Iím Not Saying to Go Kill the Rich, February 4, 2016.

Iím not saying to go put your hand on the stove to get burned. Iím speaking truth. Those who put their hands on the hot stoves, get their hands burned. Yes sometimes people put their hands on the stove and donít get burned, because the stove is not hot. But the truth is, those who put their hands on a hot stove, get burned. The Bible says the rich will be killed. Common sense says the rich and their children are going to be killed.

Whenever the the system breaks down, whether itís the lights going out in New York or Hurricane Katrina, the poor Rob and kill the rich. The only reason why the poor are not killing the rich now, is because the rich are protected by Mafia thugs, cops, judges, lawyers, nuts with guns and prisons. You can see it when riots break out. Thereís not just one or two thieves, everybody starts robbing and looting the stores of the business owners. One news reporter said it almost looked like they were organized to loot the businesses of the rich. The news video after the hurricane, showed thousands of people looting the stores, as if they were all organized and preparing to do it for years.

Charles Manson is an intelligent person. Charlie Manson is not an insane person. Heís only labeled insane, to keep him from killing rich people and to keep him in prison. Charles Manson is a human being, doing what human beings do. In nature, if one animal is hogging all the food, all the land, all the resources, it is killed by the other animals. There is no courts, cops or prisons to stop the monkeys, from killing the monkey who is hogging all the food and resources. Someone asked who is the rich and I thought we would start by the billionaires in the multimillionaires to the millionaires and work our way down. Because before Jesus comes to the earth, the rich who are to be destroyed, are the people who own two slices of bread, when there is a person who doesnít have one slice of bread. There are people who would say Iíd like to help out, but all I have is two slices of bread and I have to say one slice, for tomorrowís dinner. Not only did Jesus say to give what you have and take no thought for tomorrow, but you could be killed for one of those slices, if someone doesnít have a slice of bread to eat. So if youíre walking down the street with two slices of bread and some hungry man says can I have a slice and you say sorry I got a save one slice for tomorrow, he could kill you and it would be justified. I know youíre not supposed to feed the animals at the beach. But one day I was at Metro Beach eating my lunch and the seagull landed in front of me. It waited patiently and quietly for me to give it a french fry. So finally I give it a french fry and it starts squawking. Another seagull landed and waited quietly and patiently until it got a french fry and then it started squawking. These seagulls were calling other seagulls because they found food and that was their duty. I couldnít help thinking that if this seagull just kept quiet, he couldíve got all the french fries. But if that seagull kept Quiet, when it found food and resources, it would have been killed by the other seagulls. We see this all through nature with other animals. Two rats were put in a cage and one rat was given some chocolate and it saved half of the chocolate for the other rat. Monkeys in a cage refused food when the food handler did not give food to the other monkey.

So if you only have two slices of bread, youíre supposed to give one slice to someone who doesnít have a slice and donít worry about tomorrow. Because you could both eat Donald Trump tomorrow and one can sleep in his helicopter and the other can sleep in his private jet.

The rich are not smart they are stupid. Donald Trump wrote a letter to his representatives because a homeless vet was begging in front of his luxury hotel. He didnít care what they did with the homeless vet, as long as he wasnít begging in front of Trump Towers. This was supposed to be a country of competition and freedom. Anyone who wants to open a lemonade stand should be able to do so without a license.

It doesnít take a genius to open a gambling casino. We know how they work, itís only basic math. The gambling casinos in Las Vegas pay a ninety seven percent return. That means for every dollar someone puts into a slot machine, they get 97 cents back on average. In other cities like Detroit the percentages are even lower, itís only 95% return. In a free capitalist country, an entrepreneur can put up a tent across the street from a Detroit casino, with a slot machine that pays a 96% return and mathematically they should put the casino that only pays 95% return out of business. But that doesnít happen, because itís a Mafia run industry and they will not let you put up a gambling casino across from them, with better odds. If they canít keep you out by burning down your tent, they will break your arms and if they canít get anyone to break your arms, they will pass laws to say you need a license and they wonít give you a license because itís all bribes, payoffs, friends and itís only friends and family of Mafia thugs and the rich who get licenses. Maybe if you do a few favors and pay off a few bribes you might get a license. You might get a license as a bribe from a job or auto accident injury. Many people who own bars got the liquor license, as a bribe from a injury lawsuit. This is so that you canít sue Satanís businesses out of business, you can only get a business as a reward for your lawsuit. Money is the root of all evil. So even suing for money, is not going to end the evil, itís only going to perpetuate it. Thatís why the rich have to be killed or the world will never change. You canít educate the rich, because all the institutions are run by the rich. So Iím on the Internet teaching with my 40 viewers and I teach that the rich are evil and the very next day I see on the Doctor Phil show, propaganda about rich people bashing. The next day I see on the news propaganda from Ronnie Dahl, claiming there are no poor people, these people begging for money are actually living in mansions. Ronnie Dahl is always busting homeless people, who are scrapping junk to get a slice of bread. Sheís the antichrist of the news media. Sheís the one walking around with the two horns on her head and the red tail.

