National Security to Have Joe Lieberman & John McCain Killed December 7, 2010.

As long as the dictators Joe Lieberman and John McCain are alive, America is no longer a free country. These two guys single-handedly destroyed everything Americans fought and died for since Columbus discovered America. If there is no free speech, there is no more America. Your sons and daughters who are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan are fighting to defend a dictatorship. They might as well all go AWOL.

The Constitution is what gives us our freedom and is what defines America. When Joe Lieberman and John McCain decided to suspend free speech, America and the Constitution died. It’s NOT a matter of national security to suspend free speech. America is free speech. Joe Lieberman showed us on December 1, 2010 when he shut down wiki leaks, that America no longer exist.

Amazon dot Com has showed us that they support the dictators. Anyone who buys from Amazon is also supporting the dictators. I will no longer purchase anything from Amazon dot com. We are in fact living in a dictatorship as long as companies like Amazon are in business and people like Joe Lieberman are in power.

It was bad enough that he tried to pass a law so that he could imprison for life anyone who asked questions about 9/11. That alone was enough to charge him with treason against America. But it seems that not only Joe Lieberman and John McCain are dictators, President Obama and all the other senators support these dictators. This is absolute proof 9/11 was an inside job.

But the insanity of Joe Lieberman goes even further. Joe Lieberman claims that if Adolf Hitler can pass a law to make it illegal to exterminate 6 million Jews, then why can’t we pass a law that gives us just as much power. This makes Joe Lieberman more evil than Adolf Hitler. I don’t believe in the devil and if there is a devil Joe Lieberman is him. The Bible says the antichrist knows that he only has a short time left, Revelation 12:7-17. Therefore he is trying to hang onto power by passing new laws to oppress mankind and suppress his evil doings.

I don’t know about wiki leaks, is a another false flag CIA operation for the government to pass new laws by claiming nuclear secrets will be leaked out if we don’t suspend the Constitution and stop free speech. But I do know there is no America, there is no Constitution, if there is no free speech. And the fact that just two men like Joe Lieberman and John McCain who destroyed the Constitution, is proof the devil has come down upon us.

I am against guns and against violence myself when I am just showing what hypocrites the patriotic gun toting Americans are that they let these dictators bring an end to freedom. For these gun nuts have said that Hitler would’ve never been a dictator, if everyone in Germany had a gun. But the fact is, these gun owners are only protecting the dictators in power.

Where are the patriotic Americans who will risk their lives to fight for freedom? It’s better to die than live in a dictatorship. If Joe Lieberman and John McCain don’t like the Fact that Americans, got a right to bear arms to protect themselves from dictators and patriotic Americans use their guns to defend the Constitution and its freedoms, then they should move to China.

If you want to be a dictator, you can’t do it here. Don’t tell us our forefathers died in vain because you believe free speech should be stopped. National Security to Have Joe Lieberman Killed.


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