Junk Science in the Darlie Routier Case, July 26, 2017.

I donít know much about this case except for what I watched on a hour TV show and in a couple of YouTube videos. But what I seen on that show and from the YouTube videos, is shocking and I could write 10 books on the subject. If I were to read up anymore on this trial, I could probably write 100 books on the subject. In one video, they said the forensic science showed that the screen was cut from a knife that was in the kitchen. A different knife from the knife used in the stabbing. They said they could tell from the particles of the screen left on the knife. This sounds impressive, if it wasnít junk science.

The screens are made out of plastic. I worked at a plastic factory. I worked for Mayco plastics on Murrell Street in Sterling Heights for two years. Before that I worked at their first factory on Masonic Boulevard in Fraser Michigan. They moved the factory. They had hundreds of plastic injection machines and made thousands of different parts. But all these different parts were only made from two types of plastic. Polyurethane and polypropylene. The plastic comes in these tiny little pellets in these huge plastic bins. The plastic pallets are fed into a hopper, go down into a extruder, into a plastic injection mold. All the parts are made from the same plastic. They have different color plastic, but they only have these two kinds of plastic polyurethane and polypropylene. Might be special plastic used in aerospace industry. But thatís all we use that that factory, to make thousands of parts. Thereís no way in hell you can tell the difference between a knife that cut a polypropylene screen or a polypropylene trash bag. Because the plastic is the same. Thereís no doubt that the knife in the kitchen was used to cut plastic. People use kitchen knives to cut the polypropylene plastic wrap, that they use for sandwiches. I use a knife to cut open the polypropylene bag of tortillas. I also use a knife to cut open the polypropylene bag of lunchmeat. All the meat you buy at the supermarket is wrapped in polypropylene.

For science to be science, it has to be repeatable. I wouldnít trust any science they use in a court case, if they could not repeat the experiment, in a video on YouTube. If thereís anyone on YouTube, that can take a knife, cut a screen, show the knife under a powerful microscope, so that everyone could see the particles of the polypropylene screen, and then use another knife, to cut a polypropylene garbage bag, and show us the polypropylene particles under a powerful microscope and then be able to describe the difference between the two particles, then maybe Iíll believe this junk science. Because I know it canít be done. When plastic parts come out and theyíre not up to the specs, we simply grind the plastic back into tiny particles and feed it back into the hopper. Itís not even considered recycling, because the plastic is not contaminated. Those plastic chips are very tiny about the size of a large grain of salt. You canít tell if that came from a car part or a toy. The plastic particles left on a knife would be so microscopic, you wouldnít be able to tell if it came from a sandwich bag or a plastic screen. So Iím not even going to bother getting out my microscope and my knives. Itís junk science. These people who use this junk science to put innocent people in prison, should be thrown in prison themselves. Iím pretty sure that these people know itís junk science, but they seem to just believe, that everybody in society is so completely stupid, nobody will question them.

The idea that Darlieís DNA was inside the sock, when they donít know if the killer had the sock on his hands inside out, when he put it on his hand or whether he turned the sock inside out when he took it off, shows you the lack of thought, these people put in to this investigation.

From Darlieís injuries, itís pretty clear she did not kill her kids. Anyone who thinks sheís guilty because of the birthday party and silly string, is so mentally ill they need to be put on FEMA trains until some psychiatrist can figure out how to cure them. So who killed the kids? It wasnít a burglar. Burglars are not going to kill kids, theyíre not worried kids are going to testify against them in court. This was not a custody battle child killing. Thereís only two reasons why the kids could have been killed. Either this was a satanic cult religious killing or the killing was done to make newspaper headlines or both. And thatís what it seems to be. Killing done on 666. A killing to make newspaper headlines, so that police, judges and prosecutors could get their name in all the newspapers and get promotions for solving the case, by framing an innocent person. It is organized crime and the system is set up to let organized crime criminals get away with murder.

Thereís even a law that says if they charge someone with murder and it was the wrong person then they canít charge the real killers. You already charged Darlie with the murder, now you canít charge the police officer who actually did the murder. Then thereís that other stupid law that a wife canít testify against her husband. That makes it easy for husbands to murder their wives because they canít testify against them at trial if they somehow live through the murder attempt. Sooner or later people are going to wake up to the fact that the world is run by criminals and all the laws on the books were put there to protect the criminals. The criminals made laws so that it was legal to murder strangers children by abortion. The criminals made laws so they can kill 1000 children a year with their swimming pools. Criminals made laws so they can kill tens of thousands of people with automobiles, guns, airplanes and even kayaks.