Iíve been to homeless shelters, where the homeless are arrested for begging for money. The only people you see on the streets begging for money, are plants by the rich people. Shills. You will find these shills in bars, claiming they won money in the lottery to try to get you to buy lottery tickets. They are paid shills. The rich people actually plant Beggers, shills, as propaganda for their ideology, that nobody is poor and the real poor people, they arrest and throw in prison. This Oregon rancher is a another shill, to get poor people to fight for the rich guys 10,000 acres of land.

One guy begging for money, I was wondering why the cops never arrested him. He was always standing on the same corner as cops drove by. I shouldíve realized the cops never arrested him, because he was a shill. However, one day I went up and gave him three dollars and he said, ďthanks, Iím going to use this to buy a pack of cigarettesĒ and I knew he was a CIA plant. Thatís why the cops never arrested him. One guy was begging for money and I gave him three dollars and he said ďthanks, now Iím going to go watch a movieĒ and I knew that he was a shill plant by the rich people. Because I know there is homeless people in shelters, who are arrested for begging for money. However, the cops let these shills stay on the street and beg for money all day as if they are working for the CIA or some rich person.

Now when the guy said, ďthanks Iím going to use the money to see a movie or by some cigarettesĒ you should reply, ďGod rewards those who give to the poor, so Iím going to go buy a lottery ticket, because itís going to be my lucky day for giving to the poorĒ. Because when you give to the poor or even a swindler, the act of giving God rewards.

However, I wouldnít buy a lottery ticket, because that is another scam. People who buy lottery tickets are no different than the rich. Because, people who purchase lottery tickets, want to become rich and so when tornadoes and natural disaster happens the people who purchase lottery tickets are also killed in them alongside the rich. Besides the only reason why youíre purchasing lottery tickets, is because of the shills who claim they won money, to try to get you to buy lottery tickets.

So my email to Obama, President Obama announces that they bombed an Isis propaganda radio station. We need to ask President Obama, ďwho is going to bomb all of our propaganda news, TV and radio stations?Ē The only thing worse than extremist religious ideology, is the extremist atheist audiology, taught in all our public schools and broadcasted on all our radio and TV stations and not to mention, the Internet like Facebook. We know the extremist atheist ideology, that the Muslims are chopping off the hands of thieves, is a lie. Islam or Muslims, do not chop off the hands of thieves. We know this, because thereís not hundreds of people, running around with their hands chopped off. This is only propaganda, that thieves are getting their hands chopped off. Itís only common sense, that itís propaganda. Because common sense says, ď if you have a person who steals for a living and gets one of his hands cut off, heís going to start killing people for a livingĒ. If you cut off his other hand, then he has no choice, but to become a suicide bomber. So no thief is getting his hands cut off and anyone who believes they are, is a stupid idiot, that should not be president.

The only place where people are really getting their hands cut off, is by the CIA or the the United States military. They cut peopleís hands off because they are complete psychopaths. Furthermore if Muslims, Islam or Saudi Arabia, is cutting the hands off of thieves, the United States would be even more evil, for not letting those victims come to the United States to seek asylum, to escape such a evil regime. In countries where they cut peopleís hands off, we have to let those victims come to the United States, so that they donít become suicide bombers. If there is people in power, cutting peopleís hands off, the people believe that the United States put those tyrants in power and thatís why theyíre becoming suicide bombers. So donít tell us that Islam is cutting peopleís hands off, unless you are giving refuge to those victims. Otherwise you are more evil than they are. The only people Iíve ever seen with their hands cut off, are those who work in the factories while Americans made billions of dollars off of their labor. I think the president has been brainwashed by Mafia propaganda and the workers compensation system.

People like Donald Trump are stupid. Some homeless vet is begging for money in front of his luxury condos and some guy named Guido, with a crooked nose, comes along and says he can make that homeless vet disappear for $50,000. Donald Trump hands Guido $50,000 and doesnít think he just hired a hitman. Donald Trump is looking at this flint water crisis and heís probably thinking of buying a water company, so he can charge poor and middle class people $1000 a month for drinking water. I got four thumbs down on my dream video about Donald Trump. But that was a real dream and I was hoping someone would tell the interpretation of the dream. My interpretation was you made your bed you lay in it, another interpretation was that Donald Trump was going to help me make my bed. Or help promote me to power. Because Donald Trump was helping me make my bed in the dream.

I uninstalled Skype, so hopefully I fixed my sound problem. If you canít hear me click CC close captioning and read along or you can find a transcript at my website, I will put a link below. Iím probably not going to make that many more videos, because every time I post a video the billionaires and the millionaires say the exact opposite of what I say on all the news and radio stations. So that they can oppress the poor and bring about their own destruction. Iím only going to be giving information to people who believe jobs are slavery and that everything belongs to God. I will be revamping my website, so that only those who agree with Godís kingdom and join the Timothean religion can read it.

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