Johnny Cash Expanding My Mind, September 7, 2015.

When I listen to music I always listen to the beat, listen to the rhythm and would listen to the parts of the song I liked, like the guitar playing. Someone told me to listen to the drummer of a song one time and I realized you can tune in to part of a song. I never tuned in to the lyrics people were saying, until I started singing karaoke. I never realized that people had messages in these songs. I watched the movie “they live” by John Carpenter and thought I had the message of the movie, until I seen people on YouTube start to talk about the magazines and books on the rack of a newspaper seller. That’s when I realized they were putting hidden messages in movies. When I use to watch movies, I only listen to the words of the characters in the movie. I never realized that there is a way to watch movies. That not only you listen to the characters, but you read the magazines in the background and the newspaper headlines and even listen to the music they’re playing in the background. So I’ve been watching movies the wrong way my whole life.

I never liked country music, but I’d like a couple of songs by Johnny Cash. My favorite was walk the line and a boy named Sue. In 2005 I heard the song, “Ring of fire” for the first time in a karaoke bar and loved that song. I haven’t heard much of Johnny Cash on the radio or any other place as I didn’t like country music.

Last week I watched a movie I’ve seen before, but did not pay much attention to called “walk the line”. This time when I watch the movie, I listened to the words of the music in the background of the movie and I was amazed. They played a lot of Johnny Cash in this movie, of the songs you don’t hear on the radio. So I hear the words, “this side of the law, that side of the law, who is right, who is wrong, who is for and who is against the law”. Then I think I got to write that down and go look that song up. Then I hear the lyrics to the song flesh and blood and write that down to look it up. And the lyrics, “everything I touch, will wither and die”.

Anyway if you remember the movie it’s about a bootlegger who is just trying to make a living to feed his family and the FBI is trying to shut them down and the local sheriff helps them get away, because he realizes they are just regular human folk and he is in love with the daughter, he does not think they are really criminals. The sheriff is more of a criminal. The real criminals are the people making the legalized alcohol. But it got me to look up on YouTube more of Johnny Cash’s songs and I can’t believe how many songs he sang. When you start searching for Johnny Cash’s songs you’ll find a lot of them. He sang a song about just about everything..

He has a song against guns that is really good, every gun owner should listen to titled, “the devil’s right hand” Mama said the pistol is the devil's right hand. Someday I’ll sing that song to karaoke and post it on YouTube. I never knew Johnny Cash was such a rebel and a man of God. So many people are trying to make his music look satanic on YouTube, because they are serving the devil in the church.

He has a song titled, “Highway patrolman” about a state trooper in Michigan who has a brother named Frank, who always gets in trouble with the law. Because he is a cop, he always lets his brother get away with murder, as he would never arrest his brother. As a cop they don’t mind arresting other people’s brothers, for even lesser crimes.

He’s got a how to beat the devil song titled “to beat the devil”. “If you waste your time talking to those who do not want to listen, who do you think is going to listen?

He’s got a song titled “paradise” about how the coal mining industry destroys the earth.

He’s got a politics song that’s pretty cool called, “the one on the right, is on the left” where if you decode it, he is talking about burning draft cards.

My favorite is the antiwar song, “Ira Hayes” about a Indian whose land was destroyed by the greed of the white man and then he had to join the military to survive and fight for the white man and how pride made him feel like a hero fighting for his enemy and how he died of alcoholism because of it.

Then he’s got a song of revenge of the Indian title “Drums” that’s probably his best song and seemingly very prophetic.

He’s got a lot of funny song about criminals and murderers like “Dilia’s Gone” about a man who murdered his girlfriend and 25 minutes to go about a murderer who is ready to be hanged that you must listen to, even if you don’t like country music.

Then he’s got a song about the dissolution of riches of movie stars titled the “ballad of a teenage Queen” about a girl who becomes rich in Hollywood but riches make her unhappy and she sells all to get her old life back.

The song titled “cocaine blues” that’s very funny to listen to, but tells the truth about drugs and strong drink.

I really hate country music but I think Johnny Cash falls in the class of folk music that I really like to listen to, because it has a lot of truth in it and it’s very fun to sing. Most country music is depressing, dog died, got drunk, get into a fight, slashed his tires, violent etc. But Johnny Cash’s music is uplifting, educational and fun. He’s got a couple depressing country drunk songs that we’ve heard before like “Sunday morning” talking about getting drunk and hangovers and the usual stuff you hear in country music, but it’s just too bad more people didn’t turn his lyrics into rock ‘n roll, so I could’ve heard it or even make it into rap music, to get the message out to the young people today. I think a lot of his music isn’t heard because the rich people in power don’t want us knowing the truth just like they suppress the movie “they live” by John Carpenter they seem to be suppressing Johnny Cash’s music. At least the songs that have the good messages in them.


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