Merry Christmas Everyone Except GunNuts, December 24, 2012.

In wake of the Newtown school massacres, Messiah is asking everyone not to spend time with family members, who own guns and are against gun control. I was planning on spending time with family, until I found out my sister Sandy, a lifetime member of the NRA, who is responsible for 20 child’s death in Newtown Connecticut, because she provided the NRA money that blocked mandatory laws that would force people to lock up their guns, that would have prevented the mentally ill Adam Lanza, from taking those guns and going on a shooting spree in a kindergarten class, killing 20 six year olds. Her husband Nolan, would clean his guns and leaves them outside overnight in the alley, not caring if someone stole them, because he claims they were insured. Like most gun owners, if a mentally ill person takes their unsecure highly insured, for more than they’re worth, weapons and uses them to kill 20 children, they believe they are not responsible. They believe we should blame the mentally ill, for stealing the guns. They believe putting lethal weapons in a glass case, is good enough to prevent mentally ill people, from stealing them and going on a shooting spree. Even though time and time again we see on TV shootings at Columbine, Virginia Tech, movie theaters, Sikh temples and the recent Newtown shooting, that if a mentally ill person can take their weapons, then they were not secure enough. If they had four locks on them then we need five locks on them.

Never in history has a nuclear weapon been stolen. This is because nuclear weapons are in the hands of the well regulated militia. It is considered an act of treason to let weapons fall into criminal hands. A person in the well regulated militia, would never let their weapon fall into a criminal’s hands and if they did, they would commit suicide. If you ever owned a gun and you let it get stolen, the honorable thing to do would be to commit suicide. Because that gun will probably be used to rape and kill children. The NRA is against securing weapons because the more weapons that are stolen and used to kill children and rape your wife’s, the more NRA memberships and the more guns they can sell. These people are so mentally ill they believe that they are in the Well Regulated militia and they have a right to own a gun. They see hallucinations in the Constitution of words like, “Hunter”, “gun collector”, and even “self defense”. It seems MK ultra brainwashing tactics were used on gun owners and there is no way to change them. It would be easier for my niece who is a alcoholic, to give up alcohol, then it would be for her mother and father to give up their addiction to guns. These guns seem to be more addictive than crack cocaine and I see gun owners as crack addicts, that need to be institutionalized. When you point out facts to these GunNuts, that only two people were killed in Japan by guns and 30,000 people did not die by baseball bats in Japan, because they didn’t have guns, their MK ultra brainwashing, does not even register the facts. These NRA members believe prison inmates, mentally ill and anyone who does not follow the rules, is in the militia. Not all people are in the well regulated militia. Well regulated militia means the same thing as gun-control militia. You cannot possibly be in the militia, if you are against gun control. You cannot possibly be in the militia if you believe the word “hunter” is in the Constitution. You cannot possibly be in the militia if you think the words “self defense” is in the Second Amendment. You cannot possibly be in the militia, if you think the words “gun collector” is in the Second Amendment. If you believe people have a right to bear arms to secure a “free state” meaning free from NRA terrorist, then you are a member of the militia and you have a right to bear arms for the purpose of taken arms, away from those who should not have them. Anyone who thinks the word “Hunter” is in the Second Amendment is in fact a criminal. And the reason why we have guns is to take the weapons away from criminals . Anyone who thinks the words “gun collector” is in the Second Amendment is in fact the criminal. Anyone who thinks the words “self-defense” is in the Second Amendment, is a criminal, who is suffering from delusions of grandeur and hallucinations. These words were never in the Second Amendment and they never will be. But thank God the well regulated militia has a right to bear arms to take guns away from these criminals.

These GunNuts don’t care if a mentally ill pedophile steals their guns and uses them to rape your daughters. They will claim you should blame the mentally ill. If a six-year-old steals your gun and takes it to school and kill some other schoolchildren, they believe you should blame the six-year-old and put the six-year-old in prison. They don’t think they should have to lock their guns up. There is no law against it, because the NRA has blocked any laws that would make it mandatory for gunowners to secure their weapons. These people are not well regulated militia they are in fact child killers and terrorist. I’m not spending Christmas with terrorist child killers.

There is more evidence that the NRA or their followers, were behind the Newtown child killings to sell Americans more guns and NRA memberships, then there is that Iraq had weapons of mass distraction. Look at what we’ve done to Iraq and think about what we should do to NRA members. Keywords Newtown Connecticut, Adam Lanza, NRA, well-regulated militia, Second Amendment, right to bear arms, Christmas, terrorist, National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre © Copyright 1996-2012 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.