Medical Marijuana Drives up Food Prices, March 28, 2016.

If you noticed your grocery bill lately you will notice grocery prices have almost doubled since legalized marijuana. This is because the land that is used to grow food is now being used to grow legalized marijuana. This is because the water that is used to grow food is now being used to grow legalized marijuana. This is because the fertilizer that is used to grow food is now being used to grow legalized marijuana. You will also notice that the price of water has increased tenfold since they started to legalize marijuana. Legalized marijuana is causing a water shortage. Farmers are finding out how profitable it is to grow marijuana, so theyíre not wasting their time growing tomatoes, corn, fruits and vegetables. We can only expect food prices to skyrocket as more farmers learn to grow medical marijuana and as more people become addicted to marijuana. This can happen suddenly as one year farmers will grow food and the next year all they will grow is medical marijuana. Food shelves at grocery stores will be bare. However this is not the greatest problem medical marijuana will cause.

Many of the poor people living in housing projects made their living off of selling illegal marijuana. Now that all the rich people have purchased medical marijuana stores and licenses, the poor people will have no way to make a living and will have to resort to crime far worse than selling illegal marijuana to survive. Marijuana, the gateway drug to heroin and crack cocaine will cause drug epidemics far worse than ever seen before. More people are dying by heroin than by wars or automobile accidents. This is not done by accident, the rich people legalize marijuana to kill off all the stupid poor marijuana smokers. They believe this is Darwinís evolution, wipe out all the stupid marijuana smokers. It will backfire as it will start a revolution where the poor start killing the rich. And as the middle class relalize marijuana smokers are driving up food prices. There are people who would kill a marijuana smoker if they had to pay even one more penny for food prices.

Only the stupid marijuana smokers believe that legalize marijuana doesnít affect food prices. But the middle class realize that when land, water and fertilizer is used to grow marijuana itís going to raise the price of these items. The middle class and even a few rich people know, that when farmers can make more money growing marijuana, are not going to grow food. Only marijuana smokers think that food comes from stores not farmers. If you havenít already started, start stocking up on food. I still have a year supply of food in my basement. This may be the last summer that farmers grow food as the mentally ill Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump becomes closer to president. They believe in business and economics not in feeding the people.

I predicted medical marijuana would drive up food prices years ago. This might be Godís plan for Russia to take over the world. The Russians are smarter than Americans. They believe in Chi. Instead of fighting your enemy, as your enemy throws a punch you grab their fist and use the energy to pull them forward. So by their own actions they destroy themselves. They took my idea of medical marijuana for dying cancer patients and turned it into recreational marijuana. Now in some states anyone can smoke marijuana for fun. It will be their downfall, even though in economics they think this is the next big boom. Pardon the pun but it will all go up in smoke.


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