Crisis Actor Gives Credibility to Oregon Land Grab, February 9, 2016.

This same crisis actor “Susan Near” that’s been at all these false flag events and that talk to Ronnie Dahl, gives credibility to Pete Santilli’s claim, that Mafia thugs in government, is grabbing people’s land and the police are protecting the Mafia thugs. The same woman was at Oregon claiming its public land. I agree it is public land unless Pete Santilli and his followers can show us a land deed that says otherwise. Government does sometimes take land but they usually pay the people for more than what it’s worth. If for instance they are putting in a freeway and some old lady doesn’t want to sell her house, sometimes they will build the freeway around her house or tell her she has to move if they can’t. But they’d never generally just take the land without paying fair market value. That would be unconstitutional. Someone needs to get the land deeds and documents to prove the government is taking the land without compensating the people.

Anyways I’m still trying to figure out who that lady “Susan Near” is. Does she work for the government or some Corporation? I’m getting no help or response from the people who work at Channel 7 news so they seem to be in on it. The lady “Susan Near” probably owns Channel 7 news. The winner of yesterday’s thousand dollar contest on channel 7 action news was “Michelle Nutt” I am sure I am the only person who entered the contest and they just made up someone’s name as the winner. Nobody is watching Channel 7 news. But wall side windows and other companies are sponsoring them and people need to call the companies that are sponsoring them to tell them they are Not going to buy their products when they advertise on propaganda news channels like Channel 7 action news. So nobody purchase wall side windows and spread the word. Alternative news should start contacting the people who are advertising on the major news networks and switching them over to truthful news channels to advertise with. My next videos might be of contacting these advertisers and letting them know what kind of propaganda channels they are advertising on and that I will not be buying their products now or in the future.


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