Marijuana Advocates to be Charged with Murder, August 5, 2014.

Copy sent to the White House.

Tobacco advocates have killed 500,000 Americans a year. But it took 50 years to prove tobacco killed people. Back then people were ignorant and actually believed tobacco was a health benefit. This is because nicotine was a narcotic that made people feel better. Alcohol makes people feel better to and it was thought to have healing properties but we know that it only causes more disease and makes you believe you’re being healed of pain and other aliments.

This is what’s happening with marijuana today. The drug THC is a narcotic that makes people feel better. Therefore they make claims that it has healing properties. If marijuana had any healing properties the pharmaceutical companies would extract the drugs from it and make it in a pill form.

Smoking marijuana causes lung disease just like tobacco. The people have not been smoking it for 50 years to prove it. Many people probably have already died from lung disease from smoking marijuana. But many of these marijuana smokers also smoke tobacco making it hard to prove the marijuana smoke killed them. Today many people are quitting smoking and are smoking marijuana only. When they get lung cancer from smoking marijuana the marijuana advocates should be charged with first-degree premeditated murder. They knew smoking marijuana could be just as bad as smoking cigarettes as far as lung cancer and they advocated smoking marijuana for profits, therefore not only should they be charged with premeditated first-degree murder we should seek the death penalty for these people. Tobacco companies got away with killing 500,000 Americans a year, the automobile industry kills 40,000 Americans a year, we can’t let the marijuana industry get away with killing even one American, we have to stop them now.

I would suggest sending certified letters to every marijuana grower and seller letting them know they will be charged with murder when it is proved, that a person died from lung cancer from smoking marijuana. If marijuana has any healing properties it should be prescribed by a doctor in pill form and any doctor who prescribed “smoking marijuana” knowing it could cause lung cancer, should lose his license to practice medicine.

Laws must be passed to make sure the marijuana growers and sellers lose all their profits if one person dies from smoking marijuana, their children should not inherit the money, like the tobacco company children did. The tobacco companies got away with murder and their children are rich after all those thousands of people they killed with their product. We can’t let this happen again.

Marijuana smokers believe it has healing properties because it has become a social drug like alcohol. Alcohol & marijuana makes you feel better because you’re among “folks”.

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