Million Mask March Detroit, November 5, 2014 FalseFlag.

I hear of this million mask March on November 5 in Washington DC and I was thinking about going to it. I seen one guy saying that the people are going to march for freedom, justice and the American way that none of us are living. So I was going to look on one of those right shares to see if I can find a ride to Washington DC. But the way the right shares were, most of them you had to pay for like a taxi. You would think every be a ride share program for certain events, like concerts, space shuttle launches, presidential - pope visits, and Washington DC events, or people just going to a certain city or state, but I couldn’t find any. Don’t people ride share to colleges, schools or churches?

Anyway the million mask March is supposed to be worldwide and I found a Facebook link to the million mask March Detroit. When I clicked on the link on Facebook there wasn’t any info. I’m not a writer but when I went to grade school they told us that you had to include the 5W’s when you write a story. Who, what, when, where and why. Well they had four of the W.’s but the where part was uncertain. It said it was at Detroit city hall and they had a link but the link went to Windsor Canada. So I googled Detroit City Hall and found about five different addresses. Then I posted several messages asking where this place was that but nobody answered. Whoever is running this event is not very intelligent.

It seemed like a good idea and a lot of people want to go because of the injustice in America. But when you have an event like this the first thing you have to say is when, where, what, why and who. Who is anyone who wants to go. What is anyone who is sick of the injustice of rich people running the world. When is November 5, 2014. What is the million mask March. Where nobody the fuck knows.

Supposedly the main event is in Washington DC somewhere. Whenever there is a event, there needs to be a program. Even when you go to a concert there is a program that tells you who is going to play, what they are going to play, when they’re going to play it. I have to say when the march is going to begin. I read five different times of the million mask March Detroit, which isn’t in Detroit. It’s at 8 AM, 7 PM and at midnight. Obviously people have to work so people are going at different times, but the time of the main event nobody knows.

It is 1 million mask March so I’m guessing there’s going to be some kind of March or Parade. This is a big event from what I’ve seen on YouTube but there is very little information. If you have a big event like this you should have programs of the time of the March, the location of the March, the different events like speakers. They don’t seem to have any speakers at these events. You would think Alex Jones, David Icke or that Russell guy, would be speaking at one of these events if they really cared about the injustice in the world. At least some church preachers like Al Sharpton. I didn’t see any information about who’s going to be speaking at these events.

I searched on the Internet for two hours yesterday and I really got pissed looking for information on this event so I gave up. This is like a false flag event run by the government instead of run by people who actually cared about something. Because when you care about something, you put a little effort into giving information about it. Like the time of the event and the events happening at the event.

The signs that the people make are not any different than something a politician would write for a speech. They talk for hours but don’t say anything. That’s why I believe this million mask March is a False Flag government conspiracy events, run by idiots from the government. They’re not carrying signs that educate people. They’re carrying the kinda signs politicians would carry that have a lot of writing but don’t say anything. Signs that say “wake up before the world is lost”.

It’s like that idiot Pat Robertson when someone asked him about Halloween and all he said was, “it’s from the devil” and the amazing atheist just laughed at him. Instead of just explaining how Halloween is a thug sponsored holiday to make money for big candy companies and dentists. By getting children to threaten to Molotov cocktail houses that don’t give them candy. When I was a kid the thugs in the neighborhood or the neighborhood bullies would wax and toilet paper houses that did not give out candy. If there was a house that didn’t give out candy a couple years in a role, there was these Mafia guys in suits who would ask us which houses didn’t give out candy and those houses ended up being burned down. This is with the way the mafia runs the multibillion-dollar candy industry on Halloween. And this is for Mr. Amazing atheist who doesn’t think that thugs don’t Molotov cocktail houses who don’t give out candy on Halloween. The fact is that at least 25 houses a year burn down on Halloween in Detroit alone. When you purchase candy on Halloween you are supporting these Mafia thugs who will do anything to sell billions of dollars in candy, even burn down houses.

