#JustifiableHomicide Genesis 38:8 Ė10, May 6, 2016.

Any comments to this video should be made on twitter to the #JustifiableHomicide. The atheists pick out verses of the Bible they donít like to discredit God. Genesis 38 tells a story of a widow who lost her husband and was distraught that her husband died without leaving her a child. Under the law, the brother of the deceased, could impregnate the widow, so that she not remain childless. The atheists try to paint God as evil, because God killed Onan, because he ejaculated on the ground. It wasnít just because he ejaculated on the ground and wasted the sperm. This was a case of rape.

Consensual sex is a contract. Women who consent to sex, but donít consent to sex without a condom and the man has sex without a condom, is a case of rape. Women who consent to vaginal sex and not anal sex and a man who performs anal sex, has committed an act of rape. This was a grieving widow, who consented to sex for the purpose of becoming pregnant. She wanted a baby. The man agreed to have sex to give her a child, but then he pulled out and ejaculated on the ground, showing he had no intention to get the widow pregnant as promised. He just had sex for the fun of it and manipulated a grieving widow into having sex with the promise of getting her pregnant. This was the evil that God killed Onan for.

If the Lord had not killed Onan, the widow would have for manipulating her into having sex with the promise of a child whereas, the rapists, had no intention of giving the child. And he was a rapist, because he did not fulfill the consensual sex contract.

I give an example of another case of a lesbian, wanted to have a child. So she hired a man to impregnate her. After having sex with a man for two years and not getting pregnant, she learned the man had a vasectomy and knew he could not impregnate her. He just wanted the money and the sex. This happens more often than you think.

A woman goes to the bar and meets a guy and tells him she wants to marry and have children. The guy says he wants to get married and have children also so they start dating. The guy convinces her to have sex by saying, ďdonít worry, if you get pregnant I will marry youĒ. So the women consents to having sex, because she believes if she gets pregnant, the guy will marry her. After ten years of dating and of the man saying he went to his doctor and his doctor said he can have children, there must be something wrong with her and thatís why she canít get pregnant, she finds a doctor that performed the vasectomy on her boyfriend fifteen years earlier. She learns sheís been having sex with this man for ten years on the idea that when she got pregnant they would get married. Now she finds out he had no intention of marrying her or having her child. He was just using her as a booty call whenever he wanted sex he called her. Now if she would have killed him, I think most women who sit on the jury, would consider this a justifiable homicide. She wasted ten years of her life on a guy who had no intention of marrying her or having her baby. He just used her for sex for ten years.

The special forces of the military are forced to have vasectomyís. Itís very hard for them to get into relationships with women who want to have children. No woman who wants to get married and have children is going to date a guy with a vasectomy, so they lie. But that is rape. Itís not consensual sex.

The atheist claim that none of the religious preachers want to discuss Genesis 38:8 and they take this verse all out of context, claiming itís about wasting sperm. This verse is about the manipulative rape of a distraught widow, who just lost her husband and was depressed as she was childless when he died. To top off her depression, she was manipulated into having sex with the promise of getting pregnant, when the guy had no intention of getting her pregnant. He just wanted to have sex.

I donít believe that God struck dead Onan on his own ideology of good & evil. I believe the woman being distraught, took her story to the Lord and when both the woman and the Lord agreed, that Onan was evil enough to die, he died. Iíve seen this happen several times in the Bible and the book of Mormon and even experienced it in my own life. When someone does you evil and you take your story to the Lord, if both you and the Lord agreed that the evil person should die, by a supernatural act the God, that person yields up the ghost. There was a story in the book of Mormon where an atheist argued with a believer. The atheist said there is no God. The believer said there was. They both made an agreement, that if there was a God, that the atheist would be struck dead. The atheist agreed and when the atheist agreed, he yielded up the ghost, in front of many witnesses. Not only is there a God, but the word of God is like a two-edged sword. You donít need guns to kill people. If both you and God agreed that the evil person should die, they yield up the ghost. But this story of Genesis 38:8 shows us, that when this man did, it was justifiable that he died. Keywords. .

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