Letter to President Obama, Justice System, April 29, 2014.

Tyler Hadley would not have murdered his parents if he wasn’t high. Sheila Eddy & Rachel Shoaf, would not have murdered their friend Skyler Neese if they didn’t smoke a bong first. A man on 48 hours raped and murdered a college girl, when he smoked marijuana laced with cocaine. Marijuana does not make people violent, it simply makes them believe they can get away with murder and they don’t fear prison or getting cough when high. Also, when they are high, they have no empathy, they don’t care someone is raped or murdered all they want to do is get high. They might even believe that if they go to prison they can smoke medical marijuana for the rest of their life at taxpayers expense. Some potheads even believe marijuana is a cure for serial killers and rapists.

The FBI visited my house because they said I advocated violence, but I was only advocating justice. Bill Maher is advocating marijuana on his TV show the Bill Maher Show and Vice, this caused Sheila and Rachel to murder their friend Skyler. Bill Maher advocating marijuana caused Tyler Hadley to murder his parents. A college girl was raped and murdered, because a man believed marijuana laced with crack was harmless from listening to Bill Maher. Not only do the victims have a legitimate lawsuit against Bill Maher, but Mr. Maher needs to be charged with second-degree murder in these cases. Because of Bill Maher action’s on his TV show, Skyler, Tyler Hadley parents and a college girl is dead, along with thousands of other victims. Because of limited space, I have only named three counts of second-degree murder against Bill Maher. Please charged him before other people are driven to murder because of Bill Mahers actions. Alcohol was illegal during Prohibition because it caused violence. When alcohol was made legal, the alcohol companies provided money to colleges and universities to label people who committed crimes while high as having a mental illness, so people would not blame the alcohol they would blame an imaginary mental illness and they can increase their profits. A warning on every alcoholic beverage should say, “caution this beverage could cause people to rape and murder or be raped and murdered” if it doesn’t have that label, alcohol companies should be sued every time someone is raped or murdered, while someone is under the influence. Please advise the lawyers and lawmakers of the truth and let’s get the court system back on the way of justice.


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