Justice Department Opens Themselves up to Lawsuits, May 12, 2016.

Iím surprised the men at the Justice Department isnít suing Kotex manufacturers, for not making a tampon small enough for them to insert inside their penises, to keep them from dripping. These people are all narcissistic dictators using law to enforce their egos on other people, endangering the lives of women and children. One woman was raped and killed because a man hid out in a womanís restroom and the Justice Department wants to make it legal for men to hang out inside ladies rooms, ladies showers, womanís dressing and locker rooms. Thatís right, men will be able to shower with women and if they canít, the Justice Department will sue the health club for discrimination or hold them hostage by holding back governmental funds.

All men would have to do is put on a wig and makeup and claim they are woman and they can shower with women at health spas, Junior high schools, high schools and prisons. HB2 is a bill being passed by North Carolina that would prevent men from showering with women. The next thing on their list would be people with penises putting on wigs and wanting to be put in womenís prisons and if they canít the Justice Department will help them sue the state. The Justice Department wants to open themselves up to lawsuits, from women and children who are raped and murdered, because the Justice Department wants to allow men to hang out in ladies showers, lockers and restrooms legally with no questions asked. These people are all narcissistic perverts, pedophiles and rapist. How could they not know that this could endanger women and children?

Someone told me president Obama supports transgendered people using the restroom of their identity because his wife is transgendered. This is why the Justice Department is holding back funds from North Carolina and trying to sue them because of Barack Obamaís transgendered wife. The Justice Department isnít about justice at all, itís all about ego trips for narcissistic dictators and the homosexual community.

If any woman was raped or any child sexually abused because a man hung out inside a public restroom, they have legitimate lawsuits against the justice department. But I would go further to say they have legitimate personal lawsuits against the people who work at the Justice Department. Why should these people sue the government office taking tax payer dollars, when itís the people who work at the government offices, that need to be sued for their personal paychecks? We need to find out the names of the people who work at the Justice Department, who is trying to make it legal for people with penises, to hang out in womanís showers, locker rooms and restrooms legally, so they can rape, molest and murder women and children. Those are the people that they need to be sued for everything they own to protect our women and children. I had to block a trans gendered person on Twitter because they werenít making any sense. These people not only have a problem with sexual identity, itís almost like theyíre mentally retarded. They might have brain damage. Thereís no sense in arguing with transgendered people. HB2 is a commonsense law that people with penises should use menís rooms and people with vaginas should use ladies rooms. The reason for this law is cops have found people with penises in ladies rooms and they have kicked them out for fear they might be rapist and pedophiles. But some of them are only claiming they identify with women so they use womenís rooms. Some people with vaginas identify as men and want to use the menís room for some reason. I donít know why anyone would want to sit down on a toilet in the menís room. The seats are always up in the menís room and if theyíre not, they are covered with urine. Thereís not as many toilets in the menís room as they have urinals and there is no feminine napkin machine in a menís room. This sounds like a conspiracy of the feminine napkin machine and urinal makers who want to install urinals and feminine napkin machines in every restroom. There must be billions of dollars to be made by putting urinals in every restroom and the people who support or work for the Justice Department must be getting some pretty big payoffs. So if you or a family member was raped, molested or murdered, by a man who hung out in the ladies room, you have a legitimate hundred million dollar lawsuit against the Justice Department. You would think the Justice Department was about stopping crime. But now we find out the Justice Department is about creating crime and job security, for the people who work there. You also have legitimate lawsuits against LGBT lesbian gay bisexual transvestite groups, who are more concerned about their perceived rights, than the safety and rights of women and children.

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