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Judge Judy November 10, 2011.

What the hell is wrong with Judge Judy? This woman is completely insane. She picks on disabled people on the air. I’m surprised the ACLU or the people who represent disabled Americans, don’t file a multibillion-dollar lawsuit against the stupid bitch. I’m surprised disabled veterans, don’t blow her fucking brings out. This is why I don’t believe in guns. If you’re not using your gun to kill people like Judge Judy who picked on disabled people disabled vets, etc. on the air, you have no reason to have a gun.

There was a disabled guy being sued on her show yesterday. She claims people with disabilities shouldn’t have children, because they can’t work. She thinks people with disabilities are living off her paycheck. How do these people get to become judges? Why doesn’t some disable vet put a bullet threw her head. That’s why we have guns, that is what our fathers fought for, to kill insane dictators like her.

Surprisingly most of them become judges, because they’re physically or mentally disabled like Judge Judy and the Mafia run workers compensation system, doesn’t want to pay them for their injuries or compensate them for their suffering. So they bribe them by telling them they could be a judge. You could be a politician. You are injured at the automobile factories as they made 17 billion profit and your disabled, we can make you a politician, so we don’t have to pay it and we get to shove 17 billion in profit up anuses, as we injure another 54 million Americans and kill 40,000 of them every year. We can blame it all on the drunk driver, even though scientists told us that if we made a car go faster then 10 miles an hour, people would be injured and killed by them, but we made them anyway, because we thought there were too many people in the world and this is a way to legally kill them. This is why America is selling cars to the Chinese to legally kill them all, and the Chinese are too stupid to notice.

This is why we see so many judges, who are in wheelchairs. This is how Judge Alex goes from being a policeman to being a judge. He was probably shot in the head on the job and instead of paying him disability, they told him they would make him a judge as a bribe to shut him up about his billion-dollar job injury. That way industry can injure millions of Americans while still shoving billions in profits up their anuses.

This is why the world is so fucked up. You slip and fall on a city sidewalk and break your hip and file a multibillion-dollar lawsuit and to get you to drop your lawsuit, they promise you a job as the CEO of the airport or perhaps even the mayor of the city. No need to go to school in get an education. From the doctors I went to, with the experience they have, it seems like that’s how they got their jobs also.

It was bad enough that they made Judge Alex a judge who knows nothing about the law. There’s two kinds of laws. God’s laws and man’s laws. God could marry anyone. But under man’s laws you have to be legally married. You can’t marry a 12-year-old girl. You can’t get married by someone who’s unlicensed. You can claim your married, but if you’re not legally married, then it don’t hold up in man’s court. Man’s laws are in black-and-white. Either you legally sell a car, or you didn’t sell the car. When Judge Alex said the girl did not sell the car the “right way” he was saying that it was an, “illegal sale”. If the man did not legally buy the car, he does not have legal possession of the car. If you don’t have legal possession of the car, it generally means you stole the car.

Judge Alex thinks, if you go to a auto dealer, you can just give the car dealer the money for the car and you don’t have to go inside to sign any papers, you don’t have to let the dealer take his plate off the car, don’t have to let the dealer take any of his possessions out of the trunk, once you hand over the money the car is yours. You can drive threw toll booths with the dealers plates and not pay. He should not be a judge and I think the only reason why he is a judge, is because he was shot or injured on his policeman’s job and they didn’t want to pay him disability, so they said you can be a judge, when he is in fact physically disabled from his policeman’s job, but that doesn’t make him mentally able to be a judge.

Both Judge Alex and Judge Judy are mentally disabled. They are a danger to society because of their stupidity. They gave me the Judge bribe when I was injured on the job. I said I can’t wait to be a judge, I’ll give every injured worker $1 trillion for his injury. Then they withdrew the offer. You can only be a judge if you offer a injured worker two cents for his trillion dollar injury. That’s what’s considered fair under the devil system. In God’s law its eyes for an eye, $1 trillion for 1 trillion dollars, but here on the devil’s run Kingdom, it’s two cents for a trillion dollars.

Veterans Day a good day to take all Judge Judies money, give it to disabled vets, take he Judges Job from her and let her live like a homeless Vet.

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