Sex Ed Love Defined December 27, 2013.

This is love as far as I have experienced it. If there is more to love I haven’t experienced it yet.

What we thought was love, really wasn’t love. The word love has been changed by the antichrist to deceive people. We are supposed to love God, but no one knows what the word love means. The dictionary version of love includes a reference to a desire to have sexual intercourse with another person. But how do you explain homosexual people? Love has nothing to do with sex at all. When my sister writes me a letter or e-mail, if the word love had anything to do with sex, she should not be using that word at the end of her letter. Other languages have several words instead of love. One word to represent the love of parents, children another love to represent the love of material items and another words represent the love of the opposite sex. We definitely need some more words to represent love. What I’m going to talk about is the only definition of love that we need and that is the love of God. When we are supposed to love God what does it mean?

The stripper gave me the best definition of love. It’s a knowing you love someone by faith. You know the person loves you. They don’t even have to tell you they love you, you just know it. This is basically how my family was like. My mother didn’t give us many “I love you” words. We just knew that she loved us. She didn’t have to buy as flowers or candy to prove she loved us and we didn’t buy after buy her flowers and candy to prove we loved her. The stripper was also right when she said that you know if they love you, even if they try to hide it or even say they hate you. Even when my mother was mad at me or said she hated me, I still knew that she loved me. Love is an act of faith. Love is a knowing.

The last few weeks of videos shows how God was teaching me what love was. For at least the last two years there was a girl working at the restaurant and I didn’t even know her name. I didn’t even care to know her name. I remember the first time meeting her. She came up to check out my new shoes. I just got a new pair of tenor shoes and she knew the name of my shoes and she told me her shoes were named Reebok. Funny I remember the name of her shoes but not her. I basically cared less about the shoes I wanted to eat dinner. Their just shoes. After while I noticed she would not wait on me anymore. She would always tell another waitress or waiter to wait on my table. I noticed he started getting skinnier and skinnier. Even though I didn’t like her I started to worry about her. This was the beginning of love. You start to worry about somebody. I talked to her about her weight and she said she was lactose tolerant which I knew was a lie. The worry turned to concern. With concern became a caring. At this point I had no idea that caring had something to do with love. Until I met a couple at the bar who is getting married without a clue to what love was. Although I did not know myself I knew this couple needed to know what the word meant before they got married and it hit me that love is a caring for somebody.

Love is more than just caring about somebody. We have prisons where we feed and clothe the prisoners because we care about them. Love needs something more than just caring about somebody. Love is a feeling that somebody needs you. We don’t feel the prison inmates need us. But love is also a feeling that we need somebody. We really don’t feel like we need the prison inmates. Yes we care about the prison inmates to an extent that they have a heated cell, but we don’t care enough for them to have air-conditioning. If it’s 110° in that cell, who in the hell cares if it’s not going to kill them?

It starts off as a worry that turns into a concern and then a caring about someone. Caring leads to thinking about someone. Worrying also causes a thinking about someone. When you care about someone you are trying to think of a way to help them. If you don’t know how to help them it become an obsession of thinking about them constantly.

The next step in caring is an emotional feeling that the person needs you. At that point it becomes a feeling that you need to help that person. Now the person that needed you, you need them. In fact it can get to the point where you need them more than they need you.

When you feel that someone needs you, you have a pity for them. You feel sorry for them. In the Bible God comes upon an aborted fetus and God has pity that no one loved this aborted fetus so God said, “live” and God brought the fetus back to life, Ezekiel 16:8. Now that God had supernaturally intervene to save the fetus, it became his. The baby now belongs to God.

Here is another example. There is a puppy with its paw trap in a bear trap. The puppy has been trapped for a week and it’s skinny, dying from malnutrition. You see the puppy and worry that it can’t escape the trap. You start to care about the puppy. You feel that the puppy needs you, so you try to rescue it. You felt a need to rescue it. It may be a strong feeling that you have to rescue it you have no other choice, even if that risk your own life of being caught in another bear trap nearby. You get it out of the trap, bandage is wound and feed it. Now that’s your puppy. It’s your dog. You saved its life. You now love the puppy and the puppy loves you, because you saved its life, you cared for it, it now cares for you. That’s love. Now if that dog tried to bite you when you try to rescue it, fuck that puppy, let it die.

God had saved me and now I am God’s property. I belong to God just like the puppy belongs to the person who saved it and cared for it. In most cities if you feed a cat and that cat damages something you have to pay for the damages. Because when you fed that cat, it became your cat. Animals do property damage all the time and people try to get out of paying for those damages by claiming it’s not their pet. But if they fed it, cared for it, it was their pet.

So God taught me what love was with Dominic. I didn’t even know was possible to fall in love with someone, who you did not even know their name. I didn’t think that was possible to fall in love with someone who you were not sexually attracted to. This woman is too skinny. But love has nothing to do with sex or knowledge of someone. In fact it’s the lack of knowledge of that person that drives you to learn more, to keep thinking about the person and expand your love. And this is the way it’s supposed to be with God.

