June 6 1996 Rowlett Texas Cops Kill Darlie Routierís Kids, July 23, 2017.

This was another false flag to keep the Gospel of Timothy out of the newspapers. During this time I was sending a lot of books to radio stations and newspapers to try to get my story of seeing God out. I was also doing a lot of teaching on AOL in chat rooms. One of my teaching scripts was about people who have demon names. There was actually a movie made a long time ago about the devil, where the devilís name was Damien. In my teaching, I taught that people who had names like Damien, were going to grow up being kind of antisocial and more likely to become criminals or evil. This is why donít like teaching online, is because these mentally ill Christians, will take things so out of context, they tend to take things literally. I have no doubt that these mentally ill Christians, actually believed that people who have names like Damien, are literally possessed by the devil and need to be killed. When all I was teaching, was that if you had that sort of name, youíre more likely to have less friends and be drawn towards the criminal element.

There was this guy who was in a motorcycle gang and he named his son Satan. With a name like that, youíre probably not getting too many friends and you probably going to end up being a criminal. I was only teaching for the purpose of educating people not to name their children with bad names, because names tend to predict what happens in your life. But I can see how these mentally ill Christians, can be twisted and actually believe that the son of the motorcycle gang leader, would actually be Satan, because thatís what his name is.

I donít believe in evil spirits or demon possessed people. God created all people and all people are good. Evil comes by mixing the good. The people who murder people, actually believe they are doing God a service. This is why you shouldnít murder anyone because everyone has the spirit of God in them. But satanic Christianity believes certain people are evil. Cops believe certain people are evil and demon possessed. They actually believe they are fighting against demons. This is a video that I really should spend enough time to write 1000 page book about, but Iím going to try to sum it up and make sense of it in just 20 minutes.

It wasnít too long after my teaching, that the children of Darlie Routier were murdered. And I donít think it was a coincidence, that her childrenís names were devilish, Satanic names like Damon and Devon. The parents would not have killed their children because they had these kinds of names, they are the ones who named them. But I can see how these religious nuts, can twist someoneís words, into believing these people with devilish names, are the cause of evil in the world and the enemy. I actually had one psychiatrist say, ďTimothy is not mentally ill, the Christians who are interpreting his writings are mentally illĒ. Christians are always killing people who they believe in their own delusional mine are evil and believe they are doing God a service by doing it. So I have no doubt that these children were killed, because of their names and they were NOT killed by their parents. They were killed by mentally ill Christians, who thought they were doing God a service.

Darlie Routier got blamed for murdering her children. Because it was too hard for investigators to believe, a mentally ill Christian cop did it. Just like pedophiles are drawn to the Christian church, mentally ill Christians, are drawn to jobs as cops. They want to be cops, so they can kill all the people, they believe in their own delusional mind, are evil. All the evidence in this case pointed to the cop with blonde hair. But the investigators refused to believe a cop murdered two children. Especially a Christian cop. A screen was cut and a blonde hair was found on it. The DNA of the blonde hair matched a police officer. The police officer would not have tried to crawl through the cut screen during the investigation. Because all the doors were open. Thereís only one way the blonde hair from the cop ended up on the cut screen and that is because he is the murderer.

I just watched a justice TV show titled, ďdead againĒ and all these investigators, go by what they believe, not by what the evidence shows. The DNA evidence shows the blonde hair of a cop on the cut screen. But if it doesnít make sense, that a cop murdered two children, they donít believe the evidence. All the evidence points to a third person murdering these two children and attacking Darlie. Darlie was severely injured, with cuts all over the place. She was bleeding everywhere. But the evidence showed a sock, two blocks away from the crime scene. Because the cops refuse to believe, that one of their own mentally ill Christians, killed these two children, because they had devilish names, they refused to look at the evidence of the sock. They tried to blame Darlie and even claimed she planted the sock. If Darlie planted the sock, there would be blood dripping two blocks away and blood dripping on the way back to the house. Blood dripping in two directions. But all there was, was a few drops of blood in the entire two block distance, from the murder scene to the sock. And no blood dripping back from the sock back to the house. This means the murderer only went in one direction, away from the murder scene.

Furthermore, who wouldíve thought of a sock? It wasnít until I started watching escape TV, that I learned burglars who canít afford gloves, put socks on their hands. So that they donít leave fingerprints. Thereís no way Darlie or her husband, who seem to have a very nice house and could afford rubber gloves or some kind of gloves, wouldíve ever thought of using socks so that they wouldnít leave fingerprints. What kind of person would even think of planting a sock, if they didnít know burglars sometimes use socks as gloves? The person who did this murder, could not afford gloves of any kind. Not even those cheap disposable rubber gloves, that you can buy five pair for $1.29. Now may be a cop, who knew it would look too fishy to buy rubber gloves, by years of police work learning the tricks of the trade of criminals, to put on a pair of socks on his hands, so not to leave fingerprints. Because maybe the cops thought purchasing gloves could be traced. That would be the only reason why a cop would use socks as gloves. But there would be no reason for the parents to use socks as gloves or even think of the idea of planting socks as evidence. Why didnít they plant gloves to make it look like someone else did it? Why use socks? Speaking of gloves. In the O.J. Simpson trial. We know O.J. Simpson did not murder his wife. Not just because the gloves didnít fit, but O.J. Simpson supposedly cut his finger, with the knife while he was wearing leather gloves and there was no cut on the same finger on the leather glove. So either the gloves were planted and OJ wasnít wearing any gloves or OJ didnít kill anyone. Iím surprised nobody even mentioned the idea that OJ cut his index finger but there was no cut in the same spot on the index finger of the glove. Oh there was blood on the gloves proving he wore gloves while doing the stabbing. Yes cops planted the gloves. Cops seem to be the criminals.

On escape TV there was a woman in California who was murdered by a cop. The cop pulled her over to rape her, but she fought back and the cop killed her and threw her body 70 feet off a bridge. The cop says, ďI didnít kill her, but what would happen to me if I did?Ē If they wouldíve said to him, ďwell then, youíre mentally ill and you would have to go to the hospital for treatmentĒ. Then the cop might have admitted to murdering the young woman. But when you tell the cop if he did it, heís probably going to be lucky to spend life in prison, if he doesnít get the death penalty. Then itís not likely the cop is going to admit to what he did.

If the justice system changes, where we tell the cop with the blonde hair, that murdered Damon and Devon, because heís a Christian and he thought these children where demon possessed and had to die, to serve God, that if he confessed, he might have to spend some time getting some professional help, he might actually admit that he killed them. Thereís no doubt in my mind that a cop killed Damon and Devon back in June 1996 and they blamed the mother. Even the DNA evidence of the copís hair on the screen, is not enough to prove to investigators. Because they do not understand the mental illness of Christians. They would really find it hard to believe that there is someone so mentally ill, that they would kill two children Damon and Devon, because their names sound like they are demon possessed. But I have no doubt thatís why they were murdered by cops.

Even after I proved David Russell Williams killed JonBenet Ramsey, they are still covering for David Russell Williams, because he is one of their own and they are trying to blame some other guy for the murder. When they could not blame a nine-year-old kid because I proved a nine-year-old kid doesnít know how to make a garrotte, they had to find someone else to blame, before people started looking at David Russell Williams.


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