pound plastic bowling ball off a tall building at the same time, that they will hit the ground at the same time.

The heavier cannonball doesn’t fall to the earth any faster. This is the law of gravity and the law of gravity is the same throughout the universe. Even on the moon. The law of gravity pulls things to the ground at a speed of approximately 200 miles an hour. This is the speed of gravity.

The law of gravity is like the law of light. Light moves at a constant speed. The light from the candle and the light from the sun move at the same speed. Light does not move faster, because it’s from a brighter object like the sun. What this means, is if a 240 pound man and a 40 pound child, jumps up into the air at the same time, at the same height in the air, they will both fall back to the ground at the same speed.

The 40 pound child, does not float back to the ground because it only weighs 40 pounds. The gravity on the moon, is one sixth the strength as the earth. This means a 240 pound man only weighs 40 pounds on the moon. However, this speed of gravity like the speed of light is constant, no matter how bright the light, no matter how great the gravitational pull. This means that a 240 pound man on earth, jumping into the air and falling back to the earth will fall back to earth, at the same speed as a 40 pound child, or man does on the moon.

Any scientist, physicists, lawyer or judge or educated man, should know Newton’s laws of gravity. This means that the fake moonwalk, was not a scientist or educated man’s idea. It takes someone as stupid as the military, to not think about this fact.

The moon is a vacuum and it doesn’t matter how much an object weighs. The gravity on the moon will pull it to the lunar surface, just as fast as it would on Earth. The only way 240 pound astronauts, in the video can look like they are floating back to the lunar surface, is if they are wearing a cable, hooked to two pulleys with a 200 pound counterweight.

If you took a 240 pound cannonball and hooked it to a cable and rapped that cable around a pulley that attached to a 200 pound counterweight in one hand and the other hand had a 40 pound bowling ball, so that it seemed both the cannonball and the bowling ball seemed to weigh the same, and dropped them both off a tall building at the same time, the bowling ball would hit the ground first and the cannonball would seem to float to the ground like the astronauts in the video. This is because the pulleys and the bending of the cable, creates friction and uses energy. This slows down the cannonball.

This is what slows down the astronaut to make him look like he is almost floating on the fake moon. When the astronauts walked on the fake lunar surface they kick up sand. But the sand falls back to the lunar surface faster than the astronaut does. Newton’s law of gravity says this is impossible.

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