Even if I go to the million mask March, I will not be buying one of their mask that I’ve seen on eBay for $25, when you can get it in China for $1.69. I do have a mask I might wear, that I paid five dollars for several years ago. It’s as if this organization was started by people trying to get rich selling mask and Bitcoin. It’s all these businesses trying to get rich through this organization. Money is the problem in the root of all evil. God is the provider and everything is free.

Now I got some things to put on signs to educate the people that might help in the million mask March.

Jobs are slavery, food grows on trees.

No one with a job is free.

Being forced to go to public school, is not freedom, it’s child abuse.

Being forced to go to prison if your children don’t go to school, is a Tyrants Dictatorship.

No more free rides for workers compensation, we are capitalist injured workers.

Anyone who thinks the industrial nations can profit, off the suffering of injured workers, is insane.

If you drive a car, you support the industry that kills 1.2 million humans a year and are an accessory to their murders.

The medical system is another branch of the military.

Being forced to pay for affordable healthcare is not freedom.

7 million signed up for Obamacare leaving 33 million who owe the fine for not signing up.

Chernobyl, Fukushima will never be cleaned up, not even in 240,000 years.

What we learned from 3 mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima is the nuclear industry doesn’t care how many millions they kill.

The news only shows lottery winners, not billions of losers. The news only shows those cheating workers compensation system, not the billions who were screwed over by it.

If I go to this event I will be teaching people how to supernaturally ring in God’s Kingdom by calling the evil out of existence. Jesus said if you had faith as a grain of mustard seed you would say to the mountain be removed and cast into the sea and it would obey your voice. So we can speak to the freedom Tower in New York and that will be cast into the sea, because it doesn’t stand for freedom, it stands for capitalism, jobs and slavery. The freedom Tower forces children to go to public school so they can learn how to pay their taxes by working in coal mines and cleaning up fukushima radiation. We can say to the Roman empire, their soldiers and their tanks and drones, “be cast into the sea” and by a supernatural act of God, matter will obey our voice.

Unfortunately if I go to the event I might be calling these million mask marchers out of existence, because they are only promoting jobs, capitalism and slavery. If you’re not on God’s side, then you’re on the side of George W. Bush.

I was at the bar several months ago and this Christian came up to me trying to befriend me and he knew I was a very religious guy and he thought he was a good person. I was amazed that these people can’t even see their own wickedness. You might think that you’re a good person, until you talk to a Amish person. Because if you drive a car or use electricity, to a Amish person, you’re evil. And people can’t seem to understand that the people who drive cars are responsible for 1.2 million deaths a year by automobile accident. And they don’t see how evil that is. There was a 16-year-old girl working on the street as a prostitute and she told me her parents died in a car accident and she’s just trying to make money for her brothers and sisters. I told a Christian person that and he said the girl was just making that up. These Christians really believe that all these women working prostitution and the porn industry are just making up lies that their family members have died in car accidents and they are forced into prostitution and pornography. But the fact is 1.2 million people die in car accidents every year and that means somebody’s parents are dying in car accidents. You don’t know how devastating that is to a family when someone dies in a car accident. This guy at the bar his son died in a car accident and now that has completely changed his life. He’s now an atheist, and a alcoholic and he probably runs a corporation that kills thousands of people and he don’t care, because his son died in a car accident and nobody cares. You want to know who’s responsible for 3 mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima? I got a clue for you, it’s not the Amish people. It’s the people who say, “we need electricity.”

Food grows on trees but the other day I went to the grocery store and they want $1.19 for a rotten orange. It might be worth a dollar 19 because it contains enough seeds to feed the world if planted. However, “Alex Jones and his Gun Nut followers claiming to own God’s land is what is causing the starvation of millions of children. But he is too evil to comprehend this, so him and his followers might have to be called out of existence or be cast into the sea, if he doesn’t wake up quick”. And I think that is a quote that could be put on a sign carried at the million mask March. So I finally found a map of where the protest are located and none of them are in Detroit. But I’ll put a link below.

And that anonymous saying, “we are legion” you really need to drop that line.

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