I like watching Doctor G on TV because itís the only program where you can get a little bit of truth. Theyíre not going to tell you the truth on any of these talkshows or in any of these movies. These talkshows and movies are there to brainwash and manipulate people into supporting the people in power and their agenda.

The automobile companies kill far more than 45,000 Americans a year. A woman became a paraplegic because automobiles went over 10 miles per hour. Automobile makers refused to listen to the scientist who told them people would be injured and killed by their product. Some years later she fell out of her wheelchair face first in the sand. She died from inhaling the sand and it was ruled an accident. It wasnít an accident, she was killed by the automobile manufacturers. If you shoot a man and sometime later he dies in the hospital, thatís murder. The automobile companies caused her to be in a wheelchair. If she wasnít in the wheelchair she could not have fallen out of it and died. This is a death that is ruled as an accident, when it should have been classified as a traffic fatality. The fact that you get on Doctor G is that there is over 118,000 paraplegics in the United States mostly from traffic crashes. And Iím still scratching my head, trying to figure out why the automobile industries, are still in business, after the first person became a paraplegic.

Nobody liked my last video because my comment about the police officers hair DNA found on the screen where the intruder entered the house proving beyond any shadow of a doubt, that she was the murder. It was a female police officer, maybe she was jealous that Darlie was good-looking and rich or may be she was having an affair with the husband. I believe she was either satanic or this was a staged satanic killing, so that she can get her 15 minutes of fame and get a promotion and thereís no better motive than that. But Iím pretty sure she was also jealous of the blonde haired bombshell Darlie. This police officer also showed how deceptive she was by dying her hair blonde. This police officer wanted to be the blonde bombshell Darlie. Most women do. News media and advertising tries to convince all women they want to be blonde bombshell Barbie. But Darlie was a natural big bosom blonde and Iím sure all women were very jealous of her living in that million dollar house and driving that Jag wire. Doing the murder on 666, to get more TV news coverage, is a sure sign of a narcissistic psychopath trying to become chief.

Well I consider myself to be an expert on hair. Iíve been losing it for the last 40 years. It falls all over the place. On my floors, on my couches, in my sinks and bathtubs. But thereís one thing about hair and gravity. Hair always falls down. Thereís no hair on my ceilings. Thereís no hair on my walls. I checked all of my screens and thereís not one hair on any of them. And Iím really cheap. I open all my windows at night and close them in the morning to save on air-conditioning. I like that but I hate air-conditioning itís artificial. But I cannot find one hair on any screen. Thatís because hair doesnít defy gravity and float through the air to become attached to plastic screens. I even tried to get some hair to stick to my plastic screens and it wouldnít work. It seems to stick to clothing and couches because it gets entangled with the fibers. But thereís no fibers on a plastic screen. I guess you could probably thread a hair through the screen, but to drop a hair and have the end of it fall through a hole in a screen would be like lightning striking twice. It would be like dropping a piece of thread and having the end of it fall through the hole in the needle. It doesnít happen. The only way a hair can be caught on a cut screen, is if someone was sticking their head through it and it got snared.

My comment to the troll on my channel thatís spreading disinformation to protect the murderers in power.

So you're the narcissistic psychopath. Lying To try to frame a victim. Well don't worry I'm sure Sarah will go out kill several more people and frames innocent victims, so she will become chief, get her name in all the papers, get 15 minutes of fame, like all the other police chiefs in the United States. That's the way to get promoted and everyone knows it. They stood by and did nothing when 60 million babies were murdered by abortion. They did nothing as 310 million Americans were enslaved with jobs. Now they're wondering why they're not getting a cut of the $6 billion swimming pool manufacturers are making, by killing 1000 children a year. And after my videos. Their wondering why they're not getting a cut of the billions being made on Halloween, when they are told to do nothing, when bullies go out and threaten to vandalize houses, to get treats, to make billions for the candy bar manufacturers. In Forbes 500 magazine, the top richest people in the world are those who make candy bars. Believe it or not. Now we wonder why cops supported the Halloween holiday, of children being taught how to threaten to blow up houses to get treats. I guess they were just preparing children to get jobs in the corporate capitalist world. Just preparing people to get jobs in the military. Go out there and knock on the door and say trick or treat, give me some candy or we are blowing your house up. Good boy, now you can get a job in the military. ďTrick-or-treat, give us your oil or we will blow your Fucking country upĒ. Iím not being a cynic either. Thereís a lot of truth in this. Keywords.

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