Judgment Day for Gun Owners, September 3, 2016.

Only the well-regulated militia has a right to bear arms. If you are not in the well-regulated militia, you have no right to bear arms. If you are in the militia, you must abide by the laws of the militia. You are not under civilian laws, you are under military laws. Under military law, if you let your weapons fall into the hand of foreign or domestic enemies, criminals in other words, you can be charged with a crime similar to treason. You can be court-martialed. Every man with a lethal weapon knows that if his gun is stolen, that stolen weapon can be used to rape, Rob and kill. Gun owners knew that if their gun was stolen it could be used to kill and molest a room full of schoolchildren and the gun owners did not care. They were careless with their weapons. They didnít care who got raped robbed or murdered. They didnít want any gun laws that would keep lethal weapons out of the hands of criminals. This allowed over half a million guns to be stolen every year making gun owners one hundred percent liable for every person robbed, raped, molested or killed with a gun. The criminals are not manufacturing guns on 3-D printers. Gun owners are letting criminals get their guns by gross negligence and failing to follow the laws, rules and regulations of the well-regulated militia.

God also always has two or three witnesses to establish his word. This is why we have four Gospels. But only one gospel says Jesus wanted the twelve apostles to be armed, proving thatís not his word, but the words of the gun lobby or Satan. Did any of the twelve apostles use swords to defend themselves before they were murdered? How many people did the twelve apostles kill? They mustíve defended themselves and because they were filled with the Holy Spirit they should have killed thousands before being murdered. Itís safe to say God is not responsible for that quote. Men wrote the Bible and Jesus said the devil teaches in the Temple. With all the Bible burnings and wars, Godís word has to be verified by at least two witnesses. Even with three witnesses, if it doesnít make sense itís probably not Godís word. Now I know how the devil likes to change the Bible and Iím sure because I point out this error of the gun lobby, theyíll come up with some phony book on how the twelve apostles killed hundreds in self-defense. Because the Bible says the devil is a murderer and heís going to figure out a way to kill people and not do any jail time for it. The only thing God wrote in stone is, ďdo not killĒalong with the other nine Commandments. But if you canít get that one commandment right, thereís no sense in telling the other nine Commandments, because murderers cannot possibly be saved. Jesus said the devil came to kill, he came so that people might have life, not a gun to kill. But, I donít know why Iím trying to explain the truth to a murderer.

As more information comes available on the Internet people will learn the truth about gun owners. How they are responsible for every gun crime. Women who were raped at gunpoint, will learn how the gun owners were negligent in keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. They will learn that the gun owners didnít want any new laws controlling guns allowing over half a million criminals to steal guns from so-called law-abiding gun owners who didnít think they had to follow the well-regulated laws of the militia. They will learn how gun owners blocked bullet numbering laws to catch criminals. Vigilante justice will be everywhere, when the victims of gun crimes, trace the gun that was used to Rob, rape and murder their relatives, back to the so-called law-abiding gun owner, who allowed his weapon to be stolen and fall into criminal hands. Because he didnít feel like cheap in his gun secure. When the law of the well-regulated militia was that the gun owner protect his weapon with his life. When the gun owner fails to protect his weapon with his life, he should lose his life, when that weapon falls into the hands of criminals. Owning a lethal weapon is a great responsibility. The gun owner did not care when his weapon was stolen and used to murder other peopleís relatives. Therefore no one will care when the gun owner loses his life for refusing to abide by the laws of the well-regulated militia. When victims find out the names and addresses of the gun owners, who allowed their weapons to be stolen and used to rape, Rob and kill their friends and relatives, they are going to hunt these gun owners down. I think Hollywood should start making movies about this. To show whatís going to happen to these gun owners who allow their weapons to be stolen. A woman is raped at gunpoint and the weapon is traced back to the law-abiding gun owner who didnít think he needed to keep his weapon secure. The family members, father, brother, husband of the rape victim, traces the weapon back to the law-abiding gun owner who allowed his gun to be stolen and they beat the crap out of him. Thatís going to be the future for gun owners. But itís not just the gun owner that allowed his weapon to be stolen that is responsible for every rape, robbery and murder committed with a gun, itís every gun owner who blocked bullet numbering laws. Every gun owner that blocked gun safety laws is responsible for every rape, robbery and murder committed with a gun. They are just as responsible as the murderers, rapists and robbers themselves when they block gun laws designed to make society safe. So every gun owner who blocks a bullet numbering law, will be charged with accessory to murder, when someone is killed and there is no bullet numbering law. So every gun owner who blocks laws that keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, will be charged with accessory to murder, when a mentally ill person kill someone, because of that law that was blocked. They are just as responsible for the murder as a mentally ill person who pulled the trigger. What I want to do is match up the gun owner who had his weapon stolen, with the victim of the crime that was committed with his stolen weapon. I want every victim of gun crimes, to know the names and addresses of the law-abiding citizens, who let criminals steal their guns. We want these victims to knock on the doors of the gun owners and tell them how they were robbed, raped, molested and shot, by the gun that gun owner did not keep secure. That gun owner was not willing to protect his weapon with his life, he should not of had a gun. I seen a news video of a cop, who put a security camera in his car, to catch thieves. He left his car unlocked. He left a loaded gun in the unlocked glove box. Then the cop made fun of the fifteen-year-old kid, who opened his car door and took out his loaded gun and almost shot himself. If that child would have shot himself, it would not have been the childís fault, it would have been the cops fault, for not keeping his weapon secure. I donít know why the cop was not arrested. But one thing is certain, that the family of that child can sue that cop for millions of dollars even though the child didnít shoot himself. Just because of his gross negligence of leaving a loaded gun in a unlocked car knowing some child could simply open the door, take the gun and shoot himself or someone else. This cop didnít even care if a robber, rapist or murderer took his gun out of his car and used it to rape and kill twenty children, he just looked at that, as if it would be job security.

Hereís another instance where teenagers find lethal weapons in a car and the cops are blaming the children. Are these cops mentally ill? Or are all gun owners mentally ill? If they are mentally ill why do they have guns? You donít leave a lethal weapon in a car or truck. Can you imagine if President Putin left twenty nuclear missiles in a car parked in Iraq? Itís not my fault if Al Qaeda and ISIS stole them nuclear weapons and drop them on America, I am a lifetime member of the NRA, we blame the insane and children for our stupidity. Hereís a link to the video story of gun owners blaming children for getting their hands on lethal weapons. http://cbs4indy.com/2016/05/12/surveillance-camera-catches-teens-stealing-gun-from-truck/ You canít cure that kind of stupidity.


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