MI-1040-CR Tax Refund Reform, Hackers, April 18, 2016.

If you think this is a how-to video on how to fill out this form, forget it. This is a video to see if thereís anyone in the world who knows how to fill out this form properly. There are thousands of videos on YouTube that will teach you how to do anything, make a ring, smelt aluminum, fix a computer, how to get a brush unstuck from your hair, but no videos on how to fill out this Michigan 1040 CR tax refund form. From searching for the information, I found a lot of complaints about the tax system. Itís like the government is run by criminals. Unconstitutional laws, forcing people to file taxes, but no instruction to the people on how to do it. They teach you reading, writing, arithmetic and even history in school, but thereís no class you can take to find out how to fill your tax forms. Do them wrong and youíll probably go to prison. But nobody knows how to fill them out except the rich and greedy. There are some poor people who claim they know how to fill it out, but they wonít tell you, because if people knew how to fill out their tax forms, they wouldnít be able to charge people for filling them out. Because the poor people donít how to fill out the tax form, they are probably paying a bigger share of the taxes, just because they donít know how to do it. Meanwhile the system is set up so that criminals can get your refund check and cash it without a problem. This seems to be how the government is extorting money from poor people. Most people donít bother filling out this tax credit, because it cost more money to fill out the form, than the return you get. I havenít filled out one of these tax credits since the time I moved in to the co-op townhouses. But the news said hackers were getting peopleís info and claiming their tax return. I have no clue to how thatís possible, because the government should be writing the checks out in the name of the person who paid the taxes, not the name of the person filing the claim. How could you even cash a check made in someone elseís name? Thereís got to be a big conspiracy here, so I tried to dig in and find out what it was. So I downloaded Michigan Homestead tax credit form from the Internet and read the instruction books to try to figure out how to get my renters tax credit. I did my own taxes back in the eighties with the EZ form. But this year Social Security sent me one of those Obama care tax refund forms and with the renters Homestead refund tax credit 1040 CR I thought I might get a refund this year and I didnít want hackers to get it. Even though I donít know how thatís possible, since the person who paid the taxes or rent should be the person who gets the refund check and complete strangers or hackers, should not be able to cash a check thatís not in their name. The ten forty instructions and forms I could not figure out. I doubt Einstein could figure them out. I took the form to H&R Block and one of the professional tax-preparation could not figure it out and probably did it wrong, so they basically pass the form around the tax office and gave it to a lady with the least twenty years tax experience, which after three days of her trying to figure it out, she called me to claim they couldnít get the computer to work and I probably wasnít getting a refund anyway.

They have how-to videos on YouTube, but no video on how to do this ten forty Homestead tax credit form. Thereís only two numbers. I have the amount of money I got from Social Security which is less than twenty-one thousand dollars and thereís the amount I paid in rent thatís over sixty-five hundred dollars. It should be really simple to figure out if Iím getting a refund or not. Itís like if you go to the store and buy something for ninety-five cents and hand the lady a ten dollar bill, you should get nine dollars and five cents back. You should not need a computer scientist. They have some kind of magic number that youíre supposed to multiply times your income. Who knows where theyíre getting this number. This number actually was coming from the people who run the co-op. Because the lady at H&R Block could not get the computer to work she said I wasnít getting a refund. She was on tech support for two days with their computer people she said. She claimed I wasnít paying rent, I live in a co-op. Itís all semantics. I believe Iím paying rent, you may relabel it as carrying charges, but itís rent. So in the co-op we pay carrying charges not rent. But it should not really make a difference on this form. Itís what youíre paying for housing because this is a Homestead refund tax form. No we donít own the house and were not really renting, but itís what were paying each month for a roof over our heads. There is a checkbox for co-op housing, but that doesnít make any difference on the form. Itís just a checkbox, to let them know itís a co-op housing unit. Kind of like the checkbox for whether youíre Asian, or Caucasian.

The housing co-op gives us this tax refund worksheet every year. It tells us what we paid in rent for the year and gives us this Magic number thatís different every year. Itís the percentage amount of what they paid in taxes. If they got this number right, everythingís fine, if not then all five hundred units of the townhouses filed their taxes wrong. If they paid their taxes we might get a refund, if not we donít get one. Which seems pretty unfair to me. You would think when they gave you these numbers, they would simply give instruction on what line these numbers go on tax form ten forty CR.

So the amount you paid in rent or carrying charges, if you want to call it that, should go on line eleven of the two thousand fifteen Michigan Homestead property tax credit claim 1040 CR. That is easy to figure out. They give you another number of the value of my unit which is a two bedroom which goes online nine of ten forty CR. Which really doesnít make a difference if itís not over a hundred thirty-five thousand dollars, because youíre not going to do anything with that number anyway. Itís just to determine your eligible, if itís under a hundred thirty-five thousand. Line 10 gets real tricky because itís like computer spaghetti code. You got to go from line 10 down to line 51, fifty-six and fifty-seven to figure out this number. When you read the instruction book, it says to look at the worksheet for the number and then it doesnít tell you what worksheet. Iím assuming the worksheet that came from the housing unit management. They give us that number by multiplying the taxes times point zero seven nine nine. Thatís this number over here five hundred twenty-one dollars and twenty-seven cents. Which I assume goes in box 10. When I do this it says Iím getting over a thousand dollars back, which I assume is wrong because I just had H&R Block do it and they said Iím getting back a hundred dollars. Thereís only one other number I enter in the form and thatís the amount I made on interest that I put in line 15, which really doesnít make much difference because interest is under twenty bucks. Iím sure thereís a line where I couldíve put the over five hundred dollars I spent on dental care somewhere on this sheet, but they tell me a right off like that are only for federal taxes and I can only find one receipt for my dental bills anyway. I guess I could call my dentist and get an accurate number if I thought I can get a partial refund.

