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Luke 22: 35-36, June 13th 2011.

It’s not that the devil likes to quote Bible scripture to justify murdering people, it’s the idea that the devil actually changes and writes Bible scripture, so that he can murder people. I am responding to the person who posted this scripture on my main page. Luke 22:36 is an example. Jesus never contradicts himself. So whenever you have two Bible scriptures that seems to contradict, you know that one of them is wrong. Matthew 10:10, Jesus says not to provide for yourself a script. Mark 6:8 another apostle agrees, Jesus said not to provide a script. Luke 9:3 Jesus again says not to provide a script.

But look at Luke 22:36, it says the exact opposite and it also says to provide a sword. The murderers and warmongers use this verse to justify using lethal weapons to kill people. But we have to decide which verse did Jesus really say and which verse did the devil put in the Bible?

If a rich man says he will give $1 million to charity, but he does not do it, does that mean he is a generous giver? Or is a rich man a generous giver, when he gives away $1 million? Saying it’s one thing and doing it is another.

If Jesus really said to not provide, “a script” as the Bible quotes three times, in three gospels, we could throw out the whole Bible. Because Jesus did not come here to teach us by script or saying things. He came here to teach by example and doing things. So, if we want to know what Jesus said, we have to look at what he actually did by example.

Did Jesus and the 12 apostles practice what they preach? Did all 12 of them take up swords and go around killing people? Did Jesus take a sword and kill anyone? Did he try to kill the people, who were trying to kill him? Jesus did not even kill the Jewish priest who actually killed him. Jesus did not even try to kill the people who were trying to kill his 12 best friends. Basically told them you love me you will die for me. Not, if you love me, you will murder for me.

You would think if Jesus really said what was in Luke 22:36, that after he was raised from the dead, he would have took the 12 apostles and got some swords and would have went and killed the high Jewish priest Caiaphas, wouldn’t he? “Let’s go get that guy who murdered me”, you think that is something Jesus would have said to his 12 apostles, after he was raised from the dead? You don’t think Jesus is a hypocrite, do you? Well if he really said what was in Luke 22:36, then he should have practiced what he preached and he and the 12 apostles should have took swords and started killing the Jews.

Jesus would have looked like that guy on that Bloodbath video. But instead of being in a liquor store slashing peoples throats, he would have been in the Jewish synagogue slashing peoples throats. Is this how the gun nuts picture Jesus? Running around with a knife cutting peoples throats, obeying Luke 22:36? I’m using my sword in self defense killing the Jews before they killed my 12 apostles. Using a sword to save 12 lives. I think I’ll give some money to the NRA.

If you really believed and obeyed what Jesus said, as soon as you read up to Matthew 10:10, you would have said to yourself, “this Bible is a script, I can stop reading it now, who ever wrote it, was not obeying Jesus”. You would have never read up to Luke 22:36. So you would have no clue to what it said.

The 12 apostles killed no one. Either they were hypocrites who didn’t practice what Jesus preached in Luke 22:36 or Jesus did not say it. Furthermore, if what is in Matthew 10:10 is right, you should not even be reading the Bible, because it’s a script.

I think it’s okay to read it, just make sure you understand, the devil has changed it. And that whoever wrote it, did it against God’s will. That’s why I stopped selling the Gospel of Timothy. Because even if the 12 apostles or I said something, I’m still growing in the spirit. So something I wrote 12 years ago, you could probably burn it and forget it. I am the example by what I do, not by what I say or write. I might have said if you loved me, you would be killing the lawyers and judges, who thought workers compensation profits, was more important then the injured people, being compensated for their injuries. But if I’m not killing them myself, I don’t suppose you should. Unless you feel it is right.

Maybe God did not say eye for eye, tooth for tooth, trillion for $1 trillion worth of suffering. Maybe he said the exact opposite, that industrial profits are more important than the environment or all life on earth. Maybe he said industrial profits are more important than your life or the life of your wife and children. If that’s the guy you want to serve, serve him. You have free will. Just don’t tell me what my life or my job injury is worth.

You don’t have enough money to pay it, the industrialized nations don’t have enough money to raise it, and even the US government cannot print enough money to pay me for what the medical system did to me, because they did not want to compensate me for my job injuries. The $450 billion I was asking for my job injury, was just for the job injury, not for the Torture the doctors, medical and the workers compensation system, put me through. They will never have enough money to pay me. They have to do prison time. OK?

Now, even when their fellow apostles were being murdered, they did not lift up sword. Even when the Virgin Mary was being raped and tortured, the 12 apostles turned the other cheeks. The 12 apostles had so much faith in God, that when one of their fellow apostles were being murdered, they were praising the Lord, because they knew that, that apostle was going to heaven today and they were wishing that it was them. Look, they’re nailing Mark to the cross today, he’s going to heaven and we got to stick around to teach some of these atheist, Jews and Christians.

Mark is up there on the cross praising Jesus, probably calling the other apostles losers, because he’s going to beat them to heaven. And they love “not” their lives, until the death, Revelation 12:11.

The bottom line of Matthew 10:10, is Jesus either said not to provide a script, so that we can basically throw out the whole Bible, or Luke 22 is right and Jesus and the 12 apostles are hypocrites who did not practice what they preached and the entire church is a scam. Well the entire church is a scam either way, because they obeyed neither Matthew 10:10, and their founders did not obey Luke 22:36.

When one of the 12 apostles was being murdered, he was praising Jesus, that he was worthy to die for him. The time will come when the Christians gun owners will seek death, and they will not find it. For they are not worthy, to die for the Lord, Revelation 9:6.


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