Message to Jews, Muslims & Christians, January 8, 2016.

What are you going to do when Jesus returns? Will the Jews convert to Christianity when they find out Jesus is God? Will the Christians convert to Judaism, so that they can live in the promised land? Will the Muslims still claim Jesus is not divine, when he raises Mohammed from the dead? If Jesus raises Mohammed from the dead and he says Jesus is divine, will the Sunnis and Shia kill Mohammed again for blasphemy? If Jesus raises Moses from the dead and Moses says Jesus is God, will the Jews kill both Moses and Jesus for blasphemy? I can see Mel Brooks making another divine comedy like the life of Brian, when Jesus returns. If Jesus is God and he wants to appear blue with four arms like Lord Krishna, are the Jews, Muslims and Christians going to tell him that he canít do it? I had a dream last night that I rode my bicycle to the church of today. I didnít like what they taught at the church but they had a lot of support groups and speakers like Dr. Wayne Dyer would sign books and give speeches there. So I rode my bicycle to the church of today and as I was approaching the church I seen women wearing burqas going into the church. As I was looking for a place to park and lock up my bicycle, some of the women that were outside, said to me, ďno hats allowedĒ. So I got out my bicycle to ask them why. I explained that some men wear hats because theyíre going bald and a toupee looks ridiculous. All the people seem very friendly but they said we just donít allow hats. I went on about women wearing wigs and they allow wigs but no hats. Thatís when I started to get angry and woke up from my dream. The church is filled with religious rules that are not sharia law. Jesus called the church a house of prayer. Not a house of rules. Jesus taught in the Jewish temples. Jesus would simply walk into a Jewish temple, pickup the Torah and start teaching. People called Jesus Rabbi. When Jesus returns, is he going to be teaching in the church from the New Testament? Jesus had no New Testament to teach from 2000 years ago. Heís not going to be teaching from the Quran. I donít even think heís going to be teaching from the Torah. Itís going to be very interesting when Jesus returns, to see what church he goes to and what book, he is going to be teaching from.

Either the church is the house of God or itís the synagogue of Satan. If you are a Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Jew or Hindu, you should be able to walk into any Jewish church, Muslim mosque, Catholic church, or any other church that claims to believe in God and say, ďhi I am a TimotheanĒ and thatís exactly what you should be doing, instead of fighting each other. Jesus said, ďfear not, for if you believe in God, believe also in meĒ. Jesus looked at the people who believed in God as being far superior to the atheist or people who did not believe in God. You are halfway there if you believe in God. If you believe in God and you go into any church or synagogue or mosque and they donít allow you in, because of the hat youíre wearing, or any other belief you have, that doesnít align with theirs, walk out of that church, synagogue or mosque and ask God to bring fire down from heaven to have it destroyed. It is the synagogue of Satan. If they ask you for money or say you have to do this or that, walk out and ask God to destroy that church. It is not a house of God, it is not a house of prayer, itís Godís will to have it destroyed. If both you and God agree, it shall be done.


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