Messiah Rides a Donkey, Babylon June 10, 2014.

One of the prophecies concerning the Messiah says he will come riding on a donkey. The Bible says there are many false messiahs and it seems like anyone can just sit on a donkey and call them selves a Messiah. However, the point of this prophecy, is to show the Messiah will not be riding in the backseat of a limousine, driving a Porsche or riding around in a Pope Mobile. The Messiah will not have a car. I’m sure this will make the Amish very happy. This will weed out thousands of the false messiahs, because if they have a car, they are not the Messiah. If you look deeper into this prophecy, you understand the Messiah will not likely be coming from the city or a country where they don’t let people ride around on donkey’s backs. I got rid of my car, because the automobile industry has killed millions of people for profit. If you purchase a car you’re funding that industry. I never bought a new car, but even buying a used car, when you fill the gas tank, you are funding the oil companies and the wars for oil. You might as well just give your money to the Taliban, Al Qaeda or the Nazi’s.

The automobile companies are so evil, that they control the media. There’s no such thing as freedom of the press. When I first got my computer and went on the Internet preaching the truth, I met a police officer who had a DVD of millions of car accident victims. Every time there is a car accident, they take photos of the victims and they use these photos to drive people insane and it’s a crime seen. Furthermore, they guard these photos as a matter of national security, because if these photographs showed up on the news, not only would you not drive a car, you would not allow friends or family to drive a car. They will not show the 16-year-old kids whose faces were smashed up against the dashboard of a car going 65 miles an hour. They will not show the bodies of the babies, who flew out of the car seat through the windshield onto the expressway, where they were ran over by a truck and had to be scraped off freeway with a shovel. Because they know there would be a revolution tomorrow if they did, and every senator, congressman, governor, Judge, Prosecutor and lawyer would be killed in that revolution. Because every one of these people know exactly what’s going on and they do nothing to change it, but take bribes to keep their mouths shut. These are the deaths that are happening right here in this country. I’m not even talking about the wars for oil in the Middle East or the wars for rubber trees, for the tires of cars in South America. Millions of people were killed and forced into slavery because of the automobile.

If those in power want to go to war with another country they would show the dead bodies and corpses of the people Saddam Hussein killed and millions of people would go to go to war after seeing just a few dead people. But they will not even show one person killed or injured in a car accident for fear of mass riots in the streets.

The Bible says Babylon is a city in Iraq. The oil companies and automobile industries use this fact to start wars for oil. But the meaning of Babylon is not just a city. Cities get their names from people and the activity of the city takes on the meaning of the name. Las Vegas is known as sin city, because of its gambling, legal prostitution and Mafia sponsorship. Babylon was the city where the cradle of civilization started. What the word civilization means, is that it’s controlled by men rather than God. God was in full control before civilization. Babylon was considered the first civilized society. Because Babylon was the first city of education. From the epic of Gilgamesh Babylon used women to force men into slavery. The education system was generally the opposite of God will. The education system of schooling, is what men use to control other men. The only thing worse than child labor, is sending children to school for eight hours a day to be brainwashed and manipulated into thinking the way those in power want them to think. It’s eight hours a day of brainwashing for 12 years. That’s what high school diploma is. Anywhere in the world where women are used to force men into slavery called jobs, is called Babylon. Where women are used to sell product it is considered Babylon. Where land ownership is taken away from God and given to men, it is called Babylon. Babylon armed its citizens. Any city that allows its citizens to have weapons or guns is called Babylon. Any city that forces men into slavery called “jobs” is Babylon. Babylon is so evil, that when pedophiles get out of prison and can’t get a job to pay their taxes, they let them drive ice cream trucks to give free ice cream to little girls. Because the only thing those in power care about, is the tax dollar and the $25 the ex-con pedophile rapist, will pay for ice cream truck permit. Babylon has become so evil they made it legal to murder babies by calling it “abortion” and legal to murder men by calling it “self-defense”

When the Bible talks about fleeing Babylon, before Fukushima radiation burns everyone in it, it’s talking about cities and countries where abortion is legal, capital punishment is legal and killing in self defense is legal. It’s talking about a country where it’s not only legal to kill people with the products you manufacture, but it’s also illegal to make billions of dollars in profit while you’re killing them.

At a family reunion I noticed relatives still using diapers. Using diapers is child abuse. Someone invented diapers and they used the education system to make parents believe they should let their children shit in their pants. Before diapers parents potty trained their babies at birth. An hour after every meal you simply hold the baby over the toilet for five minutes. So three or four times a day you hold the baby over the toilet and the baby doesn’t need to shit in their diapers. They don’t tell you this because they want to sell you diapers. They don’t care if your baby shit’s in its pants, so they can make a buck.

I got rid of my car and I ride a bicycle. But even the Amish don’t ride bicycles. I realize the bicycle is dangerous too. However, they will not let me ride a donkey where I live. So if I can’t find a place in the United States to ride a donkey and going to move to Mexico. A donkey is the only biblically approved mode of transportation. You should not even ride a horse. Horses are more dangerous than donkeys. You could break your neck falling off a horse, their that high off the ground. Horses have to be forced into accepting riders. They literally have to beat the horse and break its will, to get it to accept a rider. The Amish would sleep in the back of their buggies because the horses knew how to get home. In the Bible the donkey would not take a person where God didn’t want them to go.

If anyone knows a town where I can move to where it’s legal to ride donkeys let me know. I don’t want to live in a city where you can legally drive cars or ride bicycles for those cities will be destroyed by Fukushima radiation and the other nuclear power plants will start melting down like dominoes, if they don’t start dismantling them. Even if they do start dismantling them, there’s not enough lead or stainless steel to contain all the spent fuel. The car you have in your driveway can be recycled into another car in 20 years. Every 20 years that car could be melted down into another new car. However, the lead and stainless steel they are using to try to contain Fukushima radioactive water will never be able to be used again. Not for 10,000 years.

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