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Bill Maher On Gun Nuts, April 10, 2012.

Finally somebody is speaking out in public about the gun lunatics. Bill Maher spoke on TV about how lunatic gun owners were, because they tried to pass a law to make it legal to use a silencer when hunting. And how they got a law passed against toxic lead, just in case someone tries to regulate it. But Bill Maher did not seem to see anything wrong with the toxic lead from bullets gun owners shoot into our swamps and forests as they kill 20,000 birds a year. Because he believes the gun owners would have shot them dead anyway. At least hat seems to be what he implied in his monolog. Bill Maher does not see the difference between a bird dying from eating the toxic lead, or bird dying from being shot. There’s a big difference Bill Maher.

First let me tell you that the large bird die offs, that we have been seeing on the news, are caused by toxic lead bullets, not by fireworks going off like the gun lobby wants you to believe. Birds of a feather flock together. They also feed together. When a flock of birds goes to a gun range or small forests that allows hunting, where there are a lot of lead bullets on the ground, for feeding, they eat the toxic lead. All the birds start dropping from the sky from lead poisoning.

The story of the birds dying off from toxic lead correlates to the story of the scientists being killed off. Many scientists are being found murdered. When a scientist discovers toxic lead from bullets is killing off flocks of birds, the gun nuts post on their message boards that this scientist is trying to take away their right to bear arms. And so that scientist is killed. The gun nuts don’t ask any questions, why this scientist should be killed, they just believe if he tried to take away their gun, they must kill him.

Whenever a scientist or veterinarian discovers just how toxic lead is to the environment to the point where it might regulate guns or bullets, the gun nuts have them killed. This is how fucked up the gun nuts are. If you have any proof that lead is killing trees or contaminating the environment, your life is in danger by the military-industrial complex. You can have evidence that the toxic lead is going to kill everyone on the planet in 50 years and they would kill you, because they believe the right to have a gun, is more important then all life on earth.

Let me tell you how toxic lead is. And I’m not going to tell you the name of the scientist who told me, because the gun nuts would have him killed. A lead bullet will take 500 years to break down in the environment before it gets into our underground water table. One bullet has enough lead in it to make ill 10,000 people or kill 50,000 birds. Most people are not worried because they will not be here in 500 years.

When you shoot a bird, you only kill one bird. When a bird eats a lead bullet, it goes into its stomach and stomach acid starts to break down the lead and it gets into the birds bloodstream and kills it. That bird dies from lead poisoning and any animal that eats that dead bird, fox, wolf, coyote will also die from toxic lead. The animals that feed on the dead fox, Wolf or coyote will become contaminated with lead. If they also eat the lead bullet, their stomach acids will help break down the bullet further.

One bullet fired in the Civil War has probably killed over 500 birds. The bird eats the bullet and dies. When it dies, its body breaks down sending the digested toxic lead into the soil and leaving what remains on the ground for other birds to eat. The same bullet gets eaten 500 times in the 150 years. Lead never gets destroyed. It simply falls to the ground after it kills the bird, waiting for another bird to eat it and it will do this for 500 years. But it really won’t take 500 years for that toxic lead to go into the soil or our water supply. Because every time a bird eats it its stomach acids help break down the toxic lead further, which is still toxic after broken down. The year Obama got elected they sold 12.5 billion bullets. Even if we ban guns and bullets today. The bullet in the environment will continue to kill 20,000 birds a year for the next 500 years. The 20,000 birds a year killed by the lead bullet in the environment is only a small number put out by the gun lobby. The true number is far higher, but they don’t want you to know the true number or you would ban guns.

A bullet on the ground takes 500 years to break down. However, if the bullet enters a tree, the acids in the tree will help break down that bullet much faster. About 1 to 200 years. Killing the tree in 25 to 50 years and making the tree toxic. Every tree in the forest that has a bullet in it will eventually die when the lead breaks down. Of course the gun lobby wants to know the scientist name who has proof of this, so they can kill him and destroy the evidence. Their right to have a gun is more important than all the trees in the forest.

The gun owners are murderers and I’m not just talking about George Zimmerman. Every gun owner knows George Zimmerman is guilty of murder and is planting evidence and making lies so that he can get away with murder. We seen the videotape were George Zimmerman had no injuries. So they make fake photos showing injuries. We heard the audio tape of Trayvon crying for help. They lie and say it was Zimmerman crying for help. We heard the audio tape of Zimmerman saying Coon, we know all gun owners use this term to describe black people. The News studio fires the guy that played the tape and then they lie and say they fired him because he dubbed the word coon into tape.

These type of murders happen all the time, but the police or gun nut usually plant a weapon on the victim to make it look like self-defense. In this case they were so arrogant, they thought they did not need to plant a weapon on him, they could just call it self-defense and no one would question them.

The forest are dying from the toxic lead of Hunter’s bullets. The gun lobby is saying these trees are dying from a beetle. Any scientist, or individuals that says any difference is killed. The birds that are falling from the sky are dying from the toxic lead of Hunter’s bullets. The gun lobby is saying they are dying because of fireworks. Any test or laboratory that tries to even look for toxic lead in the dead birds, a gun nut judge or congressman will not fund that study or test. Furthermore if somebody were to fund a study on the effects of toxic lead in these birds or trees and the outcome was negative against gun owners or the military industrial complex, those people would be killed.

If a human ate a lead bullet, it would not do much damage. We eat three meals a day and the bullet would come out within 24 hours. Animals in the forest might only eat once a week. That lead bullet will stay in their digestive system for several days dissolving in the stomach acid. All the lead bullets that hunters shot and were not recovered, will break down into the soil within 100 to 200 years, when they been in the stomach acid of several birds, killing millions of Americans if not all of them. One lead bullet in the environment will be eaten over and over again by different birds, until it completely dissolves into our groundwater. That one bullet has a potential to kill 50,000 birds in its life span. That lead bullet in the environment is not done killing after it kills one bird. Unless some scientist finds the dead bird, digs the lead bullet out of its stomach and destroys it properly.

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