We don’t have to know God’s name. We don’t have to be sexually attracted to God. We don’t have to know anything about God at all. All we have to do is look around us and start thinking about the creator. All we have to do is worry about the evils in the world and that will lead to us finding out the answer to why there is evil and suffering. We need to just keep on thinking about it until we find the answer. People have said born-again Christians only talk and think about God. Their thoughts and minds are constantly on him and that makes them fall in love with God. Even though they know very little about God, it doesn’t matter. We start worrying about God when we see how screwed up the world is. We start caring about God. We start feeling that God needs us. And when we realize we need God more than he needs us, that’s love of God. God needs me to teach the truth, but I need God more than he needs me.

We are taught all of these false ideas about love. That love is unconditional or forever. To an extent it is unconditional that you love the person as they are, when they are. You love the puppy who is stuck in a bear trap and skinny, but you want them to be free and fed. If they still want to be trapped and skinny I don’t think you can love the puppy.

God’s love is very conditional. That’s why there is the 10 Commandments. He loves you if you obey the 10 Commandments. You cannot love someone who lies to you. You cannot love someone who goes around murdering people. You cannot love someone who is committing adultery on you. You can’t love someone who is stealing from you . You can’t love someone who claims to own something that belongs to you. You can’t even love someone who doesn’t love you.

There are a lot of women who think they’re in love with an abusive man, but that is because they believe the abusive man loves them. Only when they figure out the abusive man doesn’t love them, will they stop loving the abusive man.

If you abuse God or nature, you don’t love God and he does not love you. A man might lie to a woman and say he loves her and she might be foolish enough to believe him. But you can’t lie and say you love God, when your actions show you don’t. God is not foolish enough to believe your lies.

When I was three years old I knew there was no love in the world. When I came outside of Kmart’s and seen a man who lost both hands in an industrial accident and every person who walked out of Kmart’s cared more about industry and driving their cars than they cared about the man, I knew everyone in the United States had to be destroyed. There is no love in them. Why didn’t they try to find out what industry caused this man to lose his hands and use their constitutional right to bear arms to put a bullet through that industrial leaders head? They thought God had cursed that man because industry had paid off bribes to religious leaders? Both the deceiver and deceived have to be destroyed.

Smoking cigarettes is killing 500,000 Americans a year. The person who purchases a pack of cigarettes is just as responsible for those 500,000 deaths a year, as the president of the United States and the tobacco companies. When they purchase a pack of cigarettes they are funding the terrorist that cause 500,000 deaths a year. When you purchase an automobile you are funding the terrorist who were killing 40,000 Americans a year. If you think that because these industries paid money in bribes to politicians, universities, religious institutions, to teach that the driver is responsible if they die, then you cannot be saved. You have been deceived. You have no love for God or your fellow man, you only care about yourself like a dog who tries to bite the person trying to save them.

Fukushima radiation is going to kill all life in the ocean fulfilling the prophecy in Revelation. The tribulation is coming where women are going to kill the men who forced them to have abortions by lying and deception. Women are going to kill their doctors and psychiatrists because they know these doctors and psychiatrists knew abortion was not only child murder, but they convince them to kill their own children and they have to pay with their life. No amount of money in a lawsuit can compensate a woman who was deceived into have an abortion. In the revolution the nine Supreme Court justices who legalized abortion will be killed. Their children will also be killed. If they didn’t want their children to be killed they should have thought about that before the legalized abortion. Every politician, every woman who voted to legalize abortion will also be killed in the war between good and evil. The books will be opened on wiki leaks and everyone who voted, names will be known to all. All medical personnel will be killed because the practice of medicine is based on atheism. I knew that when a psychiatrists commented on one of my videos and Stephanie psychiatrists told me that Stephanie could have killed me. I think she didn’t know was, I had a better chance of turning Stephanie into a Manchurian candidate to kill the psychiatrists, than she had of getting Stephanie to kill me.

They are blocking my videos on YouTube because they know their end is coming. None of the videos at the end of my videos are even related to my videos and I’m getting less and less views on my videos. But if you have been deceived it’s not too late to be a soldier for Christ and fight the battle against the atheist who are running the world. All industry, military, law-enforcement, the legal system, the monetary system, the medical system and evening dividing up God’s land is part of Satan system and all that served will be thrown into the lake of fire where they will they will be burned and tortured for ever and ever. They will kill you for fighting against this system. But they cannot destroy your soul. Fear him who can destroy both your body and soul. Satan holds us in bondage by the fear of death. Do not fear death and you will have immortal life.

The tyrant Gilgamesh used women to force men into slavery called jobs. The woman Shebat was used to seduce Enikidue. The Epoch of Gilgamesh is the oldest written story on earth. It shows the fall of man caused by tyrants in power using women to enslave men. If you take your place in the beginning, you will never have a end.

When you don’t sleep for several days you have some very prophetic dreams and visions and I think the psychiatrists know that, and they doing everything in their power to try to shut me up because they know their end is near.

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