Proof Mohammed is the False Prophet, August 21, 2015.

I believe Mohammed saw Jesus and not the angel Gabriel making him a true prophet. However, the Muslims claim Mohammed did not see Jesus, they claim he saw the Angel Gabriel. This could be because either Mohammed was mistaken of who he saw or the people who listen to Mohammed were mistaken. Now they claim Mohammed could not read or write so someone else had to write his words. Mistakes could have easily been made.

Only God himself can make someone a prophet. The angel Gabriel cannot make somebody a prophet. Therefore if Mohammed saw Gabriel, he is not a prophet of God by Islam’s own admittance. Jesus is God, although God has no name. Jesus is the name we use in the English language. A better name would be Christ which means God incarnate.

Islam is going to have to admit that Mohammed saw Jesus, or that Mohammed is a false prophet. Not even the Messiah can make somebody a prophet. So if Mohammed is a prophet, who made him a prophet? It can’t be God, if he claims he did not see God. However, I believe Mohammed saw God and although God’s name was not Jesus in Mohammed’s language, if the Muslims do not believe Mohammed saw God, than he is a false prophet. Because the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Seeing Jesus is what makes people a prophet. All the prophets saw Jesus. When Moses saw Jesus, his name wasn’t Jesus, he was the “I am that I am” and that is my name forever. We call God Jesus, because that’s the term we use to describe him in the English language. Everybody knows who you’re talking about when you say the name Jesus. Even though even Christians know God’s name isn’t Jesus. In the Jewish religion they are forbidden to speak God’s name even though God has no name, they are forbidden to speak the word that represents his name.

When Islam rejects Jesus as God, they reject God himself and serve a false prophet. In surah 92:20, Mohammed himself said the purpose of life is to see God. I doubt Mohammed missed the purpose of life. However, the 3 ½ billion Muslims have missed the purpose of life and shall die in their sins. They chose not to serve God they chose to serve a false prophet.

Now the Muslims are trying to create a Islamic state. However, they don’t want to have God as the leader of that Islamic state they want an antichrist and naming leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as Caliph or Khalif. Jesus Christ is the King and when they elect a Caliph or Khalif they make him the antichrist. Just like Americans made president Obama the antichrist, when they elected him, rather than choosing God as their king. Because they choose a king they shall have wars and unfortunately the next one will be nuclear and they will have chosen death for themselves and their children by electing a president. But that was the choice they chose when they elected a president.

Allah did not make Mohammed a prophet because Islam admits Mohammed did not see Allah. The Islamic state admits Allah did not make Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the Caliph when they claim he did not see Allah. Allah is simply another name for Jesus, the “I am that I am” that Moses saw or Christ. Abraham saw God and believed he was God and therefore anyone who believes in Abraham’s God believes in the true God. The true God has power to become visible. Islam has a short time to repent. Either they’re going to have to admit Mohammed is a false prophet or they’re going to have to admit Mohammed seen Jesus the Christ and that Christ is God. Christ is God incarnate, I am the Messiah. The Messiah is a man, Christ is God. None of the Christians know Christ. If they have not seen Christ, they do not know Christ. I have seen Christ I know Christ and I will prove that I know him, when I reveal the secret about gold, that will cause the gold price to crash.

Nobody seemed to like my video about Pres. Obama being in the smoke of the China explosion because I did not screen capture the video. At the end of this video I did a screen capture of Pres. Obama in the smoke of the China explosion. I did no editing or touchup on the images. I simply zoomed in on Pres. Obama’s picture to match the size of the image in smoke. Look at both pictures carefully and notice that it’s not just a picture of a man in the smoke but Pres. Obama himself. Whether the official video was edited by the government to show president Obama’s picture I don’t know I don’t have the original video. If it was edited by the government, then the government did the China explosion. No doubt about it. Notice the color of the smoke. I’m not being racist but Pres. Obama’s skin around his eyes are lighter in color than the skin on his cheeks. Because Pres. Obama is part white, some areas of his skin are lighter in color. So the image in the smoke is showing a half white, half black man. Part of the skin on Obama’s neck is whiter in color in both the picture and in the smoke. Even Pres. Obama’s gray hair above his ear in the picture shows up in the smoke. Notice the color of presidents skin in both the smoke in the picture. Someone must’ve liked my video because someone did a picture of Pres. Putin with birds that was proved to be fake. However that fake picture got 100 times more views than my video which is proving to be very suspicious.

Hints that this video might be fake is the picture to the right shows a blue background. Everybody knows about the blue screen that is used to impose/overlay a picture or a video over another picture or video by using a blue screen. What we need to find out is why homeland security, the CIA and Secret Service allowed President Obama to be videotaped with a blue screen in the background. I got the picture on the right from a screen capture off of a video on YouTube. President Obama should’ve never been allowed to be videotaped with a blue screen in the background. This is a threat to homeland security and President Obama should fire whoever is responsible.


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