Mariah Carry Stress Out, March 1, 2011.

I am still stressed out because of this Mariah carry Gaddafi propaganda. They claim Gaddafi is a dictator that starves and oppresses his people. To prove he is a dictator, they claim he paid Mariah Carey a million dollars to sing for him, where he should have used that money to feed the poor children in Libya.

I mean what the fock is Mariah Cary going to do with that million dollars, feed the children? I just picture Mariah saying to Gaddafi, “oh you can only raise a half a million by starving the children, well if you want me to sing, I guess you’ll have to sell a pint of the children of Libya’s blood, to raise the other half million”.

The guy who shot John Lennon was not crazy. Donovan wrote a song called, “The Season of The Witch”. He must’ve wrote about Mariah. Donovan quote, “Beatniks are out to make it rich, it must be the season of the witch”.

The beatniks and hippies of the 50s and 60s denounced this system as corrupt, evil, run by the devil. And they dropped out of society rather than participate in the evil. But then the devil started offering them $1 million record deals. John Lennon preached the system was evil to his listeners, but then he ran off and served it and accepted those million dollar record deals. He sold out to the devil and this is why he was shot to death. He sold his soul for a few million dollars. Or should I say a few hundred million dollars. John Lennon probably told Gaddafi, if you could suck another pint of blood out of the Libyan children, then he’ll sing for him. Gaddafi probably told dictator John Lennon, please don’t make me take another pint of blood out of the children or they will die”.

I seen one of the Beatles in a interview, I forget which one, but they asked him if he had any regrets. He said he regretted the first record deal he made and what he had to do to get it. Because he had to sell his soul. This is one of the best singers in the world and the best guitar player and he has to sell his soul to get a record deal. How many sausages did Mariah Carey have to suck to get a record deal?

I seen Martin Sheen on the news today. He is claiming $1.8 million a episode is not enough money. He claims he has hungry children at home he has to feed. Can you believe these people?

The rich are slaves of the filthy rich. The haves are slaves to the have mores. And there is only a handful of filthy rich people at the top of the pyramid, that enslaves the rest of us. Maybe 10 to 20 people. A Mafia family. And it doesn’t matter where you are on that pyramid, you are a slave to the people above you and you are enslaving the people below you.

The pyramid is going to collapse because the foundation is based on billions of people whose total worth is less than $1000. And everyone above them is the enemy. The higher people are in the pyramid, the greater their fall will be. You got these movie stars who don’t know how to live on less than $1 million an episode. They can’t live on less than $1 million a movie. Wait until they find out they are going to have to learn how to forage for food.

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