Kamari Smith died today as the result of being hit by a car while chasing after an ice cream truck on May 19.

Anthony Topp, with the Detroit Police wants to charge Courtney Shields, 23, and Leonard Crosby, 19, both of Detroit, for the accident that happened On May 19. Are these cops Stupid or evil? Does anyone really believe this girl watched out for cars when she was standing in the street? I don’t think there’s a cop who believes it, but they think the rest of us are stupid enough to believe it. Cops get hit by cars when they pull people over to give them tickets, even though they have their flashing lights on, they still have to park their car so that they don’t get hit by another car and yet these cops don’t care if little kids stand on the streets, because the city is making money off of selling pedophiles licenses to sell ice cream to little kids. We all know about the pedophiles in the Catholic church because that profession attracts pedophiles. When I heard about this girl getting hit after chasing a ice cream truck, I observed the ice cream truck in my neighborhood, for the first time in the five years I’ve lived here. One ice cream truck had the words, “Uncle Ron” written on the side of it. That’s not these kids uncle, it sounds like a pedophile. Well I guess when those Catholic priests get fired from the church and no one wants to hire them because they’re a pedophile, I guess they have to start their own business of selling ice cream to little kids.

I think it’s a damn shame these cops are pointing their fingers at drivers and not the city officials whose making it legal for these people to drive around in ice cream trucks attracting children to the streets.

The ice cream truck I observed did not put out his stop sign and I don’t believe this Detroit ice cream guy did, until after the girl was hit by a car. Nobody wants to stop and wait until kids buy ice cream, so some other guy can make a profit. That’s just dumb. I don’t believe this guy put out a stop sign, he didn’t want people to be pissed off by making them wait for children to make a decision on what kind of ice cream they want to buy.

Ice cream trucks should be illegal and if a child is hit by a car, the people who sell the ice cream should be sued out of business and the city that legalized ice cream trucks on the street should also be sued for millions. Stop blaming the drivers so you can profit. Stop pointing your finger at the drivers so that the people don’t sue the city and with the bribes the Mafia owned ice cream business is shoving up city officials asses, so ex-cons and people on the sex registry can sell ice cream to kids and then blaim somone else when a child gets killed, shame Shame Shame on you.

My condolences goes out to the family of Kamari Smith, and I hope they have the courage to sue the city of Detroit for giving out licenses to ice cream truck drivers, when they know for a fact that children do not watch out for cars and they know for a fact, that cars don’t stop for children, ice cream trucks and they don’t even stop for cops with their flashing lights. Shame on the news people who were also pointing their fingers at the driver when they know that the city is responsible for these ice cream trucks attracting children to the streets. The news people should be doing their jobs to make sure NONE of these ice cream truck drivers, are on the sex offender registry.

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