Jared Lee Loughner Conspiracy January 9, 2011.

Yes it is a government conspiracy. Both Jaredís YouTube and MySpace pages were created on the same day. His MySpace page is set to private, yet hundreds claim they got a screenshot of his page before it was taken down. You cannot get a screenshot of a MySpace page that is set to private. And taken down by who? I doubt if he had time to take his own page down. I searched Yahoo, Google and other search engines for his MySpace page. Not only is his MySpace page gone, but all the cached pages are missing. Not even the FBI has the power to make the cached pages disappear. Only the military has this power.

They used a mental patient to shoot Reagan and another to shoot Oswald or did they?.

It is easier for them to use a trained CIA agent to do this shooting. Then use fake FBI agents or police officers, working for the CIA, using blanks to shoot (Clay Duke)and or (Jared Lee Lougher) and fake his death. Or they take him into custody, like they did to Timothy McVeigh, find him guilty of murder and give him the death penalty and fake his death in prison, like they did to the CIA guy who shot Oswald. This is why CIA agents donít use their real names and their names are not available to the public. Their deaths are faked, names are changed and they are given new identities.

This is how they got someone to shoot Oswald. The guy who shot Oswald was a CIA agent. How did they get him to shoot Oswald? After the shooting, they claimed they put him in prison and then they faked his death in prison. The guy who shot Oswald never died. He was given a new name, had his identity changed and was moved to a new city. He knew he would never spent one day in jail or be tried for Oswald murder, because he worked for the CIA. This is a typical magicianís trick.

Timothy McVeigh does not exist. He was a CIA agent. His death was faked before 16 people. The guy who played Timothy McVeigh is still alive. They have been faking peoples death for thousands of years. Adolf Hitler never died, like the official story says he died. He might have died from old age, but he didnít die in a suicide in the 1940s. His death was faked and he was given a new identity.

The CIA agent playing Jared Lee Lougher, will be tried in court and given the death penalty. They will fake his death and give him a new identity. Just like Clay Duke, he will have no funeral. Unless they decide to go through the extra expense to fake a funeral. But the casket will be just as empty as the guy who shot Oswaldís casket is empty. Now they might put a fake corpse in there to make it look real, but DNA testing will prove itís not him. The DNA testing can now be matched to relatives and prove my conspiracy theories are true.

Remember the Florida school board shooter Clay Duke. This was another CIA agent making a propaganda video. Remember how they said that Clay Duke shot blanks? The CIA made a big mistake in this video. Because they claim Clay Duke shot himself and committed suicide. As far as I know, itís impossible to commit suicide with a gun that shoots blanks. His death was faked, because this is just a propaganda video. He will have no funeral and if they fake a funeral the coffin will be empty. If there is a body in the coffin, the DNA will not match the family. Even the name Clay Duke was made up to remind people of the racist KKK member David Duke.

The people in power are willing to do anything to stay in power and take away our freedoms. Homeland security created this conspiracy, because of a webpage that I made titled, ďNational Security is a Threat to American SecurityĒ, On that webpage I explain how two Homeland security agents threatened me and tried to take down my website, MySpace and YouTube page. I called these guys Fockers on a play on words for the F. Word. Notice how Homeland security Lougher as a play on words for laughter by changing the letter a to a ďoĒ like I changed the letter u to a ďoĒ. They think this is just a game to them as they protect the tobacco companies who kill 130 times as many Americans every year than the so-called 9-11 terrorist. Those in power know that they are going to be tried for crimes against humanity, as everyone knows 9-11 was an inside job and they will do anything to stop the truth. Homeland security agents will also be tried for crimes against humanity just like Hitlerís SS agents were tried. But this time they will not get away with it, as everything is recorded in heaven.

What do you think the CIA does with all the money we give them? Oh everything is top secret and classified. If all those classified documents were made public, thatís all you would see is conspiracies like these.

The military had Kennedy killed because Kennedy found out the moonwalk was faked and he wanted to tell the people it was fake. In 1963 the military sent U2 spy planes over Cuba and photographed nuclear missiles. The military had U2 spy planes fly over Russia. Until Russia had the capability of shooting those planes down. The military needed a spy satellite to spy on Russia. They could not launch spy satellites without people knowing about it. You canít even launch a rocket from area 51 without people seeing it. However, the military put dozens of spy satellites into orbit. How did they do it without anyone seeing? It is a magicianís trick. You convince the people you are sending astronauts to the moon, when what you are really doing, is sending spy satellites into orbit. So we all watched them send the spy satellites in orbit, thinking they were doing another moon mission.

Jared Lee Lougher does not exist, never did. He is just as nonexistent as Al Qaeda terrorist, the Florida school board shooter Clay Duke, Timothy McVeigh, the guy who shot Oswald and the fake moonwalk.

I really did promise I wasnít going to make any more videos but I think they want me to stop making videos so I will keep making them. And yes Saddam Hussein is probably still alive in South America, using a different name. They simply found him guilty of war crimes, faked his death and now he lives happily ever after.

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