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I’m into God and not into religion. The Muslims, Christians and Jews are doing a very good job of destroying each other, while atheism is killing the rest of us. Jobs are definitely slavery and a crime against humanity and quite possibly the reason why men are mortals. I don’t give in to the religious ideology, that you’re going to sin against God by working a job (create idols ) and then somehow get into heaven when you’re dead. Most people would rather spend the rest of eternity burning in hell than give up their job as a slave. God is the creator and we are not to procreate. Meaning we are not creators, we are the created. When you have a job you’re making idols and destroying the earth and most definitely your own health. Fukushima nuclear accident will kill over 100 million Americans over the next 20 years and these idiots claim there is no proof of that until they see the 100 million dead. Most people are not thinking about Fukushima, they are only thinking about their job and next nuclear power plant the going to build. People are so deeply brainwashed I actually talked to someone on Skype that believed Apple trees don’t come from seeds as if they still believe babies come from storks, because Monsanto had convinced them that they invented the apple tree and patented it.

My Internet is not fast enough for video conference. I only do voice calls. But I don’t have time to talk to people who think industrial nations should profit off the suffering of human beings by enslaving them with jobs. If the people don’t repent of the works their hands, meaning jobs, God is going to destroy the entire Earth and the 7 billion people on it. Then he will raise from the dead the people who don’t want to play God by creating things (idols ) with their hands. Like I said I could have made millions from printing books, but you have to cut down trees and those trees produce mold, microorganism and mycotoxins when they are cut down. They are like a Trojan horse that will kill the people who cut them down and all those who live around the dead trees. It’s not a coincidence that a house last about 100 years before it rots, just like the people who live in them. The same microorganisms that is making the wood rot is killing the people living inside them. I don’t know if you see my videos on toxic mold but I give a lot of information on mold help dot COM under the name GoTimothy. It seems that people are so brainwashed by education and religion that even the most intelligent people at the Pentagon and CIA are complete idiots, who are not even looking for the question of why we’re here, but are looking for the answers how to control the world and be the biggest dictator by bombing countries and labeling others as terrorist when they refuse to look in the mirror themselves.

Unfortunately in the world of Mafia thugs, liars and scumbags, I can’t have a private conversation. Lawyers say if you talk to someone and not record it, that person can say you said stuff, that you didn’t say and you can’t prove you didn’t say it. But if you record it, you can prove them to be liars. A lot of people say I say a lot of stuff, that isn’t what I said. A lot of people claim Jesus said stuff, that he didn’t say. Next time you meet someone who says Jesus said this or Jesus said that, ask them to play the recording.


From: Jonas Bendiksen

To: Timothy Campbell

Sent: Thursday, November 19, 2015 6:14 AM

Subject: Re: Writer/Photographer from Norway

Hello Timothy,

Sorry for my late response, I got bust with all kinds of stuff. My wife and I have a pretty fresh baby here (2 months), so life gets a bit overtaken by this little creature..! I can definitely agree with the general concept that jobs = lack of freedom. I think many people would agree with that.

Now about our talk - do you mean that you’ll simply videotape the conversation and then put it out on youtube? I guess for me, there is a difference between private conversations and a public one, and for me as a storyteller I was thinking first to have a conversation just you and I, to get to understand your perspectives first. If it is a matter of doing something that will be public, then I need to think how that could be done in the most meaningful way.

It’s not about keeping secrets, its more that in my stories I like to spend quite a bit of time with people, get to know them, to better understand their take on things and perspectives, and only once I have done that do I usually make something public out of that. I guess it is a question for me about making sure something is really honest and good before I put it out.

For me it is different if you just put your parts of the conversation out there as a video without my voice or name on it, for public viewing - that way it becomes more yours than mine. But if it is a two-way thing, the public skype talk is something I’m not so used to doing…

What do you think, could we maybe start off with just a you-and-me chat, a bit informally? Not necessarily a formal ‘interview’, but more a get-to-know-eachother kind of thing, and then we can see where we go from there? j

On Nov 12, 2015, at 4:07 AM, Timothy Campbell wrote:

Hello, thanks for the follow on twitter.

They been blocking my accounts for years. You should be able to send anybody a tweet. Unless I have you blocked. Which I’ve only blocked a few people. I get messages from people who I’m not following.

All my video chats are recorded and uploaded to YouTube as I have no secrets. It’s easier if I talk publicly and then I don’t have to repeat myself and it makes all people who claim they talk to me in secret into liars. Jesus always spoke openly and there’s nothing done in secret that will not be known publicly. This is why no one likes to talk to me because their life is in danger when they do.

The world is run by the Mafia known as Costa Nostra. I think that’s how you spell it. They offered me hundreds of millions of dollars to keep my mouth shut 25 years ago but I didn’t accept. I have people protecting me, but there is no one to protect the people I talk to. God also protects me but he doesn’t protect my followers, because they don’t know God and God will not appear to someone who believes the industrial nations should be able to make a profit off of the suffering of humans by enslaving them with jobs. Not to mention the Mafia racketeering of the government with taxes.

You would think the CIA would be smart enough to figure out the world was run by the Mafia when the first person was killed in a car crash while the automobile companies made billions in profits. Russia was the first to invent the airplane but when the guy died in a plane crash they didn’t think you can make a profit. When Selfridge died in the Wright brothers plane crash, not only didn’t they sue the Wright brothers out of business, they counted it as proof the plane could fly.

Anyway I don’t think there’s anything you or I could do to save the world it’s already on a path towards destruction. You can’t save people who are too stupid to know jobs are slavery. Everyone is a slave from the president to the CIA and the lowest slave on the totem pole is the American soldier and they even fight wars to ensure their enslavement. You can’t fight mental illness like that.

