Miracles Happen Without Faith, November 1, 2010.

Just about every miracle in the Bible Jesus explains that these miracles are done by faith. If a miracle doesn’t happen, Jesus explains it is a lack of faith. However, there are miracles that happened in the Bible, where one does not need any faith to see happen. In Acts five, Ananias, and his wife Sapphira, sold a piece of property. Peter had discovered this couple had lied and stole from God. A sin punishable by death.

When Peter explained this sin, both had instantly died. They did not die by Peter’s faith. They died by the will of God. It was not Peter’s faith that killed them. It was their sin. God’s will is not determined or carried out by Peter’s faith. When we read this passage we are struck with fear. But this miracle has not been repeated by anyone since the day of Peter. This is because nobody understood the sin that this couple had done.

We have all purchased merchandise at garage sales or swap meets where we have said, “will you take five dollars for that item, that’s all I have”. To try to get someone to sell us something cheaper. It is our money and we can do whatever we want to with it. It is not lying, because what we are really saying, is all we have to spend on item like that, is five dollars. We may well have $50 in our pocket, but we need $20 for gas and $25 for dinner and all we have to spend is five dollars on that item. People know what we’re saying when we say “all we have is five bucks”. It’s all we have to spare.

Basically they must have said we will donate proceeds of this house to the church when we sell it. When they sold it for 12,000 they only donated 10,000 and kept back 2000 for themselves. This was not lying. Their intention may very well have been to donate 10,000 and they did not know the house would sell for 12,000. The money was theirs and they did not even have to donate a penny of it. Peter even reminded them of that fact . So this sin was not about lying on how much they would donate. I used the 10 and $12,000 as an example. There really was no discussion on price, so it was not lying or stealing on the money part. Again Peter reminds them that it is their money and they can offer to donate a penny or all of it.

So what was the sin that was punishable by death and carried out by the will of God, not by the faith of Peter? The sin that caused their death was they claimed to own the land. Once Peter had established their claim to own the land, they committed the sin punishable by death. They were lying and stealing from God, when they claimed to own the land. If they fell down dead by the will of God, for their lying about how much money they would give, half the church would be dead.

If you’re expecting $100 bonus from your boss and you promise to give that to the church, and your boss gives you a $200 bonus that you were not expecting, it does not mean you have to give the $200. Because all you were expecting to give was $100. It was not as if this couple was expecting to get 12,000, if they were, they would’ve said so to begin with.

Jesus said, “whose image is on this coin”? They answered, “Caesar’s”. Jesus then said, “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and give to God what belongs to God”. Therefore these two could not have been put to death by God’s will, for what they did or said with Caesar’s money. God cares less about Caesar’s money. God is more concerned with the people who claim to own “His land”.

We don’t really even have to read the Bible to know God’s will. We can study history or look at what’s going on around us. In the white man - Indian wars, the Indians that claimed to own the land were killed. White men who claim they were fighting for “their land” were killed. The people who did not fight for “their land” were not killed in any wars. This is truth. This is fact. This is history. This is reality. The whole philosophical question of why a just God would allow seemingly peaceful Indians to die, was because they sinned against God, by claiming to own the land, exactly like Ananias, and his wife Sapphira did.

So if you would like to see a miracle without having to have any faith at all, all you have to do, is find someone who claims they own some of God’s land, established that fact before the congregation, and watch God’s will before your eyes. All land is God’s and the penalty for claiming to own what is God is death. Carried out not by faith, but the will of God. Now which one of you is going to claim to own some of God’s land? Which one of you is going to sell some of God’s land? You will end up in the same place as Ananias, and his wife Sapphir.

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