JusticeDepartment CC:To President Barack Obama, July 13, 2013.

We canít have criminals believing that they can lie under oath and get away with it. The only way to have a just justice system, is if everyone follows the rules. George Zimmermanís friends lied under oath to help a murderer get away with murder and there is more than enough evidence to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that they were lying under oath. Mr. Zimmerman was asked to re-create his cries for help on 911 tape. That recording is here Zimmerman-Screaming-Help-TestNot only is there a tape to prove that is not Zimmerman screaming for help, but there is another tape of Trayvon Martin watching a fight that proves it is Trayvon Martinís voice screaming for help. Iím not a voice expert, but I do sing in the key of G. I cannot sing out of my range or make my voice sound like Trayvon Martin and neither can Mr. Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin had just turned 17 and had not yet reached puberty. His voice had not begun to deepen and was unable to grow facial hair. Michael Jackson had an operation and hormones so that he would not lose his child hood singing voice. Not only is the pitch, tone and key several octaves off on the George Zimmerman cries for help re-create test tape, but George Zimmerman did not repeat for the test the words he claimed to have spoken on the night of the murder. On the test tape, George Zimmerman tried to re-create what he heard TrayvonMartin say, ďhelp help help help help helpĒ. They tried to charge Trayvon Martinís mother with lying under oath because she wanted to save the reputation of her murdered son by claiming he didnít smoke pot or something like that. I donít think a jury will convict Trayvon Martinís mother for trying to protect her murdered sons reputation. However, George Zimmermanís friends, clearly lied under oath to help a murderer get away with second degree murder and they must be charged, not only with lying under oath, but for helping the murderer. It would be the same thing as if your friend murdered someone, and you helped clean up the blood, cut up and hide the body and lied to police about it.

The feds need to come in and try this case, that is obviously a conspiracy, with what seems to be organized crime, a gang, KKK, gun club, or religious cult, that is helping George Zimmerman get away with second degree murder.

Mr. Zimmerman said he had no other choice but to kill. When we know Mr. Zimmermanís friends were lying under oath to protect a murderer we have no other choice but to charge them with a crime. The prosecutor in this case has admitted to me in a tweet, that George Zimmerman failed the re-create cries for help test tape. As a prosecutor he has no other choice but to prosecute George Zimmermanís friends for lying under oath, conspiracy and accessory to second-degree murder after the fact. If the prosecutor does not prosecute he must be fired. Like the firemen who admits there is a fire, but refuses to put it out. We donít want this trial sending a message to criminals, you can lie under oath and get away with it.


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