The Mafia offered me a job as the president of the United States, a job as the CEO of the National Rifle Association, when I tried to ban guns, these people just don’t stop. It’s as if they are possessed by the devil even though I don’t believe in the devil. I think they’re just incredibly stupid. They have the money and the power and no matter what you come up with to change the world, they have billions of dollars to debunk whatever you say. So my idea was to sue industry out of business and the way they counteract that is with frivolous lawsuits.

So a guy on the news today won $20 million for bumping his head on the door and the lady and Dr. Phil became blind from Johnson’s Drano, is made to look like she purposely put the Drano in her eyes to get a $500 month disability check. It’s unbelievable. The Johnson company makes over $1 billion a month while it makes thousands of people blind with their products. One drop of Drano in your eyes could make you blind according to Dr. Phil’s #able2disable propaganda show. This lady had learned Drano can make you blind because someone must have become blind by accidentally getting it into their eyes. That company should of been sued out of business long before she purchased the Drano.

Anyways I heard a CIA agent works in your city. They’ll be listening in if you’re not the CIA agent I thought you were, but they won’t be learning anything, because they’re too stupid. They are literally committing suicide by supporting this machine "capitalism" that is killing us all.

I stop selling my book when I realized hundreds of trees would have to be cut down to sell millions of copies. You can’t save the world by writing a book. But truth is the most powerful force on earth able to incinerate nations who think they can profit off of human suffering or by enslaving people with jobs. No one has had enough faith until now. When two people agree, God said it would be accomplished.

The only way I could talk with you on Skype, is if you agree that God will bring fire down from heaven, upon any nation, that thinks they can profit by forcing people to get jobs and collecting taxes off of God’s land. Jobs are slavery and I don’t think there’s a cure for someone who thinks they ain’t. The colleges and universities are all funded by slave masters. By a supernatural act of God, that nation shall be destroyed and a new world created. It’s not about becoming a terrorist. You can’t do anything with guns tanks or bombs. These people use psychology to control the world. They simply label anyone who doesn’t think like them as being mentally ill. Anybody who doesn’t want to make a profit off of human suffering or enslaving humans with jobs is considered mentally ill and that’s what’s taught in all the colleges and universities.

It’s not about going to war or getting guns. Guns and wars is what keeps us in bondage. God was going to judge the world by two ways, water and fire. The flood of Noah has already come and we are waiting the judgment by fire. These idiots are Fracking the earth releasing enough methane to start it on fire. That’s it for all not killed by Fukushima radiation first.

President Reagan was interested in what I had to say, he believed I was the Messiah and the messenger of God. But then they claimed Reagan was mentally ill and there was no God or no messenger and from then on they have been just trying to get something on me to take me out of power. So every interview is basically a set up by the evil government or church to take me out, so they can continue to keep men in bondage, until the Earth is destroyed by their own stupidity.

I didn’t want to start a religion but it looks like that is the only way. If you do anything illegal they’ll just put you in prison and you will accomplish nothing. The Mafia has the law on their side because they make the laws. So basically in the Skype call I will just listen to your ideas. I really can’t give you any answers that I haven’t already gave on a YouTube video. Anytime in the evening is okay for a Skype call except on Friday and Saturday nights.


From: Jonas Bendiksen

To: Timothy Campbell

Sent: Monday, November 9, 2015 6:26 AM

Subject: Re: Writer/Photographer from Norway

Hello Timothy,

Great to hear from you! Especially if you don’t use this account much.

I tried to send you a private message on Twitter, but they don’t seem to let me send a private tweet to someone who doesn’t follow me. So I sent you a contact message on Skype instead. Or if you prefer Twitter, then I already followed you, so that you can find me there, and send one my way to establish contact. My user handle on Twitter is @Redacted I’d indeed love to set up a Skype call and talk about everything. This week I’m running around a lot, but next week I’m quite free and in my office - so perhaps we can try early next week some time? All the best, and speak to you soon again (On Twitter, skype or wherever is best!) Jonas

On Nov 8, 2015, at 8:40 PM, Timothy Campbell wrote:

Hi Jonas,

I am GoTimothy on Twitter and Skype. If you would like to setup a Skype call, send me a tweet @GoTimothy on twitter. I read my tweets more often then email. Last time I check this email was about 3 months ago. I used GoTimothy@aol.com since 1995 but that email is full of spam and I miss a few. Sorry I can't meet up with you, I get way too many death threats. lol


From: Jonas Bendiksen

To: GoTimothy2002@yahoo.com

Sent: Thursday, November 5, 2015 6:05 AM

Subject: Writer/Photographer from Norway

Hello Timothy,

Best greetings from Oslo, Norway.

I am a photographer and writer from Norway. I work with Magnum Photos, a collective of photographers founded in 1947. I also work together with magazines such as National Geographic magazine, TIME and others, as well as my own long-term creative projects, books and exhibitions.

Now I write you on a personal level, out of my own interest. I recently came across your website and Youtube broadcasts, and I was immediately very captivated by your story and teachings. I have now read the Gospel of Timothy and much of your other writings, watched quite a few of your videos. So I wanted to get in touch with you, and hope this email is working! I come to the US fairly regularly (I am also a US citizen, my mother is from New York). I would love to meet you one day. I could be very interested in making a project about you and your take on the world. You have a vantage point that is really unique, and I feel that this voice should be heard. I’d love to discuss with you how we could go about that in the best and most meaningful way.

I generally work outside the main headline stories of the day, my main joy and purpose in my work is to find stories that are important and relevant to society, but that the main media channels miss in their chase to fill the front pages. You could see some of my previous work on my site www.jonasbendiksen.com or also at magnumphotos.com.

Hope to hear back from you!

With best regards,


Jonas Bendiksen


Redacted-853 (Norway Cell)


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Magnum Photos Redacted.com/jonasbendiksen

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