Million Dollar Idea to Stop Robo Calls, August 4, 2017.

Someone could make a lot of money if they want to create this app. If smart phones are so smart, how come they canít stop these Robo calls? If smart phones are so smart, why donít they make an app to report Robo calls to the do not call Registry? Blocking these numbers does not work. The other day I got five calls on my do not call list pay-as-you-go cell phone. If you block one of the numbers they will simply use another one. They can actually make phone numbers up and keep trying different numbers until they get through. My phone is on the do not call Registry. Itís one of those cheap phones I use just for emergencies and the cost like $.25 a minute to use it. Even if I answer it to say, ďremove me from your call listĒ it cost me $.25. The do not call Registry has a webpage to report these unsolicited calls. But many people donít bother reporting these calls because itís too much trouble. There is actually a form you have to fill out. You have to type out your phone number, and you have to type out the phone number of the unsolicited call. Then they ask you about your ridiculous questions thatís mainly for lawyers. They want the name of the caller which is always unknown because itís an unsolicited phone call. They ask you if you ask them not to call you which the answer is always yes, because itís a Robo call and you couldnít ask them not to call you if you wanted to. Itís just a robot. Iím sure the only reason why they ask you, if you asked them not to call you, is because of some piece of shipped lawyer that said, ďwell you didnít ask them not to call youĒ. Then they ask you for your name and address. Then they will ask you for any comments, which they might use against you in a court of law. Iím sure many people were probably arrested for threatening to blow up these companies. I used to report these calls to different websites and you could see everybodyís comments. I didnít even know that you can report these unsolicited calls to the do not call Registry and they will file lawsuits against these companies that make unsolicited phone calls.

The government is doing nothing to try to stop these unsolicited phone calls. Because if the government wanted to stop these calls, they would set up a system that made it easy to report unsolicited phone calls. 1007 news actually reported on these unsolicited phone calls that these companies make but they didnít inform people that they can report them to the do not call Registryís website. So Iíll leave a link below where you can do that. Itís a form you have to fill out, but it is short and if you have auto fill enabled on your web browser, itíll be easier to report a unsolicited call next time. They could make it easier. All you should have to do to report an unsolicited phone call, is have a smart phone and text the unsolicited number to the government. When you text a unsolicited phone number to the do not call Registry, it should automatically have your phone number, the number of the unsolicited caller that you were reporting and those stupid questions should automatically be answered because of course youíve asked them not to call you, but they didnít hear you because itís a robot. This would be very easy for the government to do if they wanted to do it. But they donít want to do it.

So this is the million-dollar idea. Make a app that will automatically report the unsolicited phone call to the do not call Registry. Iíll leave a link below, to the do not call Registry website where you can report the unsolicited phone calls. I donít know how to make a app so I am given this idea way for free. But what I could do, is use my magicJack number as a kiosk robot. I could set up my magicJack, where people can text me the unsolicited number and I can make a robot automatically input that number, along with the number that sent me the unsolicited number into the do not call list registryís webpage. It wouldnít be able to leave a comment or the complainers address though. Which is not important anyway. That would be simple to do. It would be much better, if people could just click a button on the smart phone to automatically report unsolicited Robo calls to the better business bureaus do not call Registry complaint department, though with a app. Remember the government could do this if they wanted to very easily. Instead of having a web page, they can simply have people text them the unsolicited number and that would give them both numbers, the person receiving the unsolicited calls and the company making them.

These are the numbers that have been calling me unsolicited.

August 3, 2017 at 3:50 5 PM 425-333-3255.

August 3, 2017 at 9 AM 269-714-2334.

August 2, 2017 at 5:09 PM 571-200-74 08.

August 2, 2017 at 4:01 PM 458-204-03 27.

August 2, 2017 at 1:38 PM 762-200-1352.

August 2, 2017 at 11:52 AM 401-293-4438.

Those are the ones that I reported to the do not call Registry. I got many more phone calls but until I make a program to automatically report them Iím not going to waste my time reporting them. I figured I would give them warning first. They claim rapist rape for the power and control. I believe these companies make these unsolicited Robo calls for the power and control. Theyíre doing it to pass people off not to sell stuff. I doubt anybody has ever purchased or listened to any of these Robo calls. The only reason why theyíre calling you is to try to control you. Theyíre trying to push your buttons. Thatís why they keep calling even though they know youíre not interested. Even though they know itís costing you money. Even though they know they going to sell you anything. Why would anyone in their right mind call someone and after they have been blocked, they call back with a different number, is if they were not like a rapist or something? Keywords.

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