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Rick Jones Mike Nofs November 23, 2011.

Battle Creek State Senator Rick Jones & Mike Nofs is behind bill 795 to raise speed limits. Senator Mike Nofs (R-Battle Creek), a former State Police lieutenant. Michigan Municipal League was against it. Jones' proposed legislation, Senate Bill 795, is expected to be taken up at a committee hearing in January.

I pay $430 every six months for car insurance, I’ve never had a speeding ticket or accident, I get discounts for driving under 5000 miles, wearing seatbelts and I don’t have collision. This is because there is so many people injured and killed in car crashes. Scientists told auto makers if they make a car go faster than 10 mph, people would be injured and killed by them. When they lowered the speed limit to 55 miles an hour, it saved over 10,000 lives. If bill 795 passes Senator Rick Jones and Senator Mike Nofs must be charged with one account of premeditated murder for every person who dies in a car accident. I will longer be paying car insurance, not just because I cannot afford it, but because it is unconstitutional and the only reason why people pay for car insurance is because the speed limits are so fast, people are afraid of being injured and killed by them. You don’t raise the speed limit because there are bunch of lawbreakers in town.

The speed limit is set at 25 because there are children living nearby. These guys are child killers. Unbelievable.

The insurance lobbyists are controlling the world. They shut down occupation wall street and the only thing we can do now is stop giving them our money. It is against the Timothean religion to pay for insurance. I'm going to live by example. I called up Social Security and asked them to disinrole me in Medicare. This will give me a extra $100 a month, that is what they take out of my disability. I will no longer be paying for car insurance, as it is unconstitutional and the only reason why we have to pay for car insurance, is because speed limits are over 10 mph. So now there is a new dogma of the Timothean Religion. You can still go to the a doctor but you'll have to pay in cash. Don't go for checkups every visit to the doctor is a risk to your health as they are full of germs and bacteria.

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