My neighbors daughter said she does the taxes for her dad and she could do mine but when she asked me about the heat refund, I knew she didnít know what she was talking about because the heat is included with rent even with her dad in these units and all five hundred units are the same. We all pay the same rent unless we have a three bedroom or a one-bedroom. Most of us are on Social Security though all of our taxes are pretty much the same in this five hundred housing unit. But nobody knows how to do it except the hackers on the Internet and the government that lets him get away with it by letting them cash checks made out in someone elseís name Or simply writing out checks to criminals. So bottom line on two thousand fifteen Michigan ten forty Homestead property tax credit I put eleven thousand two hundred five online nine. Thatís the value of a two-bedroom from managementís worksheet. All these units are valued the same even though some people claim their unit is worth more, because they have a patio, built-in dishwasher and air-conditioning and some donít. Line 10 is spaghetti code what Iím confused about. Youíre supposed to get this number from the worksheet which is not well defined, so I put this number five hundred twenty-one dollars and twenty-seven cents from the two-bedroom unit. Line 11 is from the value of the two-bedroom unit at eleven thousand two hundred five dollars. Line 12 is where I multiply line 11 by twenty percent as instructions and get the number thirteen hundred and four dollars. Line 13 is where you total up line 10 and twelve and get the number eighteen hundred and twenty-five dollars. Line 21 is my Social Security income which I will try to keep secret, at under twenty-one thousand dollars which is the poverty level even with the bank interest. Bring that number down to line 33 and multiply line 33 by three point five percent and put that number on line 34 which is seven hundred and eighteen dollars. Subtract line 34 from line 13 and I get a refund of one thousand one hundred and seven dollars. Even after doing the math on line 39, forty-two, forty-three which is a hundred percent, brings one thousand one hundred seven dollars to line 44. Which is clearly wrong. But looking at the way H&R Block did it, itís like they just pulled numbers out of the air to get a refund of a hundred and seven dollars. I donít think itís computer hackers thatís ripping people off for their tax refund, I think itís the people who work at H&R Block that is doing it.

The bottom line is the government takes the money out and you have to fight to get it back. Most people donít do it because they donít know how to and they canít afford lawyers. Take it to H&R Block but thereís no one to tell you if they are doing it right or not. If you still a candy bar from the store you will go to prison but these people can rip you off for a thousand dollars and itís not even a crime. I had H&R Block to two thousand fifteenís and wanted them to go back for the last three years but they claim their computers were down and could not do those years. They claimed they couldnít go backwards. But all the forms are on the Internet to go back to two thousand twelve, thirteen, fourteen and fifteen. And they all look pretty much the same nothing has really changed on ten forty CR. So if you could do one, you could do them all.

The clearest way to find out if the government is corrupt, is if they teach you how to do your taxes in school. If they donít teach you how to do your taxes, then that government is corrupt. So now we got a look for a country where the government teaches its people how to do their taxes and we have to move there. We really should move to a country where there is no taxes and that would be Godís government. But to find the less corrupt government is the find the Wanda teaches its people how to do their taxes and not teaches hackers and tax propers how to rob the people and cash their checks legally. So if anyone knows any government on earth that teaches their people how to do their taxes, let me know, Iím moving there.

Even the lady at H&R Block said, ďthey donít teach people how to balance the checkbookís eitherĒ. Balancing checkbooks is not a necessity. First of all the instructions are there, anybody can learn how to balance a checkbook. And if you donít know the bank will teach you. But thereís not even a one eight hundred number you can call if you have a glitch in one of your tax forms orders a question you need answered. On Thanksgiving if you have a problem cooking your turkey there is a number you can call to ask stupid questions like can you cook a frozen turkey or do you have to turn the oven on, but thereís no help with your taxes that they force you to file a claim. I donít even see a class at the college around tax time that you can take that will help you fill out your taxes and teach you how to do it. It seems like somebody would come up with that money making idea of teaching people how to do their tax return. When people pay letís say for example a thousand dollars in taxes and they spend a hundred dollars on TurboTax computer program and with the computer program they canít do it and add up going and spending another hundred dollars at H&R Block, then they figured they paid twelve hundred dollars in taxes not a thousand. Because when they balance their checkbook, itís not a thousand dollars that went towards taxes, itís twelve hundred dollars. They have to include the price they paid for TurboTax or tax prep-ers like H&R Block to know how much they spend on taxes.

The way to lower taxes is to simply cut out the middleman of H&R Block and TurboTax and educate everybody on how to do their taxes, just like you teach them math and writing skills. Now in California the rents are so high, that just about everyone who rents, is getting a renters tax refund. People are paying fifteen hundred dollars a month in rent on a small apartment and thatís because the government is not allowing more housing to be built in the desert or high-rises. So the way to get more tax revenue in California is not to raise the taxes but allow more housing to be built, to lower rents. So that so many millions of people donít get refunds from paying so high rent. And we know the reason why they donít do that, is because the slumlords who are charging people fifteen hundred dollars a month rent, are bribing all the politicians. So taxpayers are funding the slumlords and making them billionaires.

https://www.michigan.gov/documents/taxes/MI-1040CR_Instructions_477247_7.pdf keywords.

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