Last NightS Nightmare

I dreamed there was a bag of snicker bars hidden on the front porch of my childhood home. There was at least nine snickers bars. My sister discovered the candy bars and started eating one. She told me and my other sister about the candy bars and we decided to divide them up. I knew about the candy bars before hand and I knew there was at least nine bars, but when she brought out the bag of candy bars there was only four left. She gave one to my sister, one to me and she was going to keep the other two while she was still eating the one candy bar she was eating when we decided to divide up the bag, so I grabbed one of the candy bars and it broke in half and I debated whether I should keep the half or give it back to her.

Then I dreamed of walking through a shopping mall. A young man with a knife tried to rob me. I grabbed the knife from him and he took off scared and running. Then I seen the same punk with another punk outside the mall. So I went outside the mall towards them and they were yelling things at me. I wasn’t afraid of them, but one of the punks got out a machine gun and started shooting at me. I jumped to the ground to dodge the bullets, but then decided why not stand up and get shot and die as a martyr. When I stood up they stop shooting. While the punks were still looking at me, I used the knife I took from one of the punks to cut my through some bushes and the knife work better than a hedge trimmer. Branches were falling off the trees like magic. The punks stood in awe. After I was far away from the punks I noticed I was bleeding profusely from my hand, the punk must have stabbed me with his knife and I didn’t notice it before, I knew I had to go to the hospital which I didn’t believe in. I stop the bleeding with a towel until I got home as I was walking and my house was a distance away. Then I woke up before I got home. © Copyright 1996-2014 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.