Jim Jones & Janis Joplin, May 11, 2016.

Thereís far more to this Jim Jones story than anyone has looked into. Jim Jones was sitting in the front row at the Monterey Pop Festival listening to Janis Joplin back in nineteen sixty-seven. Jonestown wasnít a religious community, it was a revolution community. The CIA was there, the KGB was there, the Black Panthers was there, the red Army was there, the socialists were there, there was the resistance, homeless people, drug addicts, the GDF and gun nuts. Jim Jones wasnít ordering anyone to kill anyone anymore than they claim Charles Manson did. It was simply repeating Bible verses that Jesus laid his life down and no man took it from him. Jim Jones knew the GDF would kill them. The Japanese were told that the Americans would tortured them and kill them so the Japanese committed suicide. Little did they know that the Americans had no intention of killing the Japanese we just wanted to enslave them with jobs and use them in our medical experiments as guinea pigs. Jim Jones knew what was going on in the world more than thirty years ago and we are just becoming awake today. Jim Jones knew that it wasnít America or Russia that was in power controlling the world, it was the GDF and the oil companies. Almost immediately after Jim Jones and his followers were murdered, there was a oil embargo in nineteen seventy-nine with long lines at the gas stations. Many people are too young to remember it, but I remember going to the gas station on even-numbered days. If your license plate ended with a even number, then you went on even-numbered days and if it ended with a odd number then you went on odd-numbered days. People would pull into the gas station with fifty-five gallon drums to fill up with gasoline because of the shortage. There really wasnít an oil shortage, they were actually sinking oil tankers and oil tankers were just parked off the coast of California waiting for gas prices to rise to make the oil companies bigger profits.

Who recorded the Jim Jones death tape? It just seems weird that someone would commit suicide or mass murder and record it. And how did the tape get released? The people who committed the murder, would have destroyed the tape if they knew about it. So I wasnít Jim Jones that recorded the Jim Jones death tape. Quite possibly the Jim Jones death tape might be made up. Jim Jones did a lot of recordings. It would be very easy to cut-and-paste different religious versus and make up a tape. It seems original because Jim Jones is blaming the GDF oil companies for murdering the people at Jamestown. I didnít see enough of the FBI investigation of the autopsies. So I donít know of any of the people were tortured before being killed.

We know most of the people were murdered, but did the GDF torture and murder people like Jim Jones said they would? Also people donít commit suicide by laying down on top of each other. If youíre going to drink some poison Kool-Aid, you might as well lay down on your bed, why would you lay down in the open field? Youíre not worried about ruining the mattress when you know youíre going to die. You want to be comfortable in the final seconds. So I donít believe very many of them committed suicide. Jim Jones had already said that most of the people had already fled to the fields before they started to commit suicide. Even on the FBI tape Jim Jones said he had a secret code and a radio to contact the Russians. This was a socialist organization that was probably backed by the Russians to overthrow the United States or at least to get some of its ideas into the American people. I used to go to the antiwar demonstrations in Washington DC until the demonstration started to be taken over by Russians. I would go to the demonstrations and handout booklets and they would stop me from handing them out. I had to go outside of their area where they were demonstrating to hand out my books.

When a police officer kills someone, they only charge the one police officer, not the entire police force. When Isis kills a senator, the entire group is charged with terrorism. So Jim Jones knew that when someone killed the senator, that they would all be charged with an act of terrorism. The FBI wasnít going to search for the person who shot the senator and they never did find out who shot the senator. It didnít matter, the FBI was going to charge everyone with an act of terrorism. Only they get to get away with murder and claim,Ē he wasnít one of us, he was a rogue agentĒ.

