Lacey Spears, False Flag 48 Hours Episode, April 10, 2016.

False flags are not just about killing people and blaming another country, group or religion. False flags are also done at hospitals, car manufacturers, businesses like swimming pool and gun manufacturers. Not to mention the tobacco companies. Lacey Spears had a sick child in whom the doctors were clueless to the childís condition. The child had constant ear infections. I know from living in my toxic mold house, that ear infections, sometimes called swimmers ear, are generally caused by mold. My toxic mold house gave me constant ear infections, so whenever I hear about somebody who has constant ear infections I know they are living in a moldy house. More than fifty percent of the homes have toxic mold. So you can simply flip a coin and get it right fifty percent of the time that someone is liveing in a toxic mold house. Doctors are clueless to the health effects of toxic mold houses.

The Bible says men are to live in houses of clay. But there is no money to be made in building houses of clay. People in third world countries build houses of clay for free. Alex Jones proved himself to be the antichrist, when he said people in third world countries who live in houses of clay are just pretending to be happy. The fact of the matter is, the only reason why we are living in houses made out of dead trees, is because of the billions of dollars in profit, made by the logging industry, from cutting down Godís trees. This is why, when someone gets sick from living in a house made out of dead trees, something else is blamed for their sickness. This is a false flag. The logging industry doesnít want people to know that their houses made out of wood, a once living organism, but now, ďdead treesĒ is making them sick. Lacey Spears whose child was constantly sick, most likely from living in a moldy house made from dead trees, because of the constant ear infections the child had. Doctors and hospitals mistakes killed the child. However, they do not want to be sued, so it is just business to blame the mom in a false flag event. Just like they planted gloves in the O.J. Simpson case, they planted salt in feeding tubes, to set up Lacey Spears and to keep from getting sued out of business. This is business. This is how business works. This is how the tobacco company stays in business, when they kill five hundred thousand Americans a year. This is how the automobile company, stays in business, when they kill forty thousand Americans a year. They blame the driver. They blame the smoker. Itís simple business.

The gun manufacturers are never blamed for the people killed by guns, because of their propaganda that guns save lives. If guns save lives than they donít kill people do they? How in the hell are forty thousand people a year being killed by guns, if guns donít kill people? Gun lobby propaganda kills people. The swimming pool manufacturers know, that over nine hundred children are going to drown next year. How are they going to stay in business? How are they going to sell swimming pools? They are going to blame the moms, who didnít watch their children. Itís just business. The gun lobby blames the people who purchased the guns. The tobacco companies blame the people who purchased the cigarettes. The swimming pool manufacturers blame the people who purchase swimming pools and now hospitals are blaming the moms who take their children to hospitals.

Lacey Spears child was sick and she took it to a doctor. The doctor operated on the child and put a tube in its stomach. When the child died, the hospital blamed the mother to keep from being sued. They planted gloves in the O.J. case and I have no doubt hospital representatives, lawyers, CEO or somebody, planted salt in the feeding tubes to keep from getting sued out of business. The amazing part of this case is the doctors and hospitals are admitting to malpractice of operating on a perfectly healthy child. I seen it on forty-eight hours. They said they operated on a perfectly healthy child and now that the child is dead, are going to blame the mother. They are admitting to malpractice, but nobody is pointing their fingers at the doctors or the hospital. None of the lawyers want to sue the doctors of the hospital they want to blame the mother.

This is the same thing they did to my sister when her daughter drowned in a swimming pool. They wanted to blame my sister so swimming pool manufacturers could make six billion dollars and kill another nine hundred children next year. My niece drowned in nineteen seventy-eight in a swimming pool. Because swimming pool manufacturers blamed my sister, so that she could not sue someone pool manufacturers out of business, another about thirty thousand children have drowned in swimming pools since that time. In nineteen seventy-eight three hundred children a year drowned in swimming pools and the swimming pool manufacturers claimed that there was three hundred negligent parents a year. In two thousand, they sold three times more swimming pools and nine hundred children a year were drowning in them. Then swimming pool manufacturers claimed that now there are nine hundred negligent parents a year who purchased their swimming pools. The number of children drowning in swimming pools is in direct correlation to how many swimming pools they sell. The more swimming pools they sell doesnít create more negligent parents. These are all false flag events to blame the parents to keep manufacturers from being sued out of business. Blame the parents to keep hospitals and doctors from being sued. Blame the tobacco smokers. Blame the driver. Blame the gun owner. Go as far as even passing a law, that you canít sue the gun manufacturers for their negligence. This is business. This is how business works. And if people donít believe it, it is because they are stupid. They have been drinking the fluoridated water. I am surprised hundreds of lawyers are not jumping on this case. In the forty-eight hour episode, the hospitals and doctors have admitted that they operated on a perfectly healthy child. They are admitting to malpractice. They are claiming that a mentally ill person took their child to a doctor and they operated on the child who was perfectly healthy. This is what they are admitting to. Thatís a clear case of malpractice right there. And because they are trying to blame the mom and put her in prison for killing the child, they killed, to keep from being sued out of business, makes them the most evil scum of the earth.

Donít ever go to a doctor for any reason. Itís better to go to prison. Your better off dead than going to a doctor. If you take your child to a doctor and the doctor or hospital kills your child, they are going to blame you and put you in prison, to keep from being sued. Iím surprised this episode of forty-eight hours didnít start riots in the streets.


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