Leave it to Beaver, Monster Sweatshirts, September 13, 2016.

I donít have cable, so sometimes I watch reruns on antenna TV. This episode of leave it to beaver titled ďsweatshirt monstersĒ from 1962, shows us just how far weíve come. Television was used to send religious messages and still is today. But this TV show shows us just how insane religion is. It wasnít just that you could not wear a sweatshirt with an alien on it, it was considered to just be morally and ethically wrong. With no explanation at all to why it was wrong. So the beaver gets kicked out of school because of the sweatshirt heís wearing and gets grounded for the weekend and a lecture from his father. The father says, ďwrong is wrong, no matter how many people believe it is right and right is right no matter how many people believe it is wrongĒ. Very prophetic, that the beaver should have said, ďdonít worry dad, someday everybody will wear sweatshirts to school with aliens on them, because itís just wrong to judge people, by what they wear, no matter how many people say itís wrong, to wear a sweatshirt with an three eyed alien on itĒ. Islam wants to put us back a thousand years where not only will you not be able to wear a sweatshirt with an three eyed alien on it, youíll have to wear a burqa and a towel around your head if youíre a man. Itís a good idea to dress conservative but to think that wearing burqas is going to stop rapist or sexual deviancy is just plain crazy. People will develop fetishes if women are forced to wear burqas. If a woman wearing a bikini walks down the street, she will not be sexually attractive to religious Muslims because they will believe she was a whore and they would not F her, with your Dick. No man wants to sleep with a slut. But when the religious Muslims see a woman walk down the street in a full burqa outfit, they are sexually attracted to her. They are turned on by burqas and a woman in a burqa is at risk of being raped in a group of religious Muslims. Because they have developed fetishes. The religious Muslims are not sexually turned on by women who are scantily clad. The only way to end rate is to ban clothing completely. Women will not be raped, if all people are naked. Because women will be able to tell which men are in heat, by their flagpole being up, so they will not come within five hundred feet of them. Humans are curious, they want to see whatís under that burqa. This is what creates sexual desire. Iíve been to strip clubs. Men are not turned on by naked women, they are turned on by women taking off their clothing. Their desire to know whatís underneath the clothing is whatís causing sexual desire.

There are some good episodes of leave it to beaver. The one episode might have even got me to stop smoking if they would have made it a little bit better. I knew of the idea of Pandoraís box from school. That once you open the box, it canít be closed. Like letting a genie out of the bottle, it canít be put back in. Like squeezing toothpaste out of the tube, canít be put back in. In one episode they compared smoking to be a Pandoraís box. Much like drinking and just about everything else we do. We become addicted to smoking, drinking, and now we are addicted to our smart phones, Internet access, electricity, running water, indoor plumbing, heated and air-conditioned homes. We cannot go back to nature like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Thereís a 108Morris108 YouTube channel from Cambodia I watch. Itís interesting to see whatís going on in another country that you have never been. But the guy running the channel is religious and bands comments with slang. My name is Timothious. The name takes too much effort to pronounce so people shorten it to the slang word Timothy. Even lazier people will shorten it to Tim. It is considered slang, because itís not pronounced correctly. Like the word ďTeatĒ when pronounced ďtitĒ is considered slang, because itís not pronounced correctly. It doesnít make the word vulgar, the words mean the same thing. The only reason why people donít like the word, ďtitĒ is because the school teachers get upset that itís mispronounced, misspelled version of teat, and the Catholic nuns like to hit people over the knuckles with a ruler if they misspell or mispronounced a word. They are anal-retentive. They canít stand people who make mistakes. It makes them angry. It has nothing to do with vulgarity. It has everything to do with the mental illness of the teacher. This is why they say slang is wrong, but they canít tell you why slang is wrong, just like they canít tell you why itís wrong to wear a sweatshirt with an alien on it. Itís only wrong because they were taught that it was wrong. When youíre not taught that it is wrong, then thereís nothing wrong with it. This is why people donít follow the ten Commandments. They are not taught that gun ownership is wrong because guns kill people. They are not taught that owning or stealing Godís land is wrong. They are not taught that itís wrong to make idols, statues or paintings of Jesus. Because theyíd have no clue to what Jesus looks like and even if they did know what Jesus look like, God said it was wrong to make any images in heaven above or on earth below. In six days God created the heavens and the earth and rested on the Sabbath. This is the Sabbath. All work is finished. Thereís nothing you can achieve by working except for destroying the gifts of God by cutting down all of his trees and paving paradise. There is something wrong with not following the ten Commandments, but thereís nothing wrong with wearing a sweatshirt with an alien on it or slang.

This is why the Christians, Jews, Hindus and Muslims will never see God. They donít even know what the ten Commandments are let alone follow them. God does not appear to sinners Isaiah 59:2. So at least there is one good message out of this episode of monster sweatshirts and that is right is right no matter how many people believe it is wrong, and wrong is wrong no matter how many people believe it is right. This is the Sabbath. All of Godís work is finished. Jobs are not only slavery and a crime against humanity, they are a sin against God and nature. Stop paving paradise. Stop cutting down Godís trees. Stop building cities of delusion out of menís blood. The oil companies are destroying the Earth, but every man who drives a car is just as guilty as the oil companies. The Amish and new driving cars was wrong the first time a person was killed in a car accident. They didnít have to see thousands of people die in wars for oil. They didnít have to see the earth being destroyed. I was against the Iraq war even though people used my writings to perpetrate these holy wars for oil. I was at the antiwar protest in Washington DC. When I find the video of Washington DC antiwar protest, I will upload it. Iíll have to figure out a way to convert it as it is on tape. Iíll leave the link below to the episode of leave it to beaver called monster sweatshirts. https://youtu.be/DNLsdUks82Q. Itís unbelievable that in nineteen sixty-two you could be kicked out of school for what you wear and it shows us how insane the Muslims are. Iíll bet you canít wear that sweatshirt to a mosque.

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