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Judy Khaddafi Nixon Veterans Duped November 11, 2011.

Someone wanted to know which episode Judge Judy told a disabled person they should not be allowed to have children because they’re collecting disability, a state check. I searched online but could not find the episode it was probably November 8 or seventh. I found a lot of comments of people on blogs who do not agree with Judge Judy. I watch Judge Judy again yesterday and she made a decision about a case that she claims everyone would agree with her. It was unbelievable. It was like she never went on the Internet to see what people really think of her. Then I realized she was duped. She surrounds herself with people who agree with her and she is shield her from the people who don’t. Judge Judy makes $45 million a year and claims disabled people should not have children, because they are collecting a $500 a month disability check that she believes is partially coming out of her $45 million paycheck.

The state is not paying her the 45 million a year. So who is paying Judge Judy $45 million a year? Judge Judy thinks they are paying her $45 million a year because she’s smart. The fact is big corporations who profit off the suffering of humans, are the ones who are paying her $45 million a year and they’re not doing it because she is Smart. They are doing it because she so fucking stupid, that she believes people are faking injuries to get industries profits. What college or university teaches lawyers and judges that if a person suffers a dollar worth of pain they should be paid a dollar, if they suffer $100 worth of pain they should be paid $100 but if they suffer 1 billion dollars worth of pain, they should be tortured with Stella Ganglion blocks to the neck, until they either commit suicide or decided to drop their lawsuit, so that their suffering does not cut into the profits of the business, that caused their suffering? What college, university or religion, teaches that it’s morally or ethically okay to profit off the suffering of human beings? These people must think God is stupid. Anyone who thinks it’s okay to make a profit off of the blood, sweat and suffering of others, is completely and totally insane and will spend the rest of eternity being burned and tortured in the lake of fire.

There is no way to save people like that. If you chop off their left arm, they will claim they can get a job with the right arm. If you chop off both of their arms, they will get a job in a gay whore house, letting people fuck them in the ass and they will say “why should the business responsible for me losing my arms actually have to pay anything when I can still work?

If they chop your head off, Judge Judy would say, “if you can say these three things you can get a job as a judge, “you’re stupid” “you’re guilty” and “get out of my court”. That’s why the dictators in power pay her the 45 million a year. And they know the 45 million will allow her to hire people to read her mail. They screen her mail. This is why she is duped into believing everyone agrees with her. They will only allow her to read the mail from other insane business people who profit off of people’s suffering. Making a profit off of people’s suffering seems normal to them. Just like a drunk who hangs around with other drunks believes they are a social drinker.

Khaddafi was a dictator tyrant. He took the people’s money. But all he did with it was bought a tent and a camel. I guess most of the people must’ve been pretty pissed off because they did not get a camel. But I would not say Khaddafi was a bad man because he paid singers $1 million to sing for him. I would say the singer’s were 10 times more evil, for charging him $1 million, when they knew that the money was coming out of the People’s stomachs. You’re not a bad person if you pay a doctor $1 million to save a child’s life, it is the doctor who is evil, for charging $1 million to save a child’s life.

Khaddafi also was duped by surrounding himself with people who agreed with him. All the rich people who made money off of him made him believe all the people supported him. They too filtered his mail. Khaddafi sincerely believed all the people supported him and was probably never even allowed to read one e-mail from the opposition. I could see it when they killed him and so did he. That was his ah ha spiritual epiphany.

Judge Judy will have the same epiphany when she sees them murder her children or her grandchildren right in front of her eyes, for her delusional belief, that disabled people should not be allowed to have children, because it cuts into the profits, of those who profited, by the disabled People’s suffering.

President Nixon was also duped by surrounding himself with people who agreed with him. Nixon was surrounded by lobbyists for the war machine makers. He was only allowed to see the people who were benefitting by the war. The jobs that were created at war machine factories and the happy faces of the people who work there. He actually believed everybody supported the Vietnam War. When 50,000 antiwar demonstrators demonstrated in Washington, he believed the 50,000 people supported the war. He actually went outside the White House, with out Secret Service agents to protect him, to talk to the 50,000 antiwar people. He almost got himself killed.

Well it’s Veterans Day today. There are 3 to 5000 disabled vets living on the streets of Detroit. It is people like Judge Judy that caused disabled vets to live on the streets. Judges like her belief these disabled vets are faking injuries because they don’t want to work. She actually believes this in her own mentally ill delusional mind. A soldier can be shot in the back, in the shoulder and into the leg and because doctors removed the bullet’s, these judges believe they can work. If a soldier seen his friends being killed and women and children being burned and post traumatic stress from bombs and bodies blown up keeps him up at night, Judge Judy would say, “get over it”. I don’t want any part of a $500 disability check, coming out of my $45 million paycheck.

There are some very evil judges and lawyers that cause these disabled veterans to become homeless. They lie to them. Injured vets come home to the war suffering severe injuries and posttraumatic stress. The lawyers and judges know that these vets will probably be permanently disabled. But they lie to them. They offered them bribes and payoffs for their injuries. The disabled vets are penniless when they come home and these judges and lawyers will offer them 10,000 cash to settle their injury cases. They will tell them $10,000 is a lot of money and within a year their injuries will probably be healed up or God will heal so it’s a good deal to take the 10,000 cash. Many take 10,000 cash to pay off bills or see doctors who claim they will cure them. When they run out of the 10,000 cash, they are homeless and permanently disabled. They were duped.

They wanted to offer me $50,000 as a cash payment on my permanent injury. What am I supposed to do when the 50,000 runs out? They lied to me and tried to claim Jesus would heal me or the injury would heal itself in a few years. They knew that the injuries would never heal themselves. They knew these disabled vets would be permanently disabled, but offering them a 10,000 cash advance would get them out of their responsibility of paying them permanent disability for the rest of their lives. This is why we have disabled vets living on the streets. They cannot collect disability, because someone lied to them and said their injuries would heal them selves in a few years and offered them $10-$50,000 cash buyout for their permanent injury that they believed was not going to be permanent. This is unethical immoral and unjustified. The disabled people who were lied to need to be paid permanent disability. The lawyers and judges that offered them 10 to 50,000 cash, lying, telling them their injuries would heal them selves in a year or two, must be thrown in prison.

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