There was a Janis Joplin connection because Jonestown was filled with rebels who had California ties to rock groups & Janis Joplin was a rebel who preach truth with her music. She used to give speeches at her concert. Freedom is just another word for, ďyou got nothing left to loseĒ and you ainít got nothing if you ainít free. Itís completely the opposite message of capitalism. Capitalism says you need all of this stuff to be free. But you canít be free if you own a house, a car or anything else. These things enslave you. If you have a car you have to pay insurance, maintenance, parking fees, license & registration. I got rid of my car because I had to go and move it four or five times a year so they can shovel snow. What a pain in the ass that car was. The Buddha had stripped himself from all material possessions except a cup. He thought he needed a cup to dip it in the river to get a drink of water. Finally, he threw away the cup that was a burden to carry in his back pocket, as he realized his hand made the perfect cup for drinking water from a river. I donít believe Janis Joplin committed suicide or died from a drug overdose. I believe she was murdered for the speeches she gave at concerts. They tried to paint her up as a lonely woman who couldnít get a date but she had all kinds of friends and she wasnít shy at all. She would call up her male friends and say, ďwhere are we going tonight?Ē And she wasnít that bad looking. She had enough money to see a dermatologist to clear up her face. I donít buy the idea that she died of a drug overdose anymore than Prince or Michael Jackson did. These rock stars are being killed for what they say. Jim Morrison was killed because at his concerts he used to come out and tell crowds of people that they were slaves. The FBI would try to stop Jim Morrisonís free-speech. When they couldnít stop his free speech, they killed him. Another child died from a gunshot in Detroit. The child found the gun and shot itself. On the news was a story a while back about a police officer who left a gun in his unlocked, car and he had a video camera in the car to catch the thief. It was a setup where a cop parked a nice car in a high crime area to see if he can catch a thief by putting a camera inside a unlocked car with a loaded gun. The cop left his car unlocked with a loaded gun and they arrested the person who went inside the car and almost killed himself, when he found a loaded gun unlocked. The cops made fun of the idiot who is handling the gun in a way that he might have accidentally shot himself. But no one arrested the cop for leaving a car unlocked with a loaded gun in it. That should be a crime and that cop should have been arrested.

The definition of a murderer should be changed. Not only do guns kill people, but people who leave loaded guns laying around kills people. If you leave a loaded gun laying around so that somebody gets killed, you need to be charged with murder. Especially if itís a child. But I would even go further than that because gun owners know guns kill people and they are responsible for every person killed by a gun, because they made guns legal. If guns were made illegal the first time someone was killed by one, nobody wouldíve been killed by a gun afterwards. So the people who made guns legal, are just as responsible for the people killed by guns as the people who pulled the trigger. If you support gun ownership you are in fact a murderer. And now that you know tobacco kills people, those who support legal tobacco smoking also are murderers. I need to take that right on down the line with automobile ownership, kayak ownership or swimming pool manufacturing. If you know people are going to drown in swimming pools and you support ownership of swimming pools, then you are a murderer. Maybe you donít think so, but I do and so does God. God didnít kill anyone. He didnít even make anything that kills people like guns, bombs, automobiles, kayaks or swimming pools. Swimming pool manufacturers killed more people in one year, than Jim Jones killed in his lifetime.

There is two Godís in the Bible. There is the Old Testament God and the New Testament God. Some will say one is Jesus and the other one is his father. Some will say itís only one God but he changed. The New Testament God said, ďif you have two pairs of shoes, give one pair to him who has noneĒ. The New Testament God is a socialist. The Old Testament God is a capitalist. The Old Testament God is more in the line of thinking, ďif you serve me I will give you more shoes than Amanda Marcos, and I will make all of your enemies walk barefoot on sharp rocksĒ. The New Testament God says if someone pokes out your eye, turn the other cheek so he can poke out your other eye. The Old Testament God says if someone pokes out your eye, take both of his eyes. More or less. But the New Testament God takes it a bit further because he says that the devil owns all the kingdoms of the earth and will give them to you if you serve him. What the New Testament God was saying, was that the Old Testament God that the Jews are serving is in fact the devil that promises you everything if you serve him. The world seems to be divided because some people believe the Old Testament God and others believe the New Testament God. No one seems to know the true God.

The God of the holy Quran seems to be more like the Old Testament God, a dictator. Thereís not a whole lot of love in the Muslim religion. The Muslim religion is spreading through the world not because of love, but because of the money of the oil companies and the threats of their religious leaders. People are drawn to the New Testament religion of Christianity by love, but people are forced into Islam by fear of death. The idea that Islam is going to take over the world is absolutely terrifying. That is not the true religion, itís only growing because of the money the oil sheiks have and their ways of converting people by threats and torture. None of these religions knows what love is. If they did they would have banned guns, banned automobiles, banned technology. I have plenty of computers, but I donít think any of them have made my life easier. The cell phones have only made us into slaves twenty-four seven, even on vacation.

Jim Jones did not know the truth either. He just used religion to try to push socialism and tried to start an army. The CIA had them killed because they were worried they might succeed. Jim Jones was cutting down trees and building houses. Jesus said the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head. The Bible tells us how to build houses. Nowhere in the Bible does it say to cut down trees to build them. This idea of cutting down trees to build houses comes from capitalism and the logging industry. They are stealing my ideas of mini houses, but theyíre still making them out of wood for the capitalist. Itís as if they donít know how to read the